AEW Dynamite : Apr 14th

We open on the Young Bucks explaining that they have chosen friendship with Kenny Omega over everything else. Am I watching a Disney Channel special? Regardless, Omega is their family and they don’t care if they have to be villains to stand with their family.

Cut to Mike Tyson and he is being ridiculed by MJF. His face tattoo was fair game, but apparently not his lisp. Isn’t lisp such a cruel term? Nobody with a lisp could ever say that they have a lisp. A lithp. Anyway, MJF offers Tyson a blank check in order for his assistance later in the fight. Tyson declines and rips the check in half. After failing to snatch it from MJF’s hands that is. Depth perception is hard sometimes.

Over to the ring for the opening match and it is a good one. Death Triangle’s Pac and Rey Fenix are challenging the Young Bucks for the AEW Tag Team Championship.

As to be expected, it was a phenomenal match. The chemistry and choreography between the 4 was exceptional, particularly between Rey Fenix and Nick Jackson. They had a very nice sequence together.

Whilst the outcome wasn’t a shock, the ending certainly was. Nick Jackson ripped off Rey Fenix’s mask. Completely. 100% removal. Fenix covered his face and as a result, couldn’t see the finishing superkicks coming. 1,2,3 and the champions retain. It’s a rare occasion you see a Luchador unmasked and it never fails to shock me.

Hangman is backstage with the Dark Order. Apparently, Hangman is the number one contender for Omega’s AEW Championship. He isn’t interested in that though, he just wants some egg rolls. Same. Also, Silver’s shoulder rehab is chugging along nicely.

Alex Marves is with the Inner Circle and Mike Tyson. Jericho states how the Inner Circle are trying to right the wrongs of their past. Of all the people they have crossed, apparently Mike Tyson was the first that Jericho called to apologise to. Tyson accepts the apology but promises he will still enforce the match tonight fairly, no favouritism to either side.

In singles competition, Jade crushes Red Velvet. Again. This was also surprising, I thought that Velvet would get the win for sure. I’m happy though.

Tony has found his way to Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D and she points out with the loss that Red Velvet just suffered, her record will drop to 5-1. Baker boasts a record of 7-1 and will now likely move into 2nd place in the rankings.

Anthony Ogogo crushed some jobber in his Dynamite debut. I think the jobber was Cole Karter? I’m not sure, he didn’t get an introduction. No matter. Ogogo won via referee stoppage. You rarely see a referee stoppage and this one was lame. It was just a gut punch. We see that all the time. Boo!

Miro is looking for Kip. Apparently the duo have not spoke since the Arcade Anarchy match. Miro says he wants to patch things up with Sabian but also doesn’t want to be distracted from his title quest.

Up next was the singles match between Dax (with Cash) and Jericho (with Sammy). No one else is allowed at ringside, except for Mike Tyson, whose job is to presumably enforce the aforementioned rule.

Well, Tyson did a terrible job of enforcing the rule, right from the get go. Tully came to the ring before the match even started and Aubrey, not Mike, kicked Tully out. Tully did not go quickly or quietly, but Tyson did not get involved. Eventually, everyone made their way out to the ring.

To his credit, Mike Tyson did punch Cash pretty hard in the face. But Cash was the one nominated person that was allowed to be at ringside for Dax. Oh well. Jericho won and made Mike Tyson an honorary member of the Inner Circle.

Marves has moved on and is annoying Don Callis and the gang. Callis informs us that the Young Bucks joining forces with Omega is just the beginning and that gold will follow.

Kris Statlander has her first match in about 10 months. She crushes Amber Nova.

Dasha is interviewing Team Taz. Ricky Starks doesn’t want to wait for Christian Cage’s response, he thinks it is disrespectful. Then he points out that they literally waited months for Hobbs’ to answer them. Taz tells him to shut it and he will handle Cage. Christian, not Brian.

Speaking of Christian, Tony is in the ring with him for an interview. Of course, Taz interrupts. Literally seconds after telling Ricky Starks that cooler heads must prevail, he comes out and yells at Christian.

Christian more or less tells Taz to shove it and he won’t be joining the group. Hobbs and Hook jump him. Really, it’s just Hobbs though because Hook does nothing, like always. Eventually, Hobbs gets the upper hand and knocks Cage out. Christian, not Brian.

Matches for next week are announced. Shida will defend her title against the number one contender, Tay Conti. Either way, I win and lose at the same time. Hobbs will take on Cage (Christian, not Brian). Ricky Starks will take on Adam Page. Trent? and Penta will also square off in singles competition. Looks a good card, but first, our main event of the evening.

Darby Allin. Matt Hardy. Falls Count Anywhere. The winner will be the TNT champion. This match was pretty good, but unfortunately was heavily overshadowed by an excessive amount of outside interference.

Matt Hardy had his clique come to help him out. Allin then had Sting and the Dark Order come to his aid. Everyone stayed and continued to fight for the remainder of the match.

Darby ultimately prevailed over Matt Hardy (even though Allin took most of the bumps and bruises) and picked up the win after putting Hardy through the announce desk with a Coffin Drop.

Alright, that’s a wrap. I’ll see you guys again next week!

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