AEW Dynamite : Feb 3rd

Beach Break

Beach Break kicked off with the Tag Team Battle Royale, the winner of which receives a title shot against the Young Bucks at Revolution. Unless the Young Bucks win, in which case they can choose their opponent at Revolution. FTR were replaced by the duo of Silver/Reynolds. More on that later.

These things are always chaotic. You get that many bodies in the ring, it’s hard to follow the action. At least until you get down to the last handful of teams/wrestlers. This was no exception. Except when we got down to the last few guys, it still wasn’t particularly entertaining. There weren’t any good one on one sequences or any exciting moments. It all just felt like a formality. One guy after the next, thrown over the top rope until the obvious winners remained.

Right from the get go, MJF and Jericho looked destined to win this and they, of course, did. Jericho eliminated Sammy Guevara and Sammy was very hurt by the betrayal. I was hurt that AEW didn’t swerve and give the victory to one of the younger and less established teams. Top Flight or The Acclaimed would have been nice. I really wanted Santana and Ortiz to get the W though.

We get to watch a quick promotional video of Jade. She is just in the gym, working hard and working up a sweat.

Tony is in the ring and introduces Darby, and then Sting. Tony announces that next week on Dynamite, Darby will defend his TNT title against Joey Janela. Of course, Taz interrupts and is angry. Haven’t we done this before? This was another wasted segment and was more annoying because we’ve done this about 6 times now. It just feels like this is a cheap pop for the live audience. Which is fine, I guess, but it also makes for boring television.

One of the highlights of the evening was Thunder Rosa taking on Britt Baker. This match was incredible! I love the energy that the women in this company constantly and consistently bring to each and every match. They are a joy to watch!

Britt picks up the victory via referee stoppage. Haters will say that she cheated, but haters always gonna hate. It wasn’t her fault that Rebel removed the turnbuckle padding. Britt didn’t know!

Tony somehow weaselled his way into Matt Hardy’s locker room. I don’t really know why he was there. We could have just had a camera man there to record a conversation between Hardy and Page. It doesn’t always need to be an “interview”. Anyway, Hardy suggests a one night only team up. Page loses it because he apparently has commitment issues. Hardy insists that it is no strings attached, one night only deal. I didn’t know he was that kind of a person. Page agrees.

Page and Hardy make short work of Luther and Serpentico. Matt Hardy tags himself in to get the cover and the victory. Hangman looked angry at first, but the raised Hardy’s hand in victory. Even though he looked slightly confused. Maybe he was just drunk?

The women’s competitors were announced for the upcoming tournament. I didn’t write them down and I really can’t be bothered looking it up, but that would make me a lazy reporter. Hang tight.

Half of the tournament will take place in Japan and the other half in the States. AEW has almost completed their takeover of the world.

The Japanese bracket will feature : Aja Kong, Luka Sakazaki, Veny, Emi Sakura, Ryo Mizunami, Mei Suruga, Rin Kadokura and Maki Itoh.

The United States bracket consists of : Serena Deep, Riho, Britt Baker, Thunder Rosa, Tay Conti, Nyla Rose, Anna Jay and Leyla Hirsch.

This should be a fantastic tournament. I don’t recognise all of the competitors in the Japanese bracket, but I have no doubt they will be awesome. I’m not sure if all of the matches will air on Dynamite, but I doubt it.

Marves is following around MJF and Jericho and once again I wonder why we can’t just have a cameraman? MJF pushes Marves into a wall and solves that problem for me. Thanks. Jericho is in high spirits and is bringing a little bit of the bubbly back to the Inner Circle locker room, which is significantly smaller than Matt Hardy’s.

Jericho states that they did it and Sammy questions his leader. Jericho explained that it was just collateral damage, but they are all a team, so when one of them wins, they all win. Sammy wants to know why they are always collateral damage and never MJF and Jericho. Sammy leaves the locker room and Jericho chases after. It’s some good soap opera stuff!

With Jericho and Guevara gone, MJF asks Wardlow to get rid of the camera man. He has to talk privately with the rest of the Inner Circle. Interesting. Whilst I wasn’t happy that MJF and Jericho won the title shot, I am very interested to see how the Inner Circle drama pans out. Colour me intrigued!

Time for the wedding! Kip and Penelope look stunning, as they always do. They just might be the hottest couple in the world. It was a lovely ceremony and things were looking good headed into the reception. Unfortunately, Chuck had other plans.

He handcuffed (anklecuffed?) Miro to the ring post and was free to attack Kip. Penelope got involved and managed to turn the tables. Until Orange Cassidy emerged from the wedding cake! It wouldn’t be a Beach Break without Mr. Cool himself! Poor Penelope got a faceful of cake. She still looked stunning. Chuck and Cassidy fled the scene of the crime and Chuck is now free from his servitude. Miro is very angry. We haven’t seen the last of this feud.

On Inside the NBA (which I haven’t written much about this season!), Shaq addressed ‘Cupcake Cody’ and said on March 3rd he will show Cody his special move, the ‘Black Tornado’. Luckily for Ernie and the gang, they didn’t have to wait until March 3rd. Shaq showed them right there, in the studio. That poor piece of Plexiglas.

I understand that Shaq is on TNT and the NBA is on TNT. Obviously, AEW is on TNT and by extension, so is Cody. He is on the ‘Go Big Show’ which is also on TNT. So I get that it’s a big TNT cross promotion thing. But I really thought this match would be on PPV. It seems like the perfect way to get some NBA fans and some more casual fans to buy in to AEW and check it out. Oh well, what do I know? Get your bets in now, who will be worse – Shaq or Snoop? Surely, Shaq couldn’t be worse. Right?

Lumberjack match! If there is one thing that AEW has consistently sucked at, it’s Lumberjack matches. It’s not that the quality of matches are bad, it’s the quality of Lumberjacks. On one side of the ring, it was Austin Gunn. That’s it. Just Austin. What would have happened if Kingston or Archer went out that way? They would have broken Gunn in half. This match was a bit of a downer, especially for a no rules match. I was really hoping we’d get to see Kingston’s creativity on display. We didn’t and Archer won.

Earlier I mentioned how FTR were removed from the Tag Team Battle Royale. Apparently they were suspended a week because of their post match antics last week, against Jungle Boy. They called JB a snitch, but I know that ain’t true! I wonder if this was an injury or part of a larger angle. I suspect it was a planned suspension to work on the feud a little bit. FTR revealed that they have taken Marko Stunt hostage. Oh well, they are probably doing Jurassic Express a favour. Just cut your losses.

And now, for the main event of the evening! Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers are taking on the trio of Pac, Rey Fenix and Jeooooooooooooooooooon Moxley! It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest Mox fan, but the entrance gets me every time. Truly electrifying stuff.

This match was surprisingly good. It may have been helped by the fact that I had really low expectations (if any), but I really loved this one. It was the best showing from Mox I’ve seen in a long time. He really looks to be in great shape! Team Kenny picked up the win. Great showing by everyone though!

After the match, Archer came out to fight Kenny and the Good Brothers. I don’t know why he always shows up. Then Kenta from NJPW came to jump Moxley. Kenta is the number one contender for Moxley’s IWGP title. It was like some kind of wrestling inception! It really feels like all the promotions are coming together with the untied goal of “growing pro wrestling” (read -destroying WWE). I’m all for it, but it’s also a bit challenging for me to try and watch every single promotion.

I have a hard enough time watching 2 episodes of AEW a week, plus so much NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, EPL, whatever we are trying to watch on Netflix and play video games! Oh yeah, and be a father, husband and friend. Not to mention trying to get this business to take off! There is just not enough time in the day!

Anyway, my problem, not yours! That’s another Dynamite done and dusted! Talk soon!

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