NBA Draft Lottery 2021

Nothing has the power to infuriate me like the Draft Lottery. Today was no exception. I can’t complain too much. As a Bulls fan, we had the magic of the 2008 lottery. I will never forget that. It feels so long ago though! I was really hoping that the balls would bounce our way today. Alas, no. Orlando gets our pick.

14. Golden State Warriors.

13. Indiana Pacers.

12. San Antonio Spurs.

11. Charlotte Hornets.

10. New Orleans Pelicans.

9. Sacramento Kings.

8. Orlando Magic.

7. Golden State Warriors.

6. Oklahoma City Thunder.

5. Orlando Magic.

4. Toronto Raptors.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers.

2. Houston Rockets.

1. Detroit Pistons.

I’m so angry and I hate Mark Tatum. It’s not his fault, but he is always the bearer of bad news. I’m outta here.

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