AEW Dynamite : Dec 30th

A Celebration of Mr. Brodie Lee

As you have probably heard, AEW star Brodie Lee (real name Jonathon Huber) tragically passed away due to lung complications. He passed on Dec 26th, at the very young age of 41, leaving behind his wife, Amanda and their 2 children, Brodie Jr and Nolan. It was a very sad day for the Huber family and for the world of wrestling.

As a father and a fan of wrestling, I too was amongst the many devastated individuals. 41 is far too young and there is nothing else to say except that it really isn’t fair sometimes. My heart breaks when I think of his poor family.

I didn’t get my first taste of Brodie Lee until his AEW debut. I wasn’t familiar with his work in the industry prior to AEW, although the name of Luke Harper was recognisable to me. The general consensus is he was an incredibly kind and caring man, who loved nothing more than his family. That’s the beauty of Wrestling – you can play a villain on the camera, despised by many fans, but the man behind the scenes never changes. By all accounts, it seems that Brodie was one of the kindest the industry had ever seen.

If you can spare it, AEW have released a special edition t-shirt and all proceeds will be donated to Brodie’s family.

Tonight’s episode of AEW was dedicated to celebrating the life and memory of Brodie Lee. I won’t really focus too much on wrestling analysis, I’d rather focus on the legacy left behind by Brodie. However, I will say that everyone wrestled their hearts out tonight and put on a really great show in the honour of Brodie Lee.

Everyone assembled together on the entrance ramp, to do 10 rings of the bell and have a moments silence for the memory of Brodie. His family was at centre stage. Brodie Jr was wearing a replica of his dad’s outfit and a Dark Order mask. He then moved to sit ringside for the remainder of the evening.

We opened with Jon Moxley, sharing his thoughts on Brodie Lee. Mox touched on how tragic his passing was and how important it is to cherish every moment we have. To hug our loved ones and remember that everyday is a gift.

In our first match, the team of Matt Hardy and Private Party took on the Young Bucks and Dark Order’s, Colt Cabana. An emotional Colt Cabana picked up the victory.

Post match, The Acclaimed came out to talk trash about the Dark Order, but were quickly shut up by SCU, the Young Bucks and Colt Cabana.

Darby Allin was the next to send his tribute in. He recalled telling Sammy Guevara that he wanted to wrestle Brodie. He admired how Brodie had no ego and only cared about growing the business and the young guys in the locker room. Darby said he wished more than anything that they could have had a match together.

Dark Order’s Evil Uno and Stu Grayson teamed up with Lance Archer to take on Eddie Kingston, the Butcher and the Blade. Eddie Kingston dedicated his performance to Brodie Lee. Dark Order picked up the victory.

Next we saw some more emotional tributes from the locker room. Dax, Arn, Colt and Bryce all fondly remembered how nothing was more important to Brodie than his family. Bryce said that Brodie must have been one of the greatest wrestling fathers to have ever existed.

Hangman teamed up with Dark Order’s Silver and Reynolds to take on Inner Circle’s MJF, Santana and Ortiz. MJF was talking trash to Brodie JR. at ringside, until Brodie JR. hit him in the head with a kendo stick. Wardlow interfered in the match, but was escorted out by Brodie’s former tag team partner, Erick Rowan. Dark Order got the win.

Eddie Kingston shared a tribute video and said he will remember what a warrior Brodie was.

Up next, Dark Order’s Anna Jay and Tay Conti took on the team of Britt Baker and Penelope Ford. Dark Order got the win, but Britt Baker had more to say. She called Tony over for an interview and gave a shoutout to the ‘Big Rig’, before being attacked by Thunder Rosa.

Jericho commented on the kind nature of Brodie Lee and how the wrestling world will always be there to take care of his family for him.

Brodie JR. got to pick the main event for the evening. He selected his 3 favourite wrestlers to team up – Dark Order’s 10, Cody Rhodes and Orange Cassidy to take on Team Taz. Dark Order won the main event, finishing a perfect 5 for 5 in honour of their leader.

Team Taz tried to jump them after the match, but they were rescued by Darby Allin and Sting.

Finally, to cap it all off, we ended with a final tribute. Cody, 10, Tony, Amanda, Nolan and Brodie JR. all came down to the ring. Brodie JR. put his fathers wrestling boots in the middle of the ring and Cody laid a purple bandana on top.

Brodie JR. was then presented with a TNT Championship belt, the last title his father held. Brodie JR. was announced as the TNT Champion for life. The show ended with a video tribute to Brodie.

I don’t know what is next for the Dark Order, but I know that Brodie Lee will never be forgotten. This was a tough article to write and it was a hard episode to watch. I can’t even imagine the pain his family are feeling. My thoughts are with them and will often be in future episodes of AEW.

Goodbye, Mr. Brodie. May you rest in peace.

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