AEW Dynamite : Mar 17th

It’s time for the St. Patricks Day Slam! I don’t know why anybody celebrates St. Patricks Day (outside of Ireland). Alcohol, I guess. Still, it’s silly. I don’t live in America and whenever I celebrate the 4th of July or Thanksgiving everybody is quick to point out that I’m not American. However, if I point out that they aren’t Irish when they celebrate St. Patricks Day everyone looks at me like I’ve got 3 heads. Figures.

Anyway, the episode begins with MJF and friends arriving in Jacksonville. They came in on a private jet and quickly enter a limousine, presumably on their way to the arena. Stylin’ and profilin’.

The opening match is between Penta and Cody. Penta starts the fight early by attacking Cody during his entrance. This was a solid opening match with a few interesting moments. Cody hit a hurricanrana, using the top rope (the actual rope) as some kind of springboard to gain extra height. It looked very cool.

Penta kicked out at 2 and Arn Anderson was shaking his head in disgust. I assume he was supposed to be shocked or in some state of disbelief, but he genuinely looked disgusted. It was very amusing. Cody went on to pick up the win.

Pre-match shenanigans might be all the rage currently, but AEW hasn’t forgotten their love of a post match beatdown. This fight had both. After the bell rang, Penta took his frustrations out on Cody. Arn slowly came to the ring to rescue Cody, but changed his mind.

Dustin then came out to do the actual rescuing. He was soon joined by Austin and Colten Gunn. Eventually, long after the action died down, Billy Gunn also came to help. Even longer after that, QT came and casually walked past Penta. He asked Cody if he was ok. Everybody wanted to know where he was and what took him so long. Nobody seems angry about Arn or Billy. Or even Big Shotty who never appeared at all. Everybody hates QT.

Alex Marves is backstage with the Young Bucks and is interrupted swiftly by Don Callis. He was politely enquiring about Papa Buck. He brought the gift of a t-shirt, which was quickly snatched away before we could read the slogan. I’m sure it was funny. Callis points out that the Young Bucks are no longer elite and Omega has no use for them anymore, on the account of him becoming a God.

Jade Cargill makes short work of Dani Jordyn in a singles bout. The crowd was cheering for Dani and chanting her name. They are so fickle. It was only 2 days ago on Elevation that they were booing Jordyn. Grow a backbone, you mindless sheep. Like who you want to like, not who you are told to like.

MJF comes out with his clique and I desperately hope it’s a naming ceremony. It is. But first, Tully speaks on how this is the greatest group in professional wrestling. MJF chimes in and talks about his infiltration of the Inner Circle. He is literally Judas, now. Nice dig. He also had some good lines about Jericho’s pectoral muscles and his receding hairline.

Eventually, the name is dropped and henceforth they will be known as “The Pinnacle”. It’s not the worst, it’s not the best. MJF announces that they are family. His exacts words are “we are family” and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that they didn’t do a rendition of the Sister Sledge song. They also said that they are taking the Inner Circle’s locker room.

Up next is a 10 man tag team match (well, 9 men and Marko). Jurassic Express are teaming up with Bear Country to take on Matt Hardy, The Butcher, The Blade and Private Party. Hardy says he is building an Empire, so maybe we will refer to his group as such from now on.

10 men is a bit too much for one match and it got out of control pretty quickly. Marko actually did a really good job in this match, I enjoyed his segments as much as anyone else. In a scary moment, Marko was nearly side lined for a while after Bear Country put a bit too much “oomph” when they threw him out of the ring and into the Empire. Marko almost cleared the group entirely, but luckily someone managed to catch his legs and cushion the fall.

Matt Hardy earned the victory for his team and won the match, pinning Marko after a Twist of Fate. Jurassic Express and Bear Country exchanged some heated words afterwards.

Mox and Kingston cut another great promo together. They are such a fantastic pairing and I think I’m ready to say that I like Mox again. Maybe even love, but let’s take it slow. Regardless, this was a really good and entertaining promo.

Dasha is interviewing the elusive Christian Cage and we finally get to hear him speak. He promises that he will out work everyone in the company and states that he is THE workhorse. He also expressed his desire for Kenny Omega’s title.

My new favourite tag team takes action next against the Good Brothers. The Good Brothers start the fight before the bell and jump Eddie Kingston on his way to the ring. Mox quickly rushes in to aid his friend and the fight continues on the outside for a while. Mox is effectively taken out of the match, Kingston is thrown into the ring and the bell rings, officially starting the match.

It’s essentially a handicap match and Kingston does his best to stay afloat. Eventually, Mox makes his way back to the apron to even the odds. The duo manage to flip the script and Moxley picks up the win for his team.

After the match, the Good Brothers beat up Moxley some more. Kenny joined the fray. Kingston took out Kenny with a lunging shoulder charge. The Good Brothers beat up Kingston for his troubles. They put his leg in a chair and Kenny jumped on it from the top rope. They set another chair up over Moxley’s throat and Kenny got in position again.

The Young Bucks came out just in time to save Moxley. They were pretty angry at their former friends for their behaviour. Omega told them to do the Bullet Club salute, but the Young Bucks declined. They walked away from their friends and we can assume this is the end of that relationship for a while.

It’s Sting! Yup. It’s time for another effing “Tony interviews Sting” segment. I told you that this will just continue for all of eternity. Darby also came out and declared that know that his feud with Team Taz is over, he will defend the TNT title every single week. He started by issuing an open challenge to the Dark Order, stating Brodie Lee was the greatest TNT Champion ever and it was only right that they get the first shot, in his memory.

Lance Archer interrupts. I guess if Taz can’t do it, someone has to. Lance wants to know how many more weeks we have to watch Tony interview Sting and it’s possibly the first time I have ever been happy to see and/or hear from Lance Archer. Jake Roberts takes the microphone and asks Darby where his hot dog bun is. Darby doesn’t answer and then Jake tells him it’s because he is a weenie boy. I love bad jokes, but even I have some standards.

The crowd starts to chant for Jake Roberts. They really are fickle.

Taz then comes out to interrupt Roberts. It hasn’t even been 5 minutes since Darby said the Taz thing was over. Taz starts to rant, but Brian Cage snatches the microphone and says that he doesn’t need Taz to speak for him anymore. Oh God, how I’ve dreamed of this moment. Break free, Boys! Break free!

Cage approaches Sting and says that Ricky Starks was wrong, Sting is still The Icon and he has the respect of Brian Cage. Team Taz start to yell at Cage and ask him what the hell is wrong with him. Cage storms past them all and exits the arena.

Scorpio Sky cuts a quick promo and states that he is sick of being the nice guy. Yeah pal, we figured that out when you beat Darby upside the head last week.

In singles competition, Rey Fenix squared off against Angelico. It was a pretty entertaining match, with Fenix coming out victorious. There was a surprising lack of interference from Jack Evans, Pac or Penta. No pre or post match shenanigans either. Weird.

Miro is happily minding his own business and working out backstage. Enter Alex Marves. Miro says that he doesn’t want to fight Chuck again and the feud is over. He is moving on. Kip, however hasn’t. Kip and Miro argue a little bit, mainly over Penelope. Miro cares more about wins. The two ultimately patch things up and remain friends, but for how much longer. Kip also accepts the challenge to fight Chuck and Cassidy in a tag match.

A few matches are announced for next week. Tay Conti will take on Nyla Rose. FTR and Shawn Spears will face the Varsity Blondes and Dante Martin in a 6 man tag match. Where is Darius at? John Silver accepts Darby’s challenge and will face him in the TNT title match next week. We also have Matt Sydal taking on Kenny Omega. If Sydal wins, he gets a shot at the title.

The Pinnacle are backstage and have now officially taken over the Inner Circle’s locker room. Apparently, it is just as easy as swapping the sign on the door. You don’t even need to clear it with management first. I’m glad they have actual signs now, remember back when it was just a printed piece of paper? Those were the days.

Time for one of the most highly anticipated main events in Dynamite history! Unsanctioned. Lights out. Baker. Rosa. No rules. Just violence, until only one woman is left standing. Awesome.

What a match this was. Truly incredible. That should come as no surprise, considering how great of a feud this has been. These two girls are at the top of their game and put on an amazing show. I have nothing but love and respect for them both.

We saw crutch shots, courtesy of Rebel. We saw broken tables. Chair shots. Some nasty ladder shots. Of course, we saw thumbtacks and Britt took the nastiest thumbtack shot since Ricky Starks copped the thumbtacked skateboard on the back. Baker had tacks all over her back, bum and legs! Ouch!

These two both shed a fair bit of blood, especially Britt though. She is one of the great bleeders in the industry. Some people just bleed really well. She is one of them. As well as blood, they both shed sweat and tears. I hate to use a cliche, but they literally shed blood, sweat and tears in this match. Rosa picked up the win, and excuse another cliche, but the real winners were the fans. Or, if you prefer, they were both winners.

Apparently, after the show was over, Baker and Rosa received a standing ovation from the other wrestlers and the rest of the crew. And rightfully so. It was an incredible match, but it was so much more than that. Baker and Rosa just took a huge step forward for women’s wrestling. They proved without a doubt, that anything the men can do, the women can do just as well. Mark this moment in history.

As a father to a little girl, it was truly inspiring. My little girl loves wrestling and when she is old enough to understand, I can’t wait to tell her the significance of this fight.

I hope to see more of them in the main event. It was truly incredible work and they should be so proud of themselves. I sure am.

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