AEW Dynamite : Mar 10th

This was a dialogue heavy episode of Dynamite and that’s ok. We needed some answers after Revolution and we needed to set up some future feuds for future events.

The opening match was Matt Jackson taking on Rey Fenix in singles competition. Nick Jackson and Pac were both ringside. It was a pretty solid singles bout and it just kept getting better as time went on. I’ve said this a million times, but Fenix’s athleticism never ceases to amaze me. Never. I swear he keeps getting better.

Fenix survived a merciless ass-whooping in this match and eventually went on to get the victory. At one point, he was hit with a destroyer on the inside, a destroyer on the outside and then hit with a flying elbow drop from the top rope. He kicked out at 2. Jackson’s fate was sealed after that. Great match to open things up and Fenix getting the victory makes the upcoming title match all the more exciting.

In a fantastic promo, Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley addressed the “fizzling fireworks fiasco”. I coined that term by the way, it belongs to me. I noticed Mox was wearing the death match t shirt that I love, which is a baller move considering he lost that fight.

Kingston said he was aware that the ring didn’t explode, but explained his fainting due to fear. Mox said the bomb they used must have been an Acme bomb. Whilst the fainting angle is a bit lame, I appreciate that they are owning that the bombs failed instead of acting like it was a massive explosion.

Honestly, this promo was fantastic from both of them. Mox and Kingston need to spend some more time together and I hope they do some tag team wrestling together. Kingston seemed to bring out the best in Mox, which was really good to see.

Back to thing ring for a quick squash match. Cody gave his weight belt to a fan at ringside and then kicked the snot out of Seth Gargis. Cody won via submission.

After the match, Tony came to interview Cody and ask about his shoulder. In true AEW style, the interview was interrupted. Has an interview in this company ever not been interrupted? The interruption came from the Spanish announce desk! If you remember a while back I mentioned that I had never seen it. Exciting times!

The interrupter (I feel that isn’t a real word, but spell check has no problem) was Penta. Penta was talking a lot of smack for someone who also lost the ladder match on the weekend. For some reason, Penta was also speaking in Spanish and had a translator. Penta can speak English, so that seemed weird. Eventually, Penta brought up Cody’s daughter and it lead to a skirmish.

Chuck and Orange are hanging out in an arcade. I think Orange is sleeping behind the wheel. Chuck points out that he hasn’t even put any coins in. We aren’t here for video games though! Chucky T wants a rematch with Miro and Kip. One last chance to beat them. If they lose, Chuck will be Miro’s servant forever.

In an added stipulation, Chuck suggests they surround the ring with arcade games, so he can smash their faces in every single one of them. Cool.

It’s time for our weekly interview between Tony and Sting. I’m just going to start copying and pasting this paragraph every single week. Sting starts talking about how dangerous Darby is and is then interrupted, this time by Lance Archer. Christ, I thought Taz was bad.

Archer is just forcing some screen time for himself and is mad about losing the madder match. I’m not sure what the point of this was.

Dasha is backstage with QT and Big Shotty. Dasha asked QT why he walked out on Dustin at the weekend. QT basically brushed it off and fell right back in line with the Nightmare Family. Wuss. He also guarantees that Big Shotty will take care of Ethan Page. I can say with 100% certainty that that will not be the case.

Ethan Page defeated Big Johnson (that was an accident, I couldn’t decide whether to write “big shotty” or “lee johnson”, it turned out pretty well so I’m keeping it) in singles competition shortly thereafter. After the match, Page kicked the snot out of Johnson some more.

QT didn’t help, he just watched from ringside. Eventually, Dustin came out to save the day and he yelled at QT again. QT just walked away. Maybe he isn’t a wuss after all.

Alex Marves is with Hangman and wants to know what he has spent all that extra money on. Apparently a lot, nothing more exciting than a ride on lawnmower though! All of Dark Order jump on for a ride and Hangman takes them all to get ice cream. Well, all of them except for Alan Angels. He wasn’t allowed on and was left behind. It’s ok, Alan. My childhood was like that too.

From one muppet to the next, we go from Alex to Tony. Tony introduces the recently signed Christian Cage. Speaking of which I love that AEW now has 2 Cages and 2 Pages. I can’t wait to see all of them in one match.

But, it’s not Christian who walks out, it’s Kenny Omega. Now they are interrupting interviews before they even start. Callis and Omega make fun of the “explosion not heard around the world” that happened on Revolution. Again, props for owning it.

Callis said that maybe they did it on purpose to disappoint the fans. Kenny made a comment about Eddie Kingston dry humping Mox. Eddie decided he had heard enough at this point and made his way to the ring. Omega and Callis continued to make fun of him, including a dramatic recreation of the final countdown from Sunday. “quick Don, 69 me” says Omega. What a riot.

Kingston had enough after this and punched Kenny in the jaw. Looks like he knocked him out clean. Then the Good Brothers beat him up for his efforts. Mox came to the rescue and the aid of his pal.

Christian soon joined the fray. It was his interview after all. Kenny offers the hand of friendship to Christian. Christian politely declines and Omega takes a swing at him. Christian counters, but Omega is dragged to safety by Callis before Christian can do anything. This leaves Cage alone in the ring, with Omega’s title belt. A sign of things to come?

A 6 woman tag match is next on the agenda. The team of Britt Baker, Maki Itoh and Nyla Rose (with Vickie and Rebel) are taking on the threesome of Hikaru Shida, Thunder Rosa and Ryo. They all started brawling before the match got under way. Well, everyone except for Maki Itoh.

Itoh had only just started singing her entrance song when the fight broke out. Not to be deterred, she stood at the entrance ramp and sang her song in it’s entirety, leaving everyone else to fight. Her performance would not be denied! It was very funny to watch. Eventually, Shida had enough and went to get her. Shida copped a microphone to her head for her troubles.

Ryo tagged in to do her stupid chop sequence again. Does she start every match the same way? I wouldn’t care if the chops actually had a bit of force behind them. Whatever, the crowd seems to love it.

There looked to be another injury scare for Baker in this match, but fortunately she seems to be ok. I’m not sure what happened, I think she may have hit her head on the mat when taking a shoulder charge from Ryo. It was around that point that she seemed unsteady on her feet and needed the ropes for support.

The referee checked in on her and she continued the match, but I noticed that at one point she stumbled and fell over way before Shida connected on a kick. She also had a very feeble kick out of a pin attempt. She seemed to come good though and was her normal self by the conclusion of the match. Rosa picked up the victory for her via pinfall on Maki Itoh. After the match, Baker and her pals jumped Thunder Rosa.

At the bar, Private Party are trying to console Matt Hardy. Hardy mentions that they need more money and he has made some new signings to the Hardy Brand. Enter the Butcher, the Blade and the Bunny. Private Party don’t seem thrilled with this announcement, but will have to put it aside. On the debut episode of Elevation (on Monday) Private Party will be teaming up with Butcher and Blade.

Time for the TNT title match! The challenger Scorpio Sky is taking on the Champ, Darby Allin. Apparently Allin is alive after jumping from the second floor at the PPV. Scorpio Sky came out to the ring without his new haemorrhoid pillow. I was hoping he’d carry it everywhere, kind of like how they do with the MITB briefcase in the WWE.

The match starts with a respectful fist bump and ends in cold blooded betrayal. Darby retains his title via pinfall and gives Scorpio a pat on the back. Scorpio attacks Darby from behind and puts him in a submission hold. Afterwards, he looks in disgust at his own hands. His disgust quickly turns to joy though and Sky exits the ring.

Tony points out that he entered the ring from the left hand side, but exited from the right, signifying that Scorpio Sky was a different man when he left this match. He actually said that. What is he, my 10th grade literature teacher? Not everything is a metaphor or an analogy.

A few matches are announced for next week’s episode. Mox and Kingston will be teaming up (yasssssssss!) to take on the Good Brothers. Cody and Penta will see each other in singles competition. In a 10 man tag, Jurassic Express will team up with Bear Country to take on the newly formed Hardy Brand. Jade will be in action. And the main event will be a match between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa. I was super excited to see that they finally got a main event slot. My excitement was only magnified when I realised it will be an unsanctioned, lights out match! What?! That’s gonna be so awesome.

Finally, we come to our main event of the evening, which isn’t actually a match. It’s the Inner Circle’s War Council. As things get underway though, they are interrupted (what??) by none other then Sammy Guevara.

Jericho is enraged instantly and reminded Sammy that he is dead to them and does not want to see him. Sammy gets in Jericho’s face and yells at him. He begs Jericho, for the sake of their history to just hear him out and look at what he wants to show him. Jericho agrees.

The jumbotron plays and we see Sammy setting up a hidden camera in the Inner Circle locker room. Fast forward a little bit, a we see MJF talking with the guys about how they need to remove Jericho from the Inner Circle and let him take charge. Santana, Ortiz and Hager all agree. The video ends.

MJF tells the group to attack Jericho. Sammy sides with his former mentor and they prepare for a fight. However, before they attack, Santana, Ortiz and Hager all stand behind Jericho. Jericho reveals all along that they’ve known MJF was a worm and the Inner Circle remained loyal to the original members. Jericho fires MJF and then promises to give him a beatdown. The 5 of them advance and MJF begs for forgiveness.

Then his crying turns to laughter. He is playing them again! MJF reveals that he knew that they wouldn’t turn on Jericho, so he has been building his own Inner Circle in the shadows. The lights go out. For a very long time. So long it becomes awkward. When the lights come back on, we see the new super group.

FTR, Shawn Spears and Wardlow. Tully is there as well, but I suspect it’s more of a managerial thing. The two super groups collide in an epic fight. There are broken champagne bottles and baseball bat shots. Poor Ortiz has bits of glass sticking out of his arm. The new Inner Circle wins this battle. Tony points out that MJF has pulled off the perfect coup.

Has he though? He has spent months, infiltrating the Inner Circle and forming his own Inner Circle. Leading the life of a double agent. But why? He didn’t even get one member to betray Jericho. He literally wasted months infiltrating the super group, when he could have just created his own from the start. Still, I guess he has insider knowledge and that is priceless. And it was also great television.

We know have two Inner Circles, 5 wrestling members in each and an intense hatred between them all. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but I think AEW might be finally, finally getting back to the promised “Blood ‘n’ Guts” match. Remember the one that was supposed to take place between the Elite and the Inner Circle? Before COVID had it postponed. Remember, they postponed it. Not cancelled it. They always said they’d get back to it. 10 men, 2 rings, no rules. I hope I’m right.

That’s the end of this week’s episode! It felt like there wasn’t a lot of wrestling, but that’s ok sometimes. There was a lot to unpack. I really enjoyed this episode. It felt very adult, which I’m glad. Sometimes it feels like they forget their target audience is the older crowd. I had a great time and I’m very keen for next week’s lights out match and am very hopeful for a future Blood ‘n’ Guts match. Fingers crossed! I’m also curious to see how the QT situation develops. And Scorpio’s heel turn. The arcade match. Mox and Kingston potentially in the tag division. Hardy v Hangman. Cage and Omega? What are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.

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