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Resident Evil Village Demo (again?)

Sometime in January, I did a review on the 10 minute Resident Evil Village demo, which was called Maiden. This demo is just called Resident Evil Village Demo – how drab.

Maiden was weird because it was exclusive to PS5. Not even PS4 owners could play Maiden (not to be confused with the popular EA franchise, Madden). This new demo is open to everyone, but it still had to keep some weird rules.

This time, the demo is released in 3 parts and can only be played between a certain time window. If you miss the window, you can’t go back and do it. Unfortunately, I missed the first one. I got to play the second one today. The third one is in a week or so and just looks like it is the first 2 demos rolled into one. Check my tweet below for the dates (don’t forget to convert to your local time zone). This stuff does my head in. I miss demo discs.

Aaron McGregor on Twitter: “#PS5Share, #ResidentEvilVillageGameplayDemo Just in case anyone wants the date for the last demo release” / Twitter

I wanted to do a quick write up on a few interesting things that I noticed, but mainly just to share a link to my video of it, in case you want to watch it but missed the window.

Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo_2 – YouTube

Just a quick disclaimer, I did play RE7, but it was a long time ago and I barely remember it. I have been planning on playing it through again, but I am currently obsessed with Kingdom Come : Deliverance. A review on that is also in the works.

This demo was also on a time limit. You only get to play it for half an hour or until you reach the end, whatever comes first. I wanted to see as much as possible so I went pretty quickly. I tried to avoid places that were in the Maiden demo, so we could get a look at everything new.

Unfortunately, I went to quickly. I played about 10 minutes and died. Then I played again and finished it in 6-7 minutes. I left a good 13 minutes behind, but wasn’t allowed to go back and use them. Drat!

The first thing I noticed is that there was a chest of drawers in the first room that said it could have it’s lock picked. Was lock picking in RE7? I don’t remember it being included. I couldn’t find any lockpicks, so I couldn’t test how it worked, but surely it couldn’t be worse than in KCD, right?

About halfway through the video, I had my first encounter with one of the ladies of the house. I may have panicked a little bit. I did try to kill her. I was disappointed that when she caught me, it wasn’t an instant kill. you’d think being on the hardcore difficulty, I wouldn’t get a second chance when making mistakes. It took away the tension a little bit.

Side note : her dialogue was excellent.

The next thing that stood out was the first puzzle room. It was easy enough to solve, I just had to push the burning chandelier into the other braziers to light them. It was weird that there wasn’t a button to push them though. I literally just had to walk in to them and move them with my chest as I walked. I don’t think anyone actually moves objects that way.

Everything from that point was kind of rushed, because I was running away from things. I triggered the end of the demo and that was that. I left the trailer attached to the end of my YouTube video as well.

If you didn’t get a chance to play, go and check out my video. If you do, a like and a subscribe always helps!

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