AEW Dynamite : May 5th

Blood and Guts is here! And no, I’m not talking about the game between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers, although that was all kinds of wild as well! I’m talking about 10 men, 2 rings and 1 cage. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, we have the rest of the action packed (and blood filled) episode to talk about. Let’s go!

The opening match was scheduled to be the tag team match between Eddie Kingston/Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega/Michael Nakazawa, but Omega was M.I.A. Callis said that Omega wasn’t in the building and would not take part in the match. Instead, he proposed a handicap match, Kingston and Mox taking on Nakazawa.

Mox and Kingston made their way down to the ring and didn’t seem to impressed. They wanted Kenny! Well, be careful what you wish for gentleman. It was a ruse! Kenny was hidden in plain sight and jumped the duo before the match could officially start. A couple hits to the back of the head with Omega’s championship had the duo laid out on the ground.

However, Omega’s best laid plans did not pay off. Mox and Kingston were able to come back from their “title shot” (see what I did there?) and soon had the advantage in the ring.

Omega decided it wasn’t worth the effort and left the arena before the bout was over. essentially leaving Michael Nakazawa to his fate. Eddie and Jon pick up the victory, but I doubt they were satisfied with how it came about.

They were disappointed in the result and the bad times only continued. After the match, they were jumped by The Elite. First the Good Brothers, then the Young Bucks and finally, the returning champ. Kenny Omega.

We cut away from the action to announce AEW’s next PPV. Double Or Nothing will be live on PPV on May 30th! The only match announced so far is the AEW Women’s Championship match between Hikaru Shida and Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

The next match on the card was the grudge match between QT Marshall and Cody Rhodes. It was ok. Cody won via submission, but the real story here is Bryce Remsburg. What the hell was he doing? QT hits Cody with a belt and doesn’t get disqualified. Arn Anderson attacks QT Marshall and again, no disqualification. Red Velvet attacks QT and you guessed it, no disqualification.

Unfortunately, we all had to bear witness to QT’s bare ass. Thanks for that, Cody. Just because you were blinded by your own blood, it doesn’t mean the rest of us were. Where did all of that blood come from by the way? I didn’t see anything. No matter, Cody wins via submission and is then punched in the stomach by Anthony Ogogo.

Alex Marves is with Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. Sky calls out Sting. Page calls out Darby. Darby was happy to oblige and took Page out mid sentence. It didn’t end well for Darby and the numbers game soon took advantage over him. After being hit in the head with a trash can, Allin was thrown down a flight of concrete steps.

The boy is mental and I love him for it. I don’t know how you can train to safely fall down a flight of concrete steps. It looked like a few rough landings for him and I’m sure he has some battle scars from that one.

Britt Baker defeated newcomer Julia Hart by submission.

In a boring promo called “Technique by Taz” we got to listen to a heartbroken Taz complain about Christian Cage, whilst educating us (read that with a heavy dose of sarcasm) about wrestling manoeuvres.

The next match was the 4 team tag team eliminator, with the winning team getting a title shot against the Young Bucks on next weeks episode. SCU, The Varsity Blondes, Jurassic Express and The Acclaimed were the 4 competing teams.

It wasn’t a bad match and I was looking forward to it, until the commentary team continued to point out that SCU agreed if they lost this match that they would split up. The jammed the point right down our throats over and over. Obviously, SCU won. I guess that means they will break up on next weeks episode?

Some hype was built around the IWGP title that will be defended on Dynamite next week. I was legitimately trying to listen to Mox, but my daughter wouldn’t shut up. He defends his belt next week against Yuji Nagata.

Tony is ringside with Kenny Omega and announces that next week on Dynamite, Pac will square off against Orange Cassidy and the winner of that will face Omega in a title match at Double Or Nothing. I’m going to be so mad if it’s Cassidy.

There was a lot of talking done by Omega after that. I guess we needed to fill some time in. Orange Cassidy came out but nothing much happened. Kenny stole his Ray-Bans. That’s a silly name.

Miro had a quick interview next and announced that a TNT title match between he and Darby Allin had been confirmed for next week. If Allin is unable to compete, he will forfeit the belt to Miro. Miro doesn’t want that though and begged Allin to show up. I’m sure he will. It was billed as “The man who doesn’t mind dying vs the man who doesn’t mind killing” which is pure creative genius.

Finally, time for Blood and Guts! Woo! Both teams came out and took position on opposite sides of the cage. MJF pushed a fan over, but nothing else eventful happened in the introductions.

Sammy was the first entrant for the Inner Circle and Dax was first for the Pinnacle. I thought it was agreed that Spears was starting for the Pinnacle? No matter. Before I breakdown the action, everyone else entered in 2 minute intervals in the following order : Spears, Ortiz, Dax, Santana, Wardlow, Hager, MJF and finally, Jericho.

I don’t know where to start with this one. It didn’t take long before there was blood shed. And it wasn’t long after that that the rings were effectively painted in blood.

Weapons seemed to come from everywhere. I don’t know how Santana and Ortiz did it, but they had something new every other minute. Forks, Baseballs, Barbed Wire and goodness knows what else.

Spears literally pulled apart one of the rings to use it as a weapon. That backfired though and he ended up getting the worst of it. FTR pulled up the floor of the same ring to expose the wooden panels underneath. That also backfired, as it was their own heads that were dropped on the wood.

We also had chair shots and baseball bats and lots of other violent methods of destruction. The cage wall seemed to be a go to. Lots and lots of blood was shed.

It wasn’t all raw violence though. There was a fair bit of athleticism shown off as well, particularly by Sammy Guevara. Jake Hager and Wardlow spent a large amount of time mat wrestling, but it was mainly off camera.

Eventually, a bloodied MJF tried to escape and did, thanks to the help of Tully Blanchard. MJF fled to the top of the cage and seemed content to wait there for the match to finish. Jericho wasn’t having it though and followed him to the top.

Jericho had the advantage, but a low blow from MJF turned things around. He had Jericho at his mercy and warned the Inner Circle if they didn’t surrender, he would throw Jericho off of the cage roof. Sammy was quick to oblige and forfeit the match. The Pinnacle were declared the victorious team and MJF threw Jericho off of the roof anyway. Awesome.

The episode ends with Jericho laying at the bottom of the cage, seemingly unconscious and surrounded by his friends and the medical staff. MJF stands victorious at the top of the cage, covered in his own blood and shouts out “Thank You” to Jericho, with a smile on his face.

I can’t wait for the follow up on the next edition of Dynamite. Speaking of, I’m actually getting married next week, on Dynamite Night! I don’t know when I’ll watch it, but I will watch it and I will have my recap up. It just might be later than normal. Only a little bit, I promise. A day later, tops! See you all then.

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