AEW Dynamite : Mar 24th

The evening kicks off with a singles match, Matt Sydal vs Kenny Omega. If Sydal wins, he gets a title shot against Kenny Omega in the future. If Omega wins, Sydal has to betray his brother and never wrestle in AEW again. Ok, I made the last stipulation up. If Omega wins, Omega wins.

It was a really good match to kick things off. Going into the match, it was obvious that Omega would win and Sydal would not get a title shot. During the match, however, it was nowhere near as obvious. A few times, I even believed that Sydal could do it. Ultimately, Omega went on to win.

This match really put Sydal on the map in AEW. Not that he has been bad or anything since arriving, but this was an excellent match. Easily his best performance so far. Sure, he lost and doesn’t get the title match, but he also won a lot of attention. Personally, I’ll be paying more attention to him moving forward.

Alex Marves is backstage with the Dark Order. John Silver is dodging Coffin Drops from everyone to prepare for his title match against Darby Allin later tonight. They do a “everybody hates Angels” bit again. Hangman asks John if he is nervous. John says that he isn’t, he’s hungry. Me too. I haven’t even got any bread in the house. What’s a guy to eat around here?

In the next match, Hangman defeats Cezar Bononi. Pretty easily too.

Lance Archer is hanging out in some abandoned location. AEW has filming access to so many abandoned locations. It’s mighty convenient. Archer professes his undying love for Sting. Actually, I think it was more about professional respect, but I don’t really care.

We have a quick recap of last week’s incredible main event. We watch a post match interview, in which teary eyed Rosa talk about how much the match meant to her. Then we cut back to live, Tony is with Britt Baker. Baker talks about how she is now a hardcore legend. Honestly, what a great performance by Baker and Rosa. Let’s hear it for them again, folks! (clap emoji, clap emoji, clap emoji)

Backstage, we get to watch a cameraman awkwardly knock on the door of the Pinnacle’s locker room. I assume it was supposed to be a behind the scenes cue, so they knew it was time to walk out. We got to witness the whole thing though. Awesome.

Christian Cage is making friends with some guys in the locker room. I mean “locker room” metaphorically, they were just in a hallway. Still, he is getting along nicely with the Varsity Blondes and Dante Martin, offering some friendly advice for their upcoming tag match. Dasha comes along to interview Christian, but is swiftly interrupted by Frankie Kazarian.

Kaz is having a slightly friendly, slightly passive aggressive chat with Cage. Cage refers to him as “Cranky Franky” which will stick for sure. They end up booking a match next week and shake hands.

The Pinnacle’s FTR and Shawn Spears team up in a 6 man tag match, against the Varsity Blondes and Dante Martin. Dante Martin managed to be the most impressive and entertaining athlete in the match, which is pretty impressive, considering the level of talent in the ring. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to get his team the victory. Spears pinned Martin to get the win for the Pinnacle.

Tony makes his way down to the ring for a post match interview, but first the Pinnacle have to finish kicking the crap out of the losing team. Ah, I love a good post match beatdown. Tony just hangs out in the corner, watching them, like he is a part of the squad. Don’t get too comfy.

Eventually, the interview happens. They take the mic from Tony, talk about family and call out the Inner Circle. A fat joke is made at Jericho’s expense. Poor Chris. He really is in incredible shape, especially considering he is 50 years old. MJF promises a gift to his teammates next week. I assume it will be jackets.

In what looks to be a high school sports storage facility, Team Taz are hanging out and having a chat. Team Taz says that everything between them is cool and that Brian Cage has apologised to everyone. The look on Cage’s face says differently, but he doesn’t interrupt. Hook even spoke! Only a word or two, but still. 6 more months and we might get a full sentence.

Tony is interviewing QT Marshall. QT points out his wife, who he has known since he was 8. Where was she when he was having a mid life crisis and dating the Bunny? QT is sick of living in the shadow of his best friend, Cody and challenges him to a match next week.

Cody comes out with his arm in a sling and reluctantly accepts. He says that QT is his best friend (he said that about MJF too, best friend slut!) and he doesn’t want to fight him. Cody basically went on to say that he is going to hold back and QT says that is all he ever wanted. They shake hands and then kiss a little bit. They walk away holding hands, the camera pans to QT’s wife, who runs away, crying. It’s announced that Arn Arnderson will be the special guest referee for the fight. Ok, I made it all up. Except for the handshake and for the fact that Arn will be the referee.

The Lucha Bros are teaming up with the returning Laredo Kid to take on the team of the Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler, in another 6 man tag match. I’ve seen every episode of Elevation, Dark, Dynamite and every single PPV. I do not remember Laredo at all. Also, apparently Cutler is filling in for an injured Pac. Hopefully, it’s not too serious. Laredo picks up the win by pinning Cutler.

After the match, Kenny Omega runs out and smacks Laredo in the head with a microphone. Matt Jackson half heartedly attempts to stop him, but ultimately doesn’t care and just watches, but in a disapproving way. Nick Jackson joins in the watching and also disapproves, but not enough to intervene.

Omega is sad and misses his friends, the Young Bucks. Same here, Kenny. Well, not the Young Bucks bit. He rants for a little bit and then gives the Bucks one last chance to join him. The Bucks turn their backs and walk away. Then the Lucha Bros come from nowhere and superkick Kenny Omega in the face. It sounded pretty hard and it actually busted his lips open. Omega gives the thumbs up to the crowd, as the Good Brothers assist him out of the ring and backstage. He’s ok, folks!

Jade disses Red Velvet for a while. Apparently, they are both undefeated in singles competition. I see where this is going. Speaking of Red Velvet, did you guys see the segment they did on her on Elevation last week? It was hysterical. She’s talking about how she comes from a family of fighters (her dad was a boxer) and how combat sports are in her blood. She wanted to do some form of combat. but boxing wasn’t for her, so she became a dancer. Great segue, made me laugh lots.

We see an advertisement for a new TNT series called Rhodes to the Top. The name could do with a bit of work, but the series does actually look interesting. It’s just a reality show about the Rhodes family.

We watch a recap of last week’s beatdown on Kingston and Mox, before we cut to the duo in yet another room I’ve never seen before. Kingston is in a cast. Mox does most of the talking. He says that he owes the Young Bucks and he doesn’t like owing people. He also said that if the Young Bucks want to get involved, they better be willing to get their hands dirty. I don’t know where this is heading, but I hope it’s a 6 man tag, NO DQ between Omega and The Good Brothers and Mox and The Young Bucks.

Back to the ring, Nyla Rose is taking on Tay Conti in their second singles match against one another in recent weeks. Rose was victorious in the first, so it only made sense that Conti was victorious in the second. This was a very entertaining match, Conti is red hot at the moment. I can’t wait to see her and Shida in a title match. Who do I cheer for when my 2 favourites go head to head?

Anyway, before we move to far ahead, we need to wrap up here. Conti picks up the win and is jumped by Vicki and Nyla afterwards. Shida comes outs to save Tay Conti. Then the Bunny comes out to stop Shida. Everyone is getting hit with a kendo stick.

Matt Hardy comes out and says that he is sick of his talent being ignored and he won’t stand for it any longer. He wants more eyes on the Bunny. Apparently, they are also called the Hardy Family Office, which is a weird name. Why is everyone a family? Great, now I got Sister Sledge stuck in my head again.

Arcade Anarchy is booked for next week! Cassidy and Chuck taking on Kip and Miro in a no rules match, with arcade cabinets surrounding the ring. If this is half as good as the street fight between Best Friends and Proud ‘n’ Powerful, we are in for a treat.

Also booked for next week : Shida and Tay Conti team up to take on the Bunny and Nyla Rose. Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers will take on the Lucha Bros and the Laredo Kid in a 6 man tag match. We have QT and Cody in singles competition, with Arn Anderson as the special guest referee. And finally, Christian Cage in his in ring debut, in a singles match against Frankie Kazarian. I’m actually really excited about that one.

Scorpio Sky talks a little bit more about his heel turn. He has a match against Mike Sydal on Elevation next week. It seems weird to turn heel, shortly after you start a podcast series with one of the Rooster Teeth boys.

Our main event is the TNT title match, between Darby Allin and John Silver. Of course, Sting made an appearance and I swear that you could hear Tony’s erection hit the announce desk. Sting was there to prevent the Dark Order from interfering, not that they were.

Anyway, it was a pretty great match. Early on, it felt reminiscent of the match when Brodie Lee won the title from Cody Rhodes. Remember when he just decimated Cody? That’s how this match was going. Silver was just all over Allin. I actually started to believe that he would win the title and maybe be the new head of the Dark Order. Or the right hand man. Sorry, -1, I meant no disrespect.

Allin eventually picks up the win and retains his title, in a very hard fought match. I wonder if he will defend again next week, like he said he wanted to? After the match, Allin and Silver exchange fist bumps and I’m glad the episode doesn’t end with a post match beatdown. It’s nice for a change.

Except that Matt Hardy comes over, drags Darby Allin out and a massive brawl starts. Bodies everywhere and I literally have no idea what is happening. Why does it always have to end like this?

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