AEW Dynamite : June 26th

Last week was a dud of an episode, but this week more than made up for that!

The action kicked off prior to the official start of the episode, with Alex Marves lurking in the parking lot, waiting to interview Sammy Guevara. Unfortunately for Guevara, Marves wasn’t the only one waiting.

Shawn Spears was hidden behind a truck, chair in hand, poised to strike! A swift chair shot downed the young Guevara, leaving the cloud of a potential injury hovering above his match with MJF next week.

The official card started with Will Hobbs in singles competition against Adam Page. As JR said, I hope you’re ready for some “Cowboy Shizniz”. Now, I’m never one to say that somebody is too old for something, but JR is far too old to being saying “shizniz”.

At one point in this match, Hangman got busted open pretty good! Or bad, if you aren’t into violence. I’m not sure what happened, but he had a good (or bad) amount of blood coming out of the back of his head. There is just something immensely satisfying about seeing someone’s hair dyed red with their own blood.

Of course, it didn’t remain a singles match for long. Ricky Starks and Hook came out to try and help Hobbs get the victory. Brian Cage had other ideas though, coming out to the ring to prevent Ricky Starks from interfering. Hobbs was left alone to face the cowboy. Well, technically he still had Hook in his corner, but when has Hook ever done anything?

A very impressive spinebuster in to a cover attempt was Hobbs best chance for a victory, but alas Hangman kicked out. It was all over for Hobbs from there. Page won the match by pinfall. Seriously awesome fight though and Hobbs stole the show with that spinebuster. Magnifique!

The Young Bucks (and Brandon Cutler) promise that they will win next win against Penta and Eddie. They say a lot of other things as well, but nothing of great importance.

Tony is the ring with Tully Blanchard and also brings out Konnan. The two old timers argue a little bit, with Konnan delivering the bomb “you’re from North Carolina, where men are men and sheep are scared”.

Tully had the last laugh though, with FTR taking out Proud ‘n’ Powerful and Konnan. I’m sure this feud will end with a masterpiece of a match. I’m thinking something similar to the street fight between Best Friends and P’n’P.

The next match is Dante Martin against Mike Sydal, but Dante’s entrance is interrupted by Vicki Guerrero. Weird. Vicki brings Andrade out with her and states that they have a huge announcement. That is the last we hear of that though, as Matt Sydal comes out and interrupts the two of them. Vicki and Andrade leave, leaving the match to go on as scheduled.

It was a very entertaining match between two high flyers. Matt Sydal won the match, but technically it was Dante who won the evening after another incredible display of athleticism, highlighted by a jaw dropping double springboard moonsault. The kid has hops!

Christian Cage checks in with Jungle Boy ahead of his title match later in the evening. He wishes luck to Jungle Boy and tells him to go out and shock the world again.

My new least favourite weekly promo was next, with Mark Sterling and Jade. Jade ripped a t-shirt. Wow.

Alex Marves is backstage with MJF, Spears and Wardlow. Jericho and Hager jump them and a fight quickly breaks out. It spreads to the ring and ultimately the numbers game catches up, with the Pinnacle coming out on top.

They are setting up to break Jericho’s arm again, when Sammy Guevara comes to the rescue. I guess he isn’t injured after all! MJF vs Guevara is going to be one of the greatest matches in AEW history.

God’s favourite champion, Miro is getting pumped for his match on Wednesday against Brian Pillman Jr.. As Miro put it, the bravest thing Brian ever did was think about fighting Miro. The stupidest thing he ever did was actually doing it.

Back to the ring for some wrestling, with Ethan Page taking on Bear Bronson. Obviously, Scorpio Sky was in Page’s corner, and obviously, shenanigans ensued. Sky helped page pick up the victory after preventing Bronson from jumping off the top rope.

After the bout, Page revealed that they weren’t finished with Darby Allin just yet. Page repeatedly stated (and I mean repeatedly) that he will be the nail in his coffin. Eventually he challenged Darby to a coffin match on July 7th at Road Rager.

Someone in the crowd was wearing a Fuego Del Sol shirt. Of all the wrestlers, why would you spend money on a Fuego Del Sol shirt? Unless you have literally every other shirt. I don’t mean to trash on the guy, but has he ever won?

Britt Baker points out how stupid it was of Vicki Guerrero to use her favour with Tony Khan to get a match and promises that they will destroy her.

Vicki counters by stating that the match will just be a warm up for Nyla’s title match against Baker, which will take place on the second night of Fyter Fest.

Time for some Women’s wrestling, with the Bunny squaring off against Kris Statlander. Bunny was dominant for most of the match, which is usually a bad sign and means that Statlander will likely win.

Ultimately, Statlander did win after Orange Cassidy stole the Bunny’s brass knuckles. Statlander got the victory, but the Blade wasn’t happy with Orange Cassidy. He attacked him and was soon joined by TH2. Blade used the knuckles to punch Orange right in the jaw, leaving him unconscious in the ring.

The Best Friends weren’t around to save him, with Trent? having to undergo a neck fusion surgery this week. That doesn’t explain where Chuck was though! In all seriousness, Trent? has had a bad run with injuries lately and will likely be sidelined for at least a year. This sucks big time, he is one of the best parts of AEW. Hopefully it’s a speedy recovery and we get him back soon.

Tony is with QT and they just dropped bombshell after bombshell. First of all, apparently TNT have a wrestler of the week award? Secondly, Brock Anderson was the most recent winner? And finally, QT promises that he will one day be a champion in this company. Ha! I doubt that very much.

Dynamite is back on Wednesday this week, meaning we are only a few days away. This week will feature Miro defending his TNT title against Brian Pillman Jr. Vicki and Nyla teaming up to take on Rebel and Britt Baker. MJF vs Sammy Guevara and a tag match between the Young Bucks and Penta/Eddie.

If Penta and Eddie win, they get a future tag team title match. Eddie Kingston wants to take the belts because they are the only thing the Young Bucks care about. Penta just added “Zero Miedo”.

Brian Pillman Jr. also wanted to add that he isn’t afraid of Miro. He should be.

The main event of the evening featured Jungle Boy taking on Kenny Omega in an AEW World Title Match. Prior to the start of the match, everyone was ejected from ringside. Marko, Luchasaurus, The Good Brothers and Don Callis, who decided to join the commentary table, adding a little bit of coherence to the mess.

Of course, this was a great match. What else would you expect from two of the top talents within the company? Two of the prettiest hairstyles as well. Seriously, JB has the most gorgeous hair in the world. The man could just do shampoo commercials forever and make a fortune. Omega needs a haircut, because his pretty curls are disappearing.

Anyway, back to the ring. Jungle Boy more than held his own against the Champ. On numerous occasions, he managed to lock in the Snare Trap, but Omega always found a way to escape.

Eventually, everyone came back to ringside and all hell broke lose. Lucha, Marko, The Good Brothers and Christian Cage all got involved in a skirmish on the outside. Fortunately, it stayed on the outside and didn’t interfere with the match. Jungle Boy tried the Snare Trap again, but to no avail. Kenny Omega retained his title via pinfall.

Jungle Boy was about to be on the wrong end of a beat down, but he was saved by Christian Cage. At least temporarily. Matt Hardy came out to get Cage and eventually, the numbers won out. Christian was on the wrong end of a Twist of Fate and a few superkicks, courtesy of the Young Bucks.

Great showing by Jungle Boy. It is only a matter of time before he has gold around his waist, It’s honestly crazy that he hasn’t won a title yet in AEW. Plenty of time left though! It looks like Christian Cage might be the next one to dance with Omega.

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