AEW Dynamite : June 30th

Jericho joined the commentary team for the episode, and although it is more fun when he is a heel, it was still a good time with him in the booth.

The opening match was Penta and Eddie taking on The Young Bucks, with the former getting a tag team title match if they defeat the champs. And defeat them they did!

Despite their new (and fantastic) moustaches, that the Bucks seemingly grew overnight, they were unable to overcome the challenge of an angry and vengeful duo, in Penta and Eddie Kingston.

Let’s blame Brandon Cutler. He tried to help his team get the win, but inadvertently sprayed Matt Jackson in the face with his aerosol cans. He seemed unable to stop until Frankie Kazarian clotheslined him into oblivion. Even then, he still kept his finger on the nozzle. Props to BC for that little piece of comedic genius.

There was an interesting part in the match where it looked like Kingston may have picked up the 3 count, but the referee ruled it a two. I’m not sure if it was a botch or not, but it came off really well. The crowd broke in to a “that was 3” chant to show their displeasure.

I don’t mind that Eddie and Penta are getting a title shot, because it’s not like they will win. I just wish an actual tag team would get a shot. I don’t like it when they just throw two guys together and give them a title match, especially when there are so many good tag teams that are yet to get a chance.

Christian Cage informs Jungle Boy that he put on a great show against Omega, and he has no doubt that one day, Jungle Boy will be a Champion in this company. Luchasaurus rocks up and says that he appreciates Cage having Jungle Boy’s back in his absence, and that he owes Cage.

Tony is in the ring with the Men of the Year and Ethan Page has vowed to exterminate Darby Allin. He wants the coffin match so he can destroy Darby, both physically and mentally. Of course, Sting interrupts the interview.

Sting slowly walks out to the ring, dragging a coffin behind him. As he does this, we watch a video of Darby Allin with a flamethrower. Where does he get this stuff? Obviously, Allin is hiding in the coffin and the duo jump the Men of the Year.

Darby gouges the eyes of Ethan Page, who then calls the coffin match off. He is outraged that Darby attacked him and claims that Allin could never beat him at 100% health. Page says they can have the match at Fyter Fest, as long as Allin agrees to not touch him before then.

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Matt Hardy is angry with Jungle Boy, so he has arranged a match for him against Jack Evans. The objective for Evans isn’t victory, it is to inflict as much pain on JB as possible.

Well, that plan backfired. Jungle Boy not only won the match, but he won via submission as well. That victory also marked his 50th win in the company, the first wrestler to do so. Congratulations JB, I’m sure there will be more milestones.

After the match, a brawl broke out between members of the Hardy Family Office and Jurassic Express. Christian Cage also joined in, mainly to get Matt Hardy. For once, Christian had the upper hand and was the last man standing.

MJF stated that he is willing to give Jericho the one on one match he keeps asking for, but he has a few conditions first. We will hear about them next week.

Andrade is annoyed at Matt Sydal for interrupting his announcement last week. We still didn’t hear what the announcement was, but Andrade challenged Sydal to a fight on Dynamite next week.

Tony is having a chat with Kenny Omega, with Omega proudly proclaiming that he has beaten everyone that AEW has thrown at him. With no challengers left, Omega has decided to take some time away from AEW.

The Dark Order weren’t having this though and came out to face Omega. They (not so) cryptically teased that he still had one challenger left, a certain cowboy that they happened to be friends with. Omega said that they surely weren’t talking about Hangman.

Miro retained his TNT title after pummelling Brian Pillman Jr. Pillman did his best, but the fight was ultimately stopped by the referee.

Hangman tracked down the Dark Order and let them know that he didn’t appreciate them issuing a challenge on his behalf. They had a little argument, but it ended pretty quickly. The Dark Order gave him the whole “friendship can overcome anything” speech that Tea Gardner used to give in Yu-Gi-Oh. It was lame then and it’s lame now. When did the Dark Order become such a bunch of weenies?

Team Taz finally admit that they are falling apart, but Taz is unwilling to admit that it is all over just yet. He thinks that Cage and Starks just need to blow off some steam, so on July 14th they will meet in the ring, in an FTR Title match.

Back to the ring for a Women’s tag team match, with Vicki and Nyla taking on Britt and Rebel. Rebel and Vicki started the match, but it wasn’t long until Nyla was tagged in.

Vicki did the patented Guerrero shimmy a few times in the match and did her best to get the win, but eventually she tapped out to Britt Baker. That didn’t stop Vicki though.

After the match, the fight continued and ended with Nyla power bombing Britt through a table. It was an impressive power bomb, Britt certainly isn’t afraid of taking her lumps.

Baker may have won the fight, but Nyla won the day. I’m sure Eddie loved this fight and was looking down with a smile. Lie, cheat and steal. Whatever it takes.

Next week on Dynamite we are back on the road! Penta and Eddie will get their tag team title match. Sydal and Andrade will square off. Jake Hager and Proud ‘n’ Powerful will team up to take on Wardlow and FTR. Konnan and Tully will be in their respective corners. Jericho and MJF will meet in the ring to go over the stipulations. We will also have the first official mixed tag match in Dynamite history, with Kris Statlander and Orange Cassidy teaming up to take on The Bunny and The Blade. Oh, and don’t forget the South Beach Strap Match. I’m sure you’ll be able to find that on PornHub as well.

The main event was the singles match between MJF and Sammy Guevara. I told y’all it would be one of the best matches in AEW’s short history and I was right. It was pretty damn amazing and the future of this company is bright.

Both competitors seemed pretty evenly matched. MJF bit Sammy Guevara and the crowd started chanting “that’s not kosher”. I don’t know how they organised that chant so quickly, but it was almost instantaneous. Props to the crowd for that one.

Sammy once again proved that he is one of the craziest competitors in the company, after jumping from the top rope, in to the crowd, to take out MJF. I’m pretty sure Guevara hit his head on one of the chairs when he landed. He also had a really nasty looking welt appear on his leg almost immediately afterwards. Insanity. That didn’t slow them down though.

As I mentioned, both of them were pretty evenly matched, consistently countering one another and nobody really gaining the upper hand. Enter Shawn Spears and Wardlow. Jericho didn’t want them to gang up on Sammy, so he left the announce desk to try and even the odds.

The referee was distracted by the fight between Wardlow and Jericho, so Spears used this opportunity to hit Guevara in the head with a chair. As Wardlow threw Jericho to the ground (from a pretty sizeable height), Guevara dropped unconscious in the ring. When the referee turned back around, MJF crawled in to a pin and got the 3 count.

It was an absolute masterclass of a wrestling match. A little bit of technical skills, a bit of high flying, some extreme violence, false finishes and everything in between. You couldn’t ask for much more in a fight.

The episode ended with a highlight reel of the last year and a bit, celebrating the time AEW spent in Jacksonville. It was March of 2019 when the pandemic shut the world down and AEW had to set up a permanent base of operations.

With America opening up again, AEW is set to hit the road, starting next week. It was a pretty great run in Florida and it feels weird to imagine AEW anywhere else. I’ve seen every episode, so of course I have seen them wrestle elsewhere. It just feels like a lifetime ago.

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