We are possibly starting with the best match on the card, Joey Janela challenging Darby Allin for the TNT Championship. I guess you gotta grab the attention of the casual fan early! These two certainly did not disappoint.

It was an excellent match with lots of entertaining spots, perhaps the best being a lethal looking piledriver from Janela. Ultimately, Darby wins via a coffin drop and retains his title.

Outside, Mox is rambling on again. This time about Kenta. Their title match for the IWGP U.S. Championship is on February 26th. Go Kenta!

Sammy enters the Inner Circle locker room and asks for a minute alone with MJF. Nobody leaves until MJF gives them the ok. It looks like Sammy is being replaced. He accuses MJF of attempting a hostile takeover. MJF accuses Sammy of being jealous. MJF records the conversation on his phone and tricks Sammy into saying that he hates Chris Jericho.

Sammy realises what MJF is up to and smashes his phone against the wall. He then delivers a punch right to the guts and leaves MJF on the locker room floor.

In the squared circle, Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson are set to take on Pretty Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi. It was a pretty solid tag team match. Lee Johnson picked up the victory by pinning Peter Avalon. It marked his first victory after a losing streak of around 30 matches.

Post match, Lee Johnson was interviewed by Tony. He went on to personally thank every member of the nightmare family, except for QT. It was hysterical. He literally listed every single one of them, even Brandy, but did not mention QT. QT was standing right behind him. It didn’t even look like a bit, it’s like he just genuinely forgot the existence of QT Marshall. What a laugh.

More backstage drama, this time between the Young Bucks and the Good Brothers. The Young Bucks were mad at the interference in the battle royale last week. They seemed to make up pretty quickly though. The Good Brothers are defending their Impact Tag Titles against Private Party on February 13th. The Young Bucks challenged Santana and Ortiz to a title match next week on Dynamite.

Hangman doesn’t want a tag team partner. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Matt Hardy rents a bar for the two of them to celebrate their recent victory. Hangman heads off to get ready and bumps into the Dark Order. I thought they were going to jump him, but they just let him leave. They’ve changed. They used to be about the violence!

Pac absolutely destroys Ryan Nemith in a singles match.

A quick recap of the events of last weeks wedding are shown. Miro is still angry and has promised to hospitalise both Chuck and Orange.

MJF snitches to Jericho about Sammy’s attack. His mid section is bandaged up and he suspects he has broken ribs. We’ll deal with that later says Jericho, we got a match! To the ring!

The Acclaimed put on another excellent showing against MJF and Jericho. And they started with yet another excellent diss track. Wrestlers and rapping just go so well together. Jericho pinned Platinum for the victory.

Whilst the Inner Circle are celebrating the win, Sammy Guevara’s music hits. He comes out and looks Jericho in the eye and quits the Inner Circle. Then he rides off into the sunset and is presumably taking some time away from AEW. He was wearing really nice shoes.

At the bar, Hangman gets wasted and signs a contract, similar to the one that Hardy gave Private Party. I’m curious to see where this goes, but I don’t think all was as it seemed.

Tony has yet another interview with Sting and once again, Taz interrupts immediately. I can’t stand these segments much longer. Team Taz have kidnapped Darby (stealing FTR’s move from last week) and are dragging him behind their car. Darby is in a body bag. He is one crazy cat.

Kenny is out playing golf and is interrupted by Alex Marves. That guy hangs around like a bad smell. Kenny explains that he can spend the day playing golf and doesn’t need to prepare for any match. “I’ve forgotten what it’s like to lose” Omega states.

In the first match of the women’s tournament, we see Thunder Rosa take on Leyla Hirsch. It was a decent enough match, Rosa wins and advances to the next round.

The Japanese side of the bracket will not be aired on Dynamite, but it will be on AEW’s YouTube channel. Make sure to check that out, there should be some pretty good matches.

Tony is backstage with Jungle Boy. Apparently Marko Stunt is ok, so I guess FTR just gave him back. JB says he didn’t snitch and he will make Dax his bitch. OK, he didn’t say it so poetically, but that’s the basic gist of it.

Kenny Omega and Kenta are teaming up to take on the duo of Lance Archer and Jon Moxley in a Falls Count Anywhere Main Event. Kenny and Kenta started arguing pretty early in the match, literally pushing one another out of the way so they could kick Mox. I don’t think it’s an issue though, I’d push them out of the way if I could kick Moxley.

As you’d hope for an FCA match, this fight went everywhere. Pretty Peter Avalon was put to sleep by Kenta and then had his bed broken. That’s a bit rude. Some time was spent in the kitchen. Some potatoes were bruised. We lost some chairs and bins along the way.

They set up for a really cool bit, with Kenta going to put Mox through the timekeepers table. Except the table didn’t break! I swear that always happens with the timekeepers table. It never breaks! It’s so dissatisfying. Anyway, Kenta and Mox effectively took themselves out of the match from this point.

Kenny hit Lance with the one winged angel and got the victory via pinfall. Maybe he had some help, maybe he didn’t. What’s important is he won. What’s even more important, is someone levelled Jake Roberts. See you next week!

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