AEW Dynamite : June 18th

Sorry, I’m really late on this recap. I didn’t get a chance to watch Dynamite until late last night. The good news is, you didn’t miss much. It was a bit of a snooze fest. Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all.

The opening bout was the MMA Cage fight between Wardlow and Jake Hager. Until the match started, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a legitimate MMA match or not. It wasn’t, but it was still entertaining and a good watch.

Both Wardlow and Hager got some decent hits in, with the former dominating the first round. Unfortunately for Wardlow, there were no points awarded for the bout, so winning a round essentially meant nothing. Hager quickly bounced back and won the fight in round 2, via referee stoppage.

After the fight, Hager offered a fist bump to Wardlow as a sign of respect. Wardlow looked to genuinely consider it before Shawn Spears blindsided Hager. Wardlow looked a bit a shocked and didn’t get involved until Chris Jericho joined the fray.

Dean Malenko came out to Jericho’s aid and my partner had no idea who he was. I think that is Malenko’s third or fourth appearance on Dynamite, and every single time she asks me, “who is that?”

Wardlow beat the crud out of Malenko, who was then saved by Sammy Guevara. It looks like the Inner Circle won this little kerfuffle.

We cut backstage to hear from Eddie Kingston, Frankie Kazarian and Penta El Zero Miedo. If you recall, the trio will be joining forces for a tag match later on in the evening. They didn’t have much to say, just the usual “we hate the Elite speech”.

You’ve probably noticed by know that Penta has been trying to make himself look like ‘The Joker’ from Batman. I feel he needs to work on his lipstick game, it just looks like a child has smeared lipstick all over his mouth.

Somewhere else behind the scenes, Team Taz are having a chat. Apparently they are having some issues. Duh. Taz isn’t willing to give up on Brian Cage just yet though, but his main concern was with Adam Page. He claimed that Page only beat Hobbs because it was a handicap match and has challenged him to face Hobbs, 1 on 1 next Saturday for Dynamite. I wish Dynamite would pick a day already!

The next match on the card was the best match on the card. It was all downhill after this. Darby Allin vs the newly named “Men of the Year”, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. I mean, it’s not terrible as far as names go, but they probably could have done better.

Darby Allin put on a great show and almost pulled off an incredible upset. He was on the wrong end of a beat down, before he tagged himself in (yes, he actually did) and zip tied Ethan Page’s legs together. His trick almost worked, but Page managed to free himself and win the match via pinfall.

The Wingmen are annoyed that Cassidy didn’t take them up on their offer of a makeover, and as promised will now “make over his face”. That’s a good segue into the next match, Bononi v Cassidy.

The numbers game was strongly against Cassidy, as Bononi had all of the Wingmen in his corner. They were constantly interfering in the match and ganging up on Cassidy. They did their best job of giving him a makeover anyway, applying spray tan, hair products and a new jacket to him. I don’t understand these storylines sometimes.

Ultimately, none of it mattered because Orange Cassidy has the powers of a god and a puny man like Bononi is nowhere near enough to compete with Cassidy. An Orange Punch sealed the deal in this fight. When was the last time Cassidy lost a singles match? I miss the old Cassidy, back when he was genuinely lazy and apathetic.

Alex Marves attempted to interview Jungle Boy, but was interrupted by Kenny Omega before JB could get a word in. Classic AEW. Omega states that he is embarrassed by Jungle Boy and can’t wait to beat him on Dynamite in 2 weeks.

Omega pointed out that Jungle Boy had never been in a real street fight before and I got really excited, I thought Omega was about to add a no rules stipulation to their match. Alas, no. It was just a poor choice of words by Omega.

He went on to say something about a picnic and how he had packed 2 knuckle sandwiches for Jungle Boy. Things were heating up and Nakazawa jumped JB from behind, hitting him in the back with a laptop. Omega and Callis used this time to escape, but sacrificed Nakazawa to an angry Jungle Boy.

Alex tries another interview, this time with Matt Hardy. This one is slightly more successful, as Hardy manages to say that he hates Christian Cage, before he is interrupted by Christian Cage.

The Hardy Family Office lock Cage in a cage, giving Hardy a chance to talk to him. Matt offers to pay Christian to retire, leaving him a check and some time to think about it.

Over to the ring for a tag team match, with our new debutant, Brock Anderson teaming up with Cody Rhodes, to take on the team of Aaron Solow and QT Marshall.

I don’t want to be overly critical of a rookie and his first match certainly was terrible, but I felt he was a bit stiff and robotic. Maybe it was just first time nerves. Better than botching everything! I’m sure he’ll settle in. Brock pinned Aaron Solow for the victory and then shared a hug with his old man to celebrate. I’m sure it was a proud moment for Arn.

Lance and Jake are mad about something. I don’t know what and I don’t care.

JR had a sit down with Andrade El Idolo to discuss his plans in All Elite Wrestling. Like everyone else who joins the company, his eyes are on the title belts. Makes sense, you don’t get in the business to lose!

Hangman is backstage, drinking with the Dark Order. I don’t know why he doesn’t just join them already. Page mentions that even though Evil Uno lost last week and isn’t technically a champion, he is still a champion in his eyes. Get a room!

Penelope Ford had her first match in what feels like a hundred years! Unfortunately, Kip Sabian was not at her side. It looks like he is still recovering from his surgery after being manhandled by Miro! Still, it was awesome to see Penelope again.

She took on the young and talented Julia Hart in a singles bout. I thought that AEW was going to give Hart the victory, but Ford came out on top, winning via submission.

After the bell rang, Ford refused to release her submission hold, effectively choking Hart into unconsciousness. Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman yelled at her to stop, but they wouldn’t dare hit a girl, so they just stood by helplessly.

Nonetheless, Miro didn’t like the idea of them ganging up on his former best friend’s wife, so he came out and beat the snot out of them. I think he just wanted to hurt someone. Great match and great to have Ford back!

Over to Tony, who is standing by with the AEW Women’s Champion, Britt Baker. Again, the interview is interrupted, this time by Vicki Guerrero. There doesn’t always have to be an interview! You can just film the wrestlers interacting backstage.

Anyway, Guerrero issues a challenge to Baker on behalf of Nyla Rose. Rose wants a title match. Obviously, Baker declines. Then Vicki reveals the ace up her sleeve. Because Vicki brought Andrade over to AEW, Tony Khan owes her and has approved a booking of any match that Vicki wants.

So we are getting the Rose v Baker title match, right? Wrong. Instead of using her “free match” card to get the match she wants, Guerrero books a tag match. Rebel and Baker vs Rose and Guerrero. So weird. Vicki isn’t even a wrestler! There is just no logic sometimes.

The aforementioned match will take place on the Dynamite episode that will air on Wednesday the 30th of June. That episode will also feature Miro vs Brian Pillman in a TNT title match and the main event will be Sammy Guevara vs MJF. That will likely be one of the greatest matches of the year.

Before that episode though, we have next week’s episode of Dynamite which will take place on Saturday the 26th and will feature a World Title Match between JB and Omega. Hangman has also accepted the challenge from Will Hobbs and that match will take place on the Saturday as well.

We watch a video to build hype for a potential match between FTR and Santana and Ortiz. That should be awesome. FTR are obviously incredibly talented and Santana and Ortiz are one of the most exciting tag teams I have ever seen.

It was announced that AEW Dynamite will have it’s first ever show in NYC, AEW Dynamite : Grand Slam, on the 22nd of September this year. It will not be in Madison Square, but hosting an event in NY is still a big deal. The event will be at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens and tickets go on sale July 16th.

Another quick promo with Mark Sterling and Jade. They’ve partnered with a hotel, “I’m that bitch” blah, blah, blah. You know the drill.

The main event was the trios tag match with the team of Penta/Eddie/Kaz taking on Matt Jackson and the Good Brothers. I’m sure I’ve made thoughts on trios matches clear by now.

This one wasn’t too bad though and was actually quite entertaining, all things considered. Nick Jackson ended up making an appearance and helped his friends pick up the victory, after he sprayed Penta in the face with an aerosol can.

Anderson pins Penta and wins the match, end of episode! See you on Saturday for JB v Kenny.

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