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Behind Her Eyes (Netflix)

Please note : It’s not called Behind Blue Eyes, like I mistakenly told a friend. That would be a Limp Bizkit song. Let us never speak of them again. I’m kidding, they aren’t that bad.

Behind Her Eyes is a limited series that just recently dropped on Netflix. Before we get in to a deep dive on the show, I want to discuss the term “Limited Series”. I’ve seen it on Netflix a few times and I wasn’t really sure what it meant. To me, it sounds like the show will only be on Netflix for a limited time., which obviously is not the case. From what I can gather, it’s just a tv show, so why bother labelling it any different?

According to my research, a limited series is a show that will contain the entire storyline, from start to finish in the one season. With that being said, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a second season, which brings me back to my original point – what’s the point of of labelling it at all? Just call it a darn series! Anyway, let’s move on.

As you (probably) know, I don’t watch trailers. I watch the first 1o seconds of a trailer and then decide whether to watch it or not from there. After my 10 seconds was up, I was intrigued enough to watch. Mainly because I just wanted to watch something and stop endlessly browsing! So, we settled on Behind Her Eyes, a 6 episodes (between 45-60 minutes per) limited series on Netflix.

I can’t say I enjoyed it much. It seemed to be heavily focussed on romance, which I struggle to get into. It would usually do enough to just keep me interested enough to watch the next episode, in which I’d again get bored and think about stopping, until the next interesting event occurred. This cycle repeated a handful of times. I’m glad I stuck it out though, because episodes 5&6 were excellent, particularly the finale! I highly recommend you stop here and go watch the show.

Here comes the deep dive, so beware of spoilers!

The show is centred around Louise, a single mother and secretary at a local psychiatrist clinic. One night, when Louise is alone at a bar, she meets a handsome man named David. I say handsome, because I assume he is considered handsome, but he isn’t really my cup of tea. They spend some time talking and it is going really well, right up until they kiss and David jets. He says that he “can’t do this”, which is basically an admission of guilt, so we can presume David is married.

The plot thickens when Louise goes to work the next day and meets the new psychiatrist at the clinic. Oh no! It’s David. Louise handles the situation like any responsible adult would, she hides in the bathroom for a good 20 minutes. Nice.

As we all know, you cannot run (or hide) from your problems forever. Especially not if you are hiding in the toilet, from a colleague at work. Eventually you have to confront the problem or risk the company thinking you have IBS. Or are just lazy. Or lighting up in the restroom. Any number of potential issues. Eventually, you just have to toughen up and face the man you kissed at a pub.

Louise and David talk and agree to keep the past in the past and work together to building a good, strong, professional relationship. Which lasts for all of about 7 seconds before David rocks up at Louise’s apartment for a shag. This pattern of behaviour continues, but to make matters worse, Louise becomes BFF’s with David’s wife, Adele. Not only that, but she agrees to keep the friendship a secret from David. That doesn’t seem like a great life decision, but I’m sure she knows what she is doing and there is no possible way that this will end poorly. Right?

Let’s talk about the happy couple living in wedded bliss. They are far from happy. David seems to be a total control freak and is constantly prescribing pills to his wife, which he watches her swallow. He seems to have no love for her, but she is obsessed with him. All is not as it seems in this relationship, which is one of the most intriguing aspects of the show. It’s hard to tell who is the “bad guy”. Is David just a horrible, abusive, control freak of a husband? Or is there something beneath the surface of Adele? Something lurking beneath the depths? Perhaps, something BEHIND HER EYES? (suspenseful music).

Louise starts to pick up on some of the weirdness going on. As she becomes closer and closer with Adele, she becomes less and less trusting of David. Not enough to stop shagging him, but enough to be suspicious of him. She learns of a fire that killed Adele’s parents and begins to suspect that David could be the cause. Eventually, she distrusts him enough to turn into a really bad secretary and start listening in on his phone calls and snooping around his office. She is even dumb enough to break into the office one night, even though there is a security camera right at the front door. How she forget about it is a mystery to me.

What causes Louise to take such drastic actions? Her behaviours are driven largely by Adele, particularly after she is sporting a black eye one day. Adele brushes it off and says she opened a cupboard into her face, but Louise isn’t convinced. Probably because that is the worst lie in the history of the world. It seems that that is the effect that Adele is going for though. She also convinces one of David’s clients that she is being abused by her husband. This leads to an inquiry at work, which David is found not guilty after Adele laughs off the accusations. What is she playing at?

As you can see, there are a lot of mysterious events and characters that keep you interested in the show. Nothing intrigued me more than the diary and the character Rob. He was easily my favourite character, and the only main character that I actually found to be likeable. How wrong I was.

Rob is a character from Adele’s past and we learn of him almost exclusively from reading his diary, which is in possession of Louise. We learn that Adele and Rob met in rehab, instantly becoming inseparable best friends. Adele revealed to Rob that she has a gift, which seems to be some form of astral projection. Adele gave the diary to Louise, because she believed that Louise was also capable of having similar out of body experiences.

Louise takes far too long to read the diary. It isn’t that big of a book. I’m no expert of reading other people’s diaries, but I’m pretty sure you could do it in one night. Two, tops. I’m not sure how long it took Louise, but it was at least a month. One month, to read a diary. Ridiculous. I suppose she was pretty busy shagging her besties husband.

By reading the diary, Louise also learns the art of astral projection. If only it was that easy. When enquiring of Rob’s fate, she suspects David to be his murderer. We learn that Rob overdosed, and Adele dumped his body into a well because she panicked. In doing so, she accidentally dropped David’s watch in the well at the same time. Oops.

Fast forward a bit and Louise finally clicks that Adele is also capable of astral projection (duh) and has always been aware of the affair. Uh-oh. Louise finally manages to put 2 and 2 together (it’s 4) and realises that Adele is a manipulative mastermind, orchestrating absolutely everything we’ve witnessed so far.

In a dramatic turn of events, David goes to the police station to clear the events of the past, mainly in regards to the disappearance of Rob. He warns Louise to stay away from Adele. Obviously, she doesn’t listen and almost immediately spills the beans to Adele. How dumb can you get? After learning that David is turning himself into the police, Adele plans her own suicide.

Louise being the sucker she is, goes to try and stop Adele from killing herself. She arrives at Adele’s house, just in time to see the house burst into flames. She can’t find the key to get inside, so decides it is a good idea to lean her body against the burning house and practice her astral projection. I cannot stress what a dumb idea that was and I am now 100% convinced that Louise wouldn’t recognise a good life decision if it hit her in the face.

Well, just like she has for the entirety of the show, Louise played right into Adele’s hands. Adele was also having an out of body experience, patiently waiting for Louise to do the same. When her moment came, she didn’t hesitate to steal Louise’s body. Invasion of the Body Snatchers?? This left Louise no choice but to hang out in limbo, or to take Adele’s body. Adele leaves the burning building, now in Louise’s body. Louise dies in Adele’s old body. I did not see that coming!

David faced absolutely zero consequences for covering up the potential murder of Rob and the police don’t seem at all interested in following it up. He gets out of the station with a handshake from the officer, like he is some kind of hero. Across the road, he sees the love of his life, Louise. He is completely unaware that is actually Adele and Louise is dead! Well played, Adele.

That was a disturbing and enough of a twist ending, but the writer is obviously a fan of M. Night Shyamalan, because there was more to come. There was one more question to answer. How did Adele learn to transfer her consciousness into another body? Has she done it before?

Yes, she has. Just once. After rehab, she taught Rob how to have an out of body experience. Rob was instantly fascinated by it and rightfully so. Why wouldn’t you be? He came across a book or something that gave him the idea of trying to swap bodies via astral projection and convinced his best buddy Adele to try it with him.

They did try and the duo successfully managed to swap bodies. Only Rob, didn’t want to swap back. He loved Adele’s life so much that he wanted it for himself. So he literally took it. He dumped her down the well, only she was in his old body. He went on living his life, pretending to be Adele! He married her fiancé! No one had any idea. All this time, it was Rob, not Adele! She’s dead. Now Louise is too! Rob was the only character I liked, heck, I even felt bad for him!

And that’s that. I didn’t cover absolutely everything, but I did most of it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust anyone. Not anymore. I need a shower. Did you watch Behind Her Eyes? What did you think of it? Drop a comment below!

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