Al Horford is going back to Boston!

Alternate Title : Why would you trade Moses Brown?

Alternate Title 2 : Does anybody want Kemba Walker?

Alternate Title 3 : Does Presti seriously just want picks and not players?

Here’s the scoop : Boston are sending Kemba Walker, the upcoming number 16 pick and a 2025 second round pick to OKC, in exchange for Al Horford, Moses Brown and a 2023 second round pick. The second round picks essentially cancel one another out, so this trade is a 16th pick for Brown and Walker for Horford.

It’s felt like lately that Sam Presti can do no wrong for OKC, seemingly winning every single trade he involved in. I feel he has lost this one though.

Kemba Walker is a great player, but he is definitely injury prone and is now on the wrong side of 30. Don’t worry, man, so am I. I suspect that Presti is just taking Walker for half a season, or a season at most. Similar to what happened with Chris Paul. Bring him in for a while, let him dominate and ship him off to a contender. It’s not like they where using Horford at all, so it’s no big loss. If Kemba can stay healthy, he will get his numbers up and draw the attention of a contender. Or at least a fringe team. More picks for Presti.

The Walker/Horford swap isn’t what annoys me. It’s moving on from Moses Brown. I don’t care how deep the upcoming draft is. The point of a draft pick is to draft a young, talented player. Moses Brown is a young, talented player. So why swap that for a pick? A draft pick is never a guaranteed thing. Sure, the 16th pick in the 2021 draft might be better than Moses Brown. They might be the best player of the draft class. But they could just as easily be a bust, so why take the risk?

This trade has worked out fairly well for Boston, especially considering the addition of Moses Brown. Have I mentioned I like Moses Brown? He is a walking double/double. Last season, he averaged about 9/9 in 20 minutes per game. He has an incredible basketball IQ and is a master rebounder. I could easily see him developing in to a 20/20 guy in the right situation.

I suspect that he will be the third centre for Boston though. Williams first, Horford second and then Brown. Boston needed to move on from Kemba. He had some great games as a Celtic, but overall, it wasn’t really working out. Brown, Tatum and Kemba all prefer to work with the ball in their hand.

Horford is a solid veteran and is willing to do whatever he needs to. He will be able to provide 10-15 points off the bench and probably around 6-8 rebounds. It’s not an earth shaking move by Boston, but it was a smart one.

For me, Boston win this trade big time. I just hope they utilise Moses Brown properly. The kid is a talent and a half.

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