AEW Dynamite : Apr 21st

It was an excellent night of professional wrestling, with all but one match being very enjoyable. Let’s break it down!

Ricky Starks kicked things off with a singles bout against “Hangman” Adam Page. I really enjoyed this match, although for some reason the broadcast cut out and I lost about 4 minutes (by my estimate).

Starks seems to be ok after landing on his head and neck after a German Suplex. It was a very nasty looking fall, but he got up immediately and wrestled another 5 minutes and finished the match. It was also reported that Starks was sporting an ankle injury for the entirety of this match.

Nonetheless, it was a great match by 2 very talented individuals. Hangman kept his winning streak going, defeating Ricky Starks via submission.

Post match, Hook jumped Page. Starks joined in, but Hangman managed to turn the tables on the two of them. Brian Cage came out to swing the odds back in his teams favour. Before he could land any blows on Hangman, the Dark Order came out to the aid of their friend.

We cut outside and watch The Elite enter their own personal trailer. I guess “The Elite” is the name that Kenny and the gang are using moving forward. Brandon Cutler was working as their cameraman. If my friends are bad, I’m going to be bad to.

The next match was Penta vs Trent? I was literally thinking that it was disappointing that Justin Roberts never reads the question mark when he introduces Trent? So, of course this time he does. Amazing. Not only does AEW read my weekly recaps and steal my ideas, now they are reading my mind. Technically before I’ve even had the thought because I don’t watch Dynamite live.

Anyway, the match got underway and was pretty decent. Alex was in Penta’s corner and told Trent that “his mama sucks”. Well, that was a big mistake. Trent tried to destroy him with a chair, but the referee stopped him. I don’t know why, Alex isn’t a part of the match so he should be fair game.

With the referee distracted by Trent, Orange Cassidy slipped into the ring and was set to take out Alex. Penta hit Cassidy with a superkick first and in the chaos, Alex smacked Trent on the head with a microphone, putting him down for a 3 count.

JR is backstage with the Pinnacle. Dax is wearing Bret Hart socks. Tully gifts MJF with a new silk scarf. It looked nice. It’s silk season! MJF talks a little bit about the “Jericho Rub”, insinuating that Jericho isn’t building up young talent, but instead riding on their coattails to keep himself relevant. Ouch!

Shida retained her championship in an excellent match against Tay Conti. Unfortunately, Excalibur and Co managed to ruin every single false finish with their dreadful commentating ability.

After the match, Britt Baker came out and pointed out that she is now the Number One contender for Shida’s title. Baker wasted no time! Shida threw her kendo stick at her. I love kendo sticks.

I hope Conti continues to remain a relevant part of the women’s division, she sure has earned it and it would be a shame if her run at the top was over.

Miro is upset that another week has gone by and he still hasn’t heard from Kip. To console himself, he plans on coming after anyone in AEW with a title. I wonder if that includes Shida?

Tony is with the Inner Circle. Not much happens, just more hype building for Blood ‘n’ Guts. Personally, I don’t think I can be any more hyped for it. Hager also leaves a gift of straws for the Pinnacle, promising that after Blood ‘n’ Guts that they will only be able to eat through straws.

In the lone “dud” match on the card, QT Marshall squared off against Billy Gunn. Ogogo picked up some cheap heat by declaring his hatred of America. I think this method of gaining heat has been overused and run into the ground, but it also works wonders with the crowd, so who am I to argue?

JR had a great call about how Comoroto must be cold, because he was wearing an overcoat and a sweater. I wasn’t sure what he was on about, because Comoroto was only wearing the overcoat, but then I clicked that JR was referencing his hairy, hairy chest. Nice call.

QT won the match. Obviously, they tried to beat Billy down afterwards. They found a wooden sun chair from somewhere to use. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a wooden chair used in wrestling before. Tony went on a little rant about hitting him with the chair, having it splinter and maybe costing him his eyesight? I don’t know where it came from but it reminded me of this Dogs with bees in their mouth – YouTube

Dustin Rhodes came out to stop the beatdown and ended up breaking the wooden chair on Comoroto’s head. He didn’t even flinch. He just stood there and took the shot. I love him so much.

Back to the Elite trailer! Callis is chilling with the boys. Everyone is talking at once and I don’t really hear a word of it. Omega has a TNT title shot coming up soon though, which is cool.

As Omega is trying to speak, someone is slamming on a car horn outside the window. As the camera pans outside, we see Mox and Kingston in a big ass truck. They drive it into the trailer and then they head inside. The Elite have mysteriously vanished. Like Shaq did that one time. Kingston looks for some shoes to steal, but has no luck.

It just dawned on me that Kingston only has Moxley left. The Lucha Bros skipped town to start up Death Triangle again and The 3 B’s joined forces with the Hardy Family Office.

Christian Cage picked up an impressive win over Powerhouse Will Hobbs. After the match, Starks limped out to check on Hobbs. It looks like Starks is pretty banged up after all! I don’t know why he came out for Hobbs, it wasn’t like Cage was going to do anything. Brian Cage was notably absent.

Next week’s card will include : Orange Cassidy vs Penta, Kris Statlander vs Penelope Ford (presumably with Kip?), The Young Bucks vs the Sydal Brothers, Brian Cage v Adam Page (a number one contenders match) and a Trios that will see Dustin Rhodes, Billy Gunn and Lee Johnson team up to take on QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solow with Anthony Ogogo. The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle will also meet in the ring to discuss the rules for Blood ‘n’ Guts.

In the final promo before the main event, Jade talks about how she is in high demand. Apparently everyone wants to be her manager. We get testimonials from Matt Hardy and Vicki Guerrero to prove this point. Jade says she doesn’t need a manager. but if the money is right, she’s in.

The Main Event of the evening saw TNT Champion, Darby Allin defend his title against the fan’s choice of Jungle Boy. What an excellent idea to have fans vote on the opponent for the TNT title matches. How come this was the first I heard of it though? I don’t remember seeing anything on Twitter, it wasn’t mentioned on Dark, Elevation or Dynamite. I think it’s a great idea, but it needed to be advertised better. For the record, I probably would have voted for Jungle Boy.

JR has another great call, pointing out that “Allin” is spelt “All-in”, which is exactly how Darby approaches each match. It took 2 years of Dynamite for them to make that observation.

As to be expected, it was an excellent match up. Luchasaurus and Sting were in the respective corners of their guys. Sting took exception to Lucha being there and eventually attacked Lucha. I would argue that it was unprovoked. Tony would argue that Sting is perfect and just doing what any one would do. If you listen carefully, you can hear his erection hit the desk when he talks about Sting. The 2 big guys continue to brawl and head backstage.

Darby and Jack are left to finish their match in peace, with Allin ultimately coming off victorious. After the bout, both competitors were jumped by Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. With Lucha and Sting busy fighting one another, there was no one to save the two young competitors.

Enter Lance Archer. Boo! Why is he even saving them? I thought he was a heel. It feels like they are trying to make him a babyface, which seems like an awful idea. He has all the charisma of a piece of cardboard. Eventually, Sting returns to aid Darby. It’s ok Tony, the mean dinosaur man didn’t hurt him.

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