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Maiden (Resident Evil Village Demo PS5)

That’s a big title. I find it interesting that some demos have a different title to the game that they are…demoing? Is that a word? Whatever. Maiden joins demos such as P.T. And Kitchen in the aforementioned category and in the fact that they are all visually stunning, incredible horror demos.

Maiden dropped a couple of days ago, somewhat under the radar and exclusively on PS5. I do not like that. I’ve never been a big fan of exclusives, but having an exclusive demo for a game that will launch on most platforms just seems extra weird. Capcom have stated that the Maiden demo will remain a PS5 exclusive, forever. You will never be able to play Maiden on Xbox, PC or even a PS4.

It kind of makes sense to have it exclusive to PC and next generation consoles, I suspect it would not be as visually impressive on an original Xbox 1 or PS4. I don’t understand why it isn’t available more readily.

This is especially weird when you consider that it is a stand alone demo. It isn’t a level from REVII. You play as a different character, known only as ‘The Maiden’, hence the name of the demo. You have to escape from a dungeon in a castle, which I believe features in the actual game. So, if you don’t have a PS5, you cannot play this and are missing out on a (very small) chapter of the upcoming game. I suffer from a FOMO really bad, so this would drive me up the wall.

If you are a fellow FOMO sufferer, try not to worry! You aren’t missing out on much. At all. It is very nice to look at, but it isn’t really a game per se. If you still feel like you are missing out, I’ve put a gameplay video link at the bottom. Trust me though, it’s only about a 10 minute play through and is relatively dull.

The castle is absolutely beautiful. As should be the case in a “visual showcase”. The detail is astonishing, right down to the last brick. As is usually the case in horror games, I found myself struggling to see a little bit in the dark, but it was nowhere near as bad as it usually is for me.

One complaint I have is that you don’t see your own character. I don’t like in first person games when you cannot see your own hands at all. Not even when you pick an item up. At one stage in the demo, you pick up a pair of bolt cutters out of someone’s back (about the 2 minute mark of the video). I assume they are dead. When you interact with the cutters, they just miraculously float into the air and in to your inventory. I know it’s a Resident Evil thing, but I’ve always found it jarring. Particularly in such a graphical masterpiece.

It was also said that Maiden was a good chance to highlight the new 3D audio capabilities that come with the PS5. I played the demo with the Sony PS5 headset on, but I wasn’t blown away. It wasn’t bad or anything, but I didn’t notice anything exceptional or different from playing other titles with a headset in the past.

The demo did do a good job of building a great horror atmosphere. It was eerie and tense. The last minute or so was particularly unsettling, right up until the grand finale when you get to meet Lady Dimitrescu.

Her claws/nails were as long as she was tall. And she was exceptionally tall. Her height and nails weren’t her only abnormally large body parts. I won’t comment further, but I will say that I’m sure she suffers from a lot of back pain.

Finally, if you want to have a look at it yourself and are unable to, I’ve put a video on my YouTube. I kept it free of commentary, so you can at least try and be immersed! Here is the link –

I hope you enjoyed the game if you got to play it, if not, I hope you enjoyed the video.

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