AEW Dynamite : Feb 24th

Hey Dynamite fans! Revolution is getting closer and the hype continues to grow for the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match between Moxley and Omega. Personally, I am hyped out of my mind for it!

Speaking of Mox, he is in action first against the Hollywood Hunk, Ryan Nemith. Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that Mox has one of the most electrifying entrances in the business. At least 40% of the credit has to go to Justin Roberts. JEOOOOOOOOOOON MOXLEY! Gives me goosebumps every time. Every single time.

Nemith cut an incoherent promo prior to the start of the match. I only understand half of it. Thankfully, it was short. Not as short as the match, but Nemith still got his ass beat pretty handedly.

I think Excalibur is auditioning for a role as Santa Clause. Have you guys noticed that his new catch phrase is “oh ho ho ho” every time someone gets hit? 3 times in this match he did it. It’s almost as annoying as 1,2,NO! I think I need therapy, this grudge against the commentary squad cannot be healthy for me.

On the topic of commentary, did you see that Paul Wight (AKA Big Show) has signed a contract with AEW? He will be teaming up with Tony to commentate the new AEW show, Dark Elevation. It debuts on March 15th on YouTube. I’m kind of excited for it, but I’d prefer they fix Dark before starting any new shows. Oh well, that’s a discussion for another day.

Back to the action, Mox decides after beating Nemith to treat us with a promo. In short, he wants his title back. It was anything but short. It was needlessly long and dull. About halfway through, I wrote in my notes that it was “a long, boring promo”. Halfway through! Cut the mic, let’s move on! (I am really hyped for the Revolution match though, did I mention that?).

Next we are treated to an interview that took place after the conclusion of last weeks episode. The interview is with Rey Fenix and Lance Archer. They find out that they’ve been booked for a singles match for tonight and the winner will get to compete in the 6 man ladder match at Revolution. They argue a little bit, then push each other around. The real victims were the empty water bottles that got kicked around backstage.

Quick recap of Jericho and MJF main the Young Bucks tap out on last weeks episode. Then we get to watch the Young Bucks come into the stadium with their parents. They take a photo with their dad, but not their mom. Ouch.

Time for some tag team action! Ricky Starks and Brian Cage are taking on the Varsity (non) Blondes. Watching Starks and Cage come out to the ring alone was a treat. No Taz, No Hook, No Hobbs. Just Starks and Cage. They sized up their opponents and had a laugh at their expense. Once again, I was reminded of how perfect they are at being heels and just how much that Taz is stealing their attention. It’s dumb! Set them free already!

I wasn’t expecting a lot from this match, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised. It was really good. All 4 of them but on a hell of a show. Pillman looked to have a really tough landing on one move, but he shook it off like a champ. Excellent match. Starks and Cage pick up the victory. It was yet another match that I wouldn’t have minded if AEW swerved and gave the victory to the underdogs. Alas, no.

After the match the lights go out and a video plays on the jumbotron. We see a body bag being dragged behind a car, travelling down a highway somewhere. Of course, Darby Allin is in the body bag. It is unzipped and he sits up, giving the camera the biggest smile I have ever seen. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him smile before. It was adorable. He must have so much fun making these weird videos.

Then Sting walks out, dragging a body bag behind him. He unzips it and inside is Taz’s son, Hook. Taz is outraged, but not enough to stop commentating. Sting points up to the rafters and we get to watch Darby zip-line down to the ring, with a skateboard in hand. He seriously must be having the time of his life. Sting and Darby kick some butts and get outta dodge. I’m fairly certain Tony calls Hook ‘Hulk”, but he doesn’t seem too outraged that Sting kidnapped Taz’s son. We will come back to his apparent apathy later.

We travel back in time again, this time to witness an interview between Tony and Miro, with Kip and Penelope at his side. Miro apparently misses Chuck and wants him to come back. He said he will forgive the actions at the wedding, but not forget them. Tony is handed a note. It says “Will you wrestle us at Revolution? Yes/No/Maybe”. Miro is unimpressed with the childish note. SO much so that he eats it and then spits it on Tony. Nice.

Back to the ring for a singles match, Jake Hager vs Brandon Cutler. Guess who won? It was Cutler, obviously. JR made a ‘Goodnight Nurse’ reference and I’m not sure why or even if it was relevant. Some of the Inner Circle jump Cutler after the match. I’m fairly certain that Ortiz tripped over the ropes on his way into the ring. i love that man.

The Young Bucks come out to save the day and issue a challenge to Jericho and MJF for right now. Why wait until Revolution? (The answer is money, gentlemen). We here the opening notes of ‘Judas’ hit, but Jericho and MJF are nowhere to be found. Until the jumbotron comes on.

The number one contenders are with Papa Buck, who is covered in blood. His blood. Red blood. Blood blood. My partner laughs at how obviously fake the blood is, but I won’t break kayfabe. I’m certain that it was real and Jericho and MJF genuinely beat up an old man, because they are genuinely horrible people. They threw him into a truck a couple of times and he smeared blood all over the pictures of his two sons.

The Young Bucks rush backstage to the aid of their father. Jericho and MJF split, like scolded dogs as JR would say. Matt Jackson gives chase and his running was hysterical. Just the first couple of steps were so bizarre. I rewound about 4 times to watch it again. If someone is reading this and makes a gif of it, I would be eternally grateful. What a laugh. Jericho and MJF escape, laughing into the night.

After a short commercial break, we load Papa Buck into an ambulance. Tony is appalled. He literally talks about how Jericho and MJF are despicable and the scum of the earth for attacking someone’s family member. So when MJF and Jericho harm a family member, it’s appalling. When his buddy Sting literally kidnaps a colleagues child, he has no issue with it. What a hypocrite. It really ticks me off how biased they are. Everything is so black and white with them. Good or evil. No grey areas please, we need to make it simple! Again, we will come back to this in a little bit.

We watch a short video summary of the ongoing feud between Cody, Red Velvet, Shaq and Jade. I hope Jade destroys Red Velvet. Just snap her in half like a twig. I got no beef with Cody, but I hope that Shaq slam dunks him. Will there be a basketball ring at ringside? I hope so. I would love to see someone get dunked like a basketball. Then they can just sit in the ring (the basketball one) for the rest of the match. Speaking of dunks, did you guys see the Anthony Edwards one this week? Brutal.

Isaiah Cassidy is in singles action next, against Hangman. I guess it’s a revenge match because of Hangman’s betrayal last week. Cassidy is accompanied to the ring by Matt Hardy and TH2. I guess they are on the payroll now as well. I don’t know where Quen is though?

This was a pretty phenomenal match up. Cassidy had a really good opportunity to show off some of his athleticism and he did not disappoint. Hangman once again showed off what an absolute powerhouse he can be. It always surprises me just how much power he can put behind his hits.

Pretty early in the match, Silver and Reynolds come out and tell the referee, Aubrey Edwards, that Matt Hardy is interfering with the match. She takes their word for it (why would the Dark Order lie?) and ejects Matt Hardy from ringside. TH2 and the Dark Order are allowed to stay. Nobody interferes with the match and Hangman picks up the win.

After the match, Matt Hardy throws “5” through the announce table. It actually broke! Awesome. The Dark Order chase him backstage and we see no more of this. For now.

Tony points out that Hangman had to overcome the odds to get the victory and it really ticked me off. What effing odds? Hangman had 2 people in his corner and Cassidy had 2 people in his. Save for a tiny bit of interference from Hardy at the start (which literally had no impact on the match) nobody got involved with the matchup! Why does Tony have this obsessive need to classify everyone as good and bad? Last I checked, Cassidy was a considered a baby face (literally, as well) just like Hangman! But Hangman is good, so if Cassidy is fighting him he must be bad. It’s just a booking, Tony! Grow up!

Alex Marves has weaselled his way backstage to spy on Kenny Omega and Don Callis. He barely gets a word in and once again I wonder why we don’t just use the camera crew. There isn’t always a need for a sideline reporter. Omega is doing some construction work and is building a “Moxley Extermination Chamber”. I’m so excited for this match. Have I mentioned that?

In the best match of the evening (and that’s a really high compliment because we had some great ones so far) we got to watch Britt Baker take on Nyla Rose. Britt chucked a little tantrum early on and left the ring. She threw a few bins around and it was reminiscent of the last time I was ejected at a basketball game. F*** the refs, but I feel bad about what I did to those bins. I’m sure Britt does as well. Nyla picked up the win, which surprised me a bit to be honest. I thought they were setting up for Baker v Rosa again, but it looks like they are going for the rematch between Riho and Rose? Or are they really going to swerve and have it be Rose v Rosa? Phenomenal match though, which leads me to my next point.

I’ve already made this point, possibly last week, but I want to raise it again. Why are the women’s matches being aired on YouTube and not the main show or even on Dark? The matches have all been great. They’ve been equal or better than anything on Dynamite and they are at least ten times better than anything I’ve seen on Dark. I don’t understand it. It’s top quality wrestling and it should be seen on the top shows.

Also, I heard that Anna Jay had to forfeit her match against Britt Baker in the first round. It looks Anna Jay injured her shoulder in training and will require surgery. She is expected to miss at least 6 months of action, but it could be up to a year. That sucks big time and I hope she has a speedy recovery and successful surgery.

We watch another feud recap, this time of the beef between FTR and Jurassic Express. Tully is featured in the video package a little bit and I want to take a moment to give him credit for being a great veteran presence. He never hogs the spotlight (Taz), he never makes it about himself (Taz) and he always puts the young guys over, unlike someone else (Taz). Thanks, Tully!

Time for the main event! Rey Fenix. Lance Archer. The winner gets to join the ladder match at Revolution, with the winner of that getting a TNT title shot.

Before I dive into the match, I want to point out that I’m worried about Jake Roberts. He looks to have slowed down a lot lately, even with basic things just like walking. I noticed he slipped going up and down the stairs more than once. I love Jake Roberts. I respect Jake Roberts. I’m just concerned that being at ringside might not be the best idea currently. I just want him to be safe!

Once again, Fenix highlighted just how amazing his athleticism is. He is possibly, if not probably, the most athletic and exciting high flyer in the industry. He is absolutely amazing and I was so excited to see him and his brother square off in the ladder match. So why the heck did Archer win? I’m not trying to be disrespectful to Lance, but if you have such an incredible high flyer like Fenix, wouldn’t it stand to reason that you would put him in the ladder match at the PPV? I don’t understand why the decision was made to go with Archer, but I am not happy about it.

Alright, that’s everything. I will see you all back for Dynamite next week, the last episode before Revolution. The highlight of next week will be seeing Shaq in the ring! I’m also looking forward to seeing Platinum Max in singles action and I really hope he gets into the ladder match. Fingers crossed!

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