AEW Dynamite : May 28th

Dynamite on a Friday? Will the madness ever end? Before I break down the episode, I think it is important to note that this episode of Dynamite was taped live in front of a full capacity stadium. Whilst I think it is great that there are fans back at wrestling, I think it is irresponsible to have no restrictions. The lack of social distancing and mask wearing was appalling and I am disappointed in AEW. I agree that it is important to not live in fear of the COVID virus, but it is far more important to take some precautions so we can get ahead of this thing and maybe one day have a normal life again. Alright, I got that off my chest. Let’s talk some wrestling.

The opening bout was a singles match between Darby Allin (with Sting) and Cezar Bononi (with the Pretty Picture). Obviously, Darby Allin won. After the match, he called out Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page, suggesting they shouldn’t wait until Double or Nothing and instead fight “right now!”. The live crowd ate it up.

Page and Sky came to the entrance ramp, but declined the offer. Whilst Darby and Sting were distracted talking to them, the Pretty Picture jumped the duo. Page and Sky quickly joined in and after taking control of the situation, sent the Pretty Picture back to the locker room.

That was a mistake. The Dark Order came out to rescue Sting and Darby. With Page and Sky heavily outnumbered, they had no choice but to retreat.

Paul Wight was in charge of the weigh in for the upcoming match between Cody Rhodes (representing ‘Merica!) and Anthony Ogogo (representing some evil, foreign country with no morals). Why do AEW even do weigh ins? It’s not like there is a weight class for any of the fights.

Anyway, Ogogo came out first with the members of the Factory. Paul made sure to call him out for bringing so many people with him, insinuating that Ogogo was a coward. Well, he isn’t American so he must be!

Rhodes was next and he came out with at least 4 times the amount of people that Ogogo did, but Paul Wight didn’t seem to have an issue with this. Cody was wearing red, white and blue shoes. Paul loved it. I guess he is on Team America.

Anyway, the rest of the event dragged on a bit. Anthony wore Union Jack underpants. Both combatants stood in front of their respective flags. Paul Wight sucked at using the scales and took forever. Did they even practice first?

Rhodes weighed in at 218 pounds. Ogogo weighed in at 219, giving him the weight advantage. I’m sure the extra pound is all downstairs. Ogogo seemed to agree, making the “wanker” gesture at the crowd. I’d like to see some official heights, reach etc etc. Don’t half ass the “tale of the tape”.

Next we watched a video to build hype for Stadium Stampede II. I was already pretty hyped, but more hype doesn’t hurt. Shawn Spears ended the promo with the excellent line “some men were born to be buried”. I’m not sure what he meant, but his delivery was perfect. And by perfect, I mean half tough-guy, half awkward guy.

Backstage, Christian Cage and Will Hobbs had a little bit of a brawl.

Over to the ring for some action! Joey Janela vs “Hangman” Adam Page. I was really glad to see this match on the cards. It was refreshing to just have a wrestling match. No story connotations, no established star vs jobber, just two wrestlers having a good ol’ fashioned wrasslin’ match.

It was obvious that “Hangman” would win, especially with his PPV match scheduled for tomorrow, but it was still a good show. I’d like to see more matchups like this in the future. Page got the victory after a slightly mistimed Buckshot Lariat. I say mistimed, because Janela stood in the middle of the ring waiting to be hit for what felt like an eternity. He looked like a deer in headlights.

After the match, Taz stood up from the commentary desk and started running his mouth. Brian Cage joined the party. “Hangman” pointed out that he had seen this trick before and was too smart to get jumped by Team Taz. He also mentioned that he was disappointed that Cage needed to scoop to such tactics to beat him. Cage called off the attack.

Just before we move on from this match, I think it was strange that Joey was still with Sonny Kiss. We’ve seen signs on Dark that the duo might be separating. It most recently came to a head when Joey walked out on Sonny Kiss, leaving his partner in the ring to get beat up. However, Sonny came out with Joey today like nothing had happened? Weird.

Outside, Moxley and Kingston are burying the Young Bucks’ Air Jordans. That’s cold, guys. And a waste of a good sneakers. That reminds me, I’m supposed to be wearing my sneakers. I got new orthotics that I’m supposed to be breaking in. Hang on a sec.

Alright, that’s better! I went with one of my Jordans. So, Mox and Kingston are burying shoes. Moxley makes a joke about Rod and Todd Flanders. I assume it is in reference to the Young Bucks. The broadcast cuts to a commercial break though and I don’t see the rest of it.

In the ring, Tony introduces Orange Cassidy. Instead, he gets Pac. Pac says that it doesn’t matter if Cassidy fights or not, because the outcome is already determined. At Double or Nothing, Pac will be the new AEW World Champion.

Omega comes out to jump Pac, but he fails. Before Pac can do any damage though, the Good Brothers come out to save Omega. Before they can hurt Pac, the Lucha Brothers chase them away, leaving Omega with Pac. Omega takes advantage, but then the Best Friends come to save him.

Orange Cassidy gives Omega the contract back, ripped into heaps of pieces. I guess Cassidy will fight this weekend. Cassidy then hits Omega and Pac with an Orange Punch. Tony mentions how it might be a preview of things to come. Yeah, right.

We go backstage for another Jade interview. Matt Hardy interrupts to once again offer his services. Mark Sterling interrupts the interruption to inform Hardy that Jade has already made a decision and that Mark Sterling will be representing her moving forward. Then we moved to the ring and Jade destroyed Kilyn King in a singles match.

Lance Archer wishes Dante Martin well in his title match later tonight, but he hopes he loses, because Archer wants Miro at Double or Nothing.

The TNT title match was next, with Miro successfully defending against Dante Martin. This was a really good match and Dante put up a decent fight. I wanted this one to be a squash match though and just really show off how dominant Miro is. I had a meme prepared and everything. Oh well, I’ll save it for a rainy day.

After the match, Jake Roberts and Lance Archer came out to the entrance ramp. There was a little bit of back and forth conversation, including a racist dig at Bulgaria from Jake Roberts? Roberts said “let me say it in your own language” and then just babbled non sensical sounds for a bit, before translating it to English. ‘Merica.

Lance then ran down to the ring to fight Miro. The two of them exchanged counters before the referees came in and broke it all up.

Hikaru Shida has been the AEW Women’s Champion for an incredible 377 days. And counting! We go over to the ring to present her with a replica belt, celebrating her run as Champion. I don’t know why she needs a replica belt when she has the real deal, but I guess it’s the thought that counts. Tony tried to put the belt around her waist and he failed miserably, much like Paul Wight using the scales earlier.

Eventually, the belt was around her waist and Shida was given the microphone to speak. It didn’t take long before Britt Baker interrupted though. We will get to watch those two fight for the title tomorrow at Double or Nothing.

During the commercial break, Sammy Guevara did his gimmick with the cards. He was out in the crowd though, which, once again, seemed highly irresponsible considering that there is a pandemic happening. Sammy put Shawn Spears on notice and said that he is coming for him during Stadium Stampede.

Back to the ring, this time for a tag team match. Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page are taking on Dark Order’s Evil Uno and Stu Grayson. Or, as I like to call them “Evil Stuno”. Sky and Page won, again not surprising considering they have a match at the PPV.

More post match shenanigans followed. Darby Allin came out with a bunch of people dressed up as Sting. It was easy to spot the real Sting hidden amongst them. You could tell by the hair. Darby ran in to attack. The Sting’s came in one at a time and kept getting knocked out in one hit. Except for the real Sting. Sting and Darby got the upper hand.

For some reason, Dynamite is Friday again next week. Maybe this is a new thing with the NBA playoffs?

The main event this week wasn’t a match, but a celebration. Eric Bischoff lead the proceedings as we all celebrated the Inner Circle. We watched a highlight reel of some of their best moments as a team. Every member was given the chance to talk to the crowd. As we know, if they lose this weekend, they have to split up. Will this be the end of the Inner Circle?

Of course, MJF couldn’t just let them have this moment. Along with the Pinnacle, they had taken Dean Malenko hostage. I recognised Dean, but my partner had no idea who he was or why he was important. If you don’t know, he is an old timer and a good friend of Chris Jericho. As the Inner Circle rushed to save him, they were ambushed by the Pinnacle.

The brawl made it’s way to the Stadium and ended with FTR putting Santana and Ortiz through some tables. Unfortunately, it looked like one of the table stunts backfired and I think that Dax injured his leg in the process. He was slow to get up and seemed to be limping afterwards.

I haven’t heard any news about any injuries stemming from the incident, so hopefully everyone is ok. That’s the end of this episode! I’ll be back tomorrow to recap Double or Nothing! What match are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments.

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