AEW Dynamite : May 12th

Sorry, I’m late! Weddings! We can get back to a normal schedule now, the only difference is I have a nagging wife, as opposed to a nagging girlfriend. Let’s talk wrestling!

Things kicked off with Jon Moxley defending his IWGP United States Title against Yuji Nagata. Mox entered to “Wild Thing” by The Troggs. According to Wikipedia, those guys are still active. That’s wild. I like that song, but I wish the wrestlers would run it by me first, before going and changing songs. I don’t like change. Suddenly, the most electrifying entrance in sports entertainment didn’t feel as electric.

That doesn’t really matter though, the match was enjoyable enough. I had never seen Nagata wrestle before, at least not that I can recall. He did very well, especially at 53 years of age! Word on the street is that he wants to wrestle until he is at least 70.

Mox picked up the victory and retained his title. Afterwards, the two competitors exchanged signs of respect and celebrated together.

Backstage, Ortiz fills us in on the status of the Inner Circle. Santana is in prison, after being charged for stabbing MJF with a fork. Jericho is hospitalised with a fractured elbow. Or dislocated? I can’t remember and I was eating Gyoza at the time, so I didn’t take notes. The main thing to remember is that the Inner Circle have asked for a rematch.

Cody comes out to the ring and gives a speech about why he is proud to be American. It went on a bit long and I was getting a bit bored. Although, it was nice when he got emotional about bringing a mixed race baby into the world and ensuring that she will be proud of both parts of her heritage.

Cody announced that at Double or Nothing, he will wrestle as the American Dream and take on Anthony Ogogo in singles competition. He also announced that Double or Nothing will take place in front of a full audience, which seems to soon for me. But, I’m not here to make political commentary, let’s just keep it about wrestling!

SCU are still upset by the recent behaviour of the Young Bucks and feel betrayed by their former friends. This was a nice little segue into the next match, SCU vs The Young Bucks. The Young Bucks will defend their titles, but if SCU lose, they have to split up. presumably forever.

This was a pretty entertaining match and featured some top quality wrestling. Which isn’t really surprising, considering the names in the match up. Although, Daniels did botch a moonsault. That’s the second time I’ve seen him do that in AEW! He won’t be able to call it the best moonsault ever for much longer.

Speaking of Daniels, he shed a lot of blood in this one. If you looked carefully, you could spot the blade he used to split himself open. It was a lot of blood and it looked awesome!

SCU threw everything they had at the Young Bucks, but couldn’t overcome a stacked deck. The Bucks cheated lots in this one, sometimes just for the sake of it and retained their titles.

As promised, SCU hugged each other goodbye and called it a day. I don’t know if they will wrestle as individuals or retire altogether. Christopher Daniels put up a cryptic tweet stating “That might be all” after the episode aired.

Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley weren’t happy with the Young Bucks cheating to defeat SCU, so they headed to the Elite’s locker room. The locker room was empty, so the dynamic duo trashed the joint and vented some frustration.

Dasha is backstage with Christian. Cage states that he is sick of Taz and will use his open contract to fight anyone in Team Taz next week on Dynamite. Moving on from that, Cage announced that he will enter (and win) the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing.

Matt Sydal interrupted and said that he planned on winning the Battle Royale. Cage made a remark about how that worked out for him last year and said he was sure “it would all fall into place” for Sydal. If you remember, Sydal had the infamous slip/fall at his debut last year, so that was a nice call back.

Sydal didn’t seem to find it as amusing as I did and challenged Cage to a match next week. Christian accepted.

Up next was the match between Orange Cassidy and Pac, the winner getting a title shot against Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing.

It was a back and forth match, no one really seeming to take advantage. Eventually, it looked like Pac had taken control and was set to finish Cassidy off, but then Don Callis came out to distract him.

Whilst Callis was talking, Omega blindsided Pac and hit him with the title belt. With both Pac and Cassidy both unconscious, the referee was forced into a double count-out. As Omega mentioned, that meant that there was no winner, therefore he wouldn’t have to fight at Double or Nothing.

Tony Khan wasn’t keen on that though. As Kenny announced plans of a road trip, Tony Schiavone interrupted and announced that at Double or Nothing, Omega will defend his title against Cassidy AND Pac, in a 3 way match. Cool! I don’t think AEW has had a triple threat yet.

The Elite weren’t happy when they discovered that their locker room had been trashed. They announced that next week, they have some business to take care of and will be defending their titles against the Varsity Blondes. At Double or Nothing, they want a revenge match against Moxley and Kingston. I’m not sure if that’s a title match or not.

Hangman has dropped from being the Number 1 contender, all the way down to number 5. He isn’t deterred though and challenged Brian Cage to a match at Double or Nothing.

Up next was the Pinnacle’s coronation. MJF was wearing a nice pink suit and a crown. Tully Blanchard gifted the team with some new wristwatches. MJF declined the offer of a rematch.

The Inner Circle weren’t happy with that and interrupted the ceremony. They arrived in some form of mini-fire truck, with Jericho poorly hidden in the back. He revealed himself and once more asked for a rematch. When MJF declined, Sammy turned on his fire hose and doused the Pinnacle, presumably in a little bit of the bubbly.

MJF was angry and accepted the rematch, challenging them to a Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing. MJF added a stipulation though, if the Inner Circle lose, they break up forever.

JR interviews Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. She has a title match against Hikaru Shida at Double or Nothing, almost a year to the date of when Shida broke Baker’s nose. I can’t wait for this one!

Thunder Rosa squashed Jazmin Allure in the next match. The commentary team spent most of the time talking about Britt Baker.

Next week, Serena Deeb will defend the NWA Women’s Championship against Red Velvet. As I mentioned, The Varsity Blondes will have a Tag Team Title shot against the Young Bucks. Christian Cage will take on Matt Sydal in singles competition and Anthony Ogogo will make his official in ring debut against Austin Gunn.

Tony is backstage with Jade. She once again reminds us that she is happy to meet with potential managers, but she doesn’t need a manager. This segment is starting to get really annoying. It is the new Tony and Sting weekly interview.

Finally, it’s time for the main event of the evening! Darby Allin, defending his TNT Title against Miro.

Miro kicked things off early and jumped Darby before the match started. He spent a good few minutes just destroying Darby. Sting just casually stood by and watched. I don’t know why he didn’t help his friend. The match hadn’t officially started, so it’s not like Darby would have been disqualified if Sting hit Miro.

Eventually, the match got officially underway, but Allin was basically dead at this point. He did his best to put up a good fight though.

Sting remained at ringside, but was soon jumped by Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. It didn’t really matter, because it’s not like he was helping Darby any. Sky and Page ran away, disappearing in to the night.

He tried his best to mount some offense, but things never really clicked for Allin. Eventually, the referee stopped the match and declared Miro the winner.

Page and Sky returned to the ring and attacked Sting again. The Dark Order came to his rescue and then the broadcast ended abruptly. It literally cut off, JR was in the middle of a sentence.

I think that they are setting up a Page/Sky vs Allin/Sting for Double or Nothing, but that is just speculation on my part. I’m out of here!

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