Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks

Round 2 Preview

I really hope Milwaukee win. Like mostly everyone outside of Brooklyn, I imagine. I really hate James Harden. There isn’t a lot to look at in this series. There are 2 key factors that I’ll be paying attention to.

Get inside, Giannis!

If I see him attempt a single 3 (with the exception of a full court buzzer beater) my head will explode. Not literally, but metaphorically. It will manifest itself in a series of curse words, thrown from my mouth and into the ears of my impressionable 2 year old. As one father to another, I beg you not to attempt any triples in this series.

Have a guess how many triples Giannis made against Miami. If you guessed any more than 1, you would be incorrect. He made 1 3 pointer in the 4 game series against the Heat. 1 of 16. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt them at all. They won’t be so lucky this time.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves in basketball and life. I hate it when big guys try and play like they are a small guy. Unless they can actually shoot, in which case it’s fine. My wife has to listen to me complain about this at least 3 times a week. It drives me mental. I see it everywhere in the league and I can’t take it.

I’m 5’10”. I can’t slam dunk and any time I’m in the paint, I get annihilated. I spent my “career” as a point guard. I could drop dimes like nobodies business, but my scoring was dependent on my outside jumper, which was average at best. If I could slam dunk (or at least had the strength to hold my own inside) I would never attempt another jump shot again. I would live in the paint, terrorising any defender who was foolish enough to think they could guard me.

I love you, Giannis. I do. This is said with love and not hate. This series you need to get inside the paint and stay there. You are a monster inside and no one can stop you. Least of all Brooklyn. They don’t defend unless they absolutely have to. Destroy them on the interior. It is the greatest part of your game. Play to your strengths, not your weaknesses. When you are on offense, do not leave the paint unless you need to reset your 3 seconds.

Brooklyn will let you shoot threes all day long. If I was Steve Nash, I’d be so happy if you shot the 3 ball. It is not your strength. You made 1 triple in an entire series. That’s pathetic. If you do that, you will cost your team the series.

Not only that, but you will force me to start ranting again and my wife will leave me. I will have a stress related heart attack at the age of 30 and my daughter will grow up saying all kinds of horrible curse words. Please, Giannis. I beg you. Get inside and destroy them. Bring it home for the Bucks. Do it for you, Milwaukee, my family and I.

Can the Bucks keep up offensively and remain committed defensively?

This is the other big question I have around the series. We know that Brooklyn can and will score big numbers. Love them or hate them, they have a powerhouse of a team. You can’t stop them from scoring, but you need to disciplined defensively. No fouls, especially not on 3 point shots. They all have their tendencies and traits. Play smart and make them work for it.

On the other side of the court, can Milwaukee keep up offensively? It will come down to their 3 point shooting. Giannis needs to dominate in the paint, which he is more than capable of doing. He will need outside help though. Eventually, he will need to pass the ball to other guys. Milwaukee need to be able to consistently hit the 3 ball. If they can keep Brooklyn honest, they won’t be able to double Giannis.

The Prediction

The Nets are rightfully the favourites in this series, but that doesn’t guarantee them a victory. Milwaukee can steal this series if everything goes well. Giannis needs to post big numbers, every single game. Milwaukee need to shoot the outside shot at least 35%.

I want to believe in Milwaukee, but it’s hard to pick against a super team. I’m taking the Nets to win in 6. Prove me wrong!

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