AEW Dynamite : Jan 13th

New Years Smash Part 2!

We open up Part 2 of the New Year Smash with Eddie Kingston taking on Pac in a singles bout. The match kicked off before the bell sounded, which in true AEW fashion, became a recurring trend for the evening. Possibly for the next month, but we shall see.

It was a great match to kick things off, both men throwing some big hits. You could see the effects of the fight on both Kingston and Pac, but Pac’s chest was lit up like the Fourth of July. Pac picks up the victory via pinfall.

Tensions were quick to rise after the fight and there was a little bit of a brawl between Kingston/Butcher/Blade and Death Triangle. Factions really need names, they don’t know how annoying it is for a journalist to write out everyone’s name individually when you are trying to write about two different teams going at it.

Lance Archer came out because obviously. He scared off Kingston and the boys. Then he went for Pac and said that their alliance was over. I wasn’t aware it had begun, but thanks. On a side note, what the hell was Jake Roberts wearing? I’m all for fashion and everyone wearing whatever they want, but a line has to be drawn somewhere!

Chuck and Miro get the stage next in their singles bout. Remember, if Chucky T loses this one, he is Miro’s Young boy until after the wedding. Basically a month. I wish I could say Chuck put up a good fight, but he got his ass kicked. Unfortunately, he lost this one by submission. I’m sure his life will only get more embarrassing from here on out. I think even Orange Cassidy felt something. Our heart goes out to you, Chuck.

One week. That’s how long it took for Private Party to realise that Matt Hardy screwed them with the new contract. Unfortunately, they already signed the contract, so it’s bad luck. Let that be a lesson to us all, read the fine print!

Inner Circle make their way to the ring, the first time in 2021 that all 7 of them are together. Chris Jericho wishes them all to share their resolutions for the new year. Hager wants championships. MJF wants to continue to grow his relationship with his newfound friends. And rid the world of fat people. They are gross, as Sammy Guevara agrees. Ortiz wants to master his grandma’s cooking. Jericho declares that he and MJF are going to be tag team champions. Uh-Oh.

The Inner Circle were not happy with this declaration. Sammy went as far as to call their leader a “Tag Team Slut”. He called Jericho out for teaming with Sammy, then Hager and now MJF. “What’s next, Snoop Dogg?” Sammy demanded. Jericho responded with a maybe. Santana was also displeased, feeling that Proud and Powerful were supposed to be the official tag team of the Inner Circle.

Jericho suggests that next week on Dynamite, they have a triple threat tag team match. Santana/Ortiz v Jericho/MJF v Sammy/Hager. The winning team will become the official tag team of the Inner Circle. Jericho was amused at the pairing of Sammy/Hager, presumably because of the shared name with the singer, Sammy Hagar. I’m going for Proud and Powerful. Would one assume that the Inner Circle will be over before too long.

Alex Marves is backstage with the Dark Order. Evil Uno says that moving forward, everything will be done in the honour of Brodie Lee. Next week, Hangman is teaming up with the Dark Order for another match. After the match, we find out for certain if Hangman is going to join the Dark Order. The match is an 8 man tag match and it is to celebrated -1’s birthday.

Quick promo for the TNT title match later tonight, between Darby Allin and Brian Cage.

The Elite are discussing how to come out for their tag match, Don Callis says that the Young Bucks should come out separately from the champion, Kenny Omega. We soon find out why. After Kenny makes his way to the ring, Callis takes the mic to introduce Omega’s 2 best friends. However, instead of the Young Bucks, he introduces the Good Brothers! Backstage, Tony Khan and The Young Bucks are not happy.

By the way, Justin Roberts mentioned that Kenny Omega will be on the next impact! PPV. That should be cool.

The new version of The Elite defeat the team of the Varsity Blondes and Danny Limelight. What annoyed me is that Danny Limelight held his own against Kenny Omega, but Sonny Kiss got beaten like the proverbial government mule in the tournament. Some wounds don’t heal.

Ready for the post match shenanigans? Mox makes his way down, muttering and counting to himself, before going in the ring and attempting to fight Omega. Obviously, he is outnumbered and gets the crap kicked out of him by The Elite. I was expecting the Young Bucks to come to his rescue. Instead we got the Lucha Bros? Whatever. Anyway, the Lucha Bros come to the rescue. Things get out of hand. Then all the jobbers come out and add to the chaos. Somehow Aaron Solow managed to restrain Mox. I saw Ryzin as well. Fuego. The usual crew.

Finally, the Young Bucks come out. Not to get Kenny, but to protect him. They get super kicked by the Lucha Bros for their trouble. Kenny and Callis slip away amidst the chaos.

It’s time for the Dynamite Debut of the Waiting Room! Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best episode of the Waiting Room. Mainly because they reused all the jokes from one of the earlier episodes. Cody and Jade were the guests tonight. Jade is still talking about Shaq. Red Velvet turned up. They had a fight. Then Thunder Rosa announced (via the jumbotron) that she and Britt have a match at Beach Break on February 3rd. Britt was not happy.

FTR took on the team of Jungle Boy and Marko. This was basically 10 minutes or so of Marko getting his butt kicked. Jungle Boy made a good showing for his team, but this was essentially a handicap match. FTR won, pinning Marko. I’m curios to see the development from here. They really need to find something for Marko to do. The whole annoying/energetic mascot of Jurassic Express is not working.

Tay Conti had a very good match against Serena Deeb, with the NWA title on the line. Deeb is apparently the 2nd ranked female in AEW, which is interesting considering she isn’t actually a part of AEW. Deeb succesfully defended her title, which wasn’t a surprise. I was cheering for Tay. I’m a huge fan and with the exception of Shida, she might be my favourite girl in the business! Hopefully there are big things in her future.

And now, it’s time for the TNT Championship match! The challenger, Brian Cage of Team Taz. The Champion, Darby Allin. Tony Khan was worried that Team Taz would interfere, but instead of banning them from ringside, he just banned Will Hobbs. So Brian Cage had Starks and Hook in his corner. Darby had nobody. Aww.

This match was awesome. As per normal, Darby put his body through all kinds of hell for the sake of our entertainment. I was genuinely worried at first, I didn’t think Darby was retaining in this one. Cage was dominating him. It felt reminiscent of when Brodie Lee destroyed Cody for the TNT Title. Fortunately, Darby mounted a comeback. Starks tried to run interference, but was stopped by Sting. He actually did something! Darby won the match and kept his title.

I already said it, but it was an awesome main event. Cage threw Darby through the announce table, from inside the ring! We saw a coffin drop onto some stairs. Lots of high flying moves and big power hits. I loved this, perfect way to cap off the night.

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