AEW Dynamite : Dec 23rd

The Holiday Bash

Here in Australia, as I write this, it is Christmas morning. So, considering it is the holidays, I’ll try and be nice to the commentary team. No promises.

The Holiday Bash special opened up with a tag team match : Inner Circle’s Chris Jericho and MJF squaring off against the team of Top Flight. Jericho was handsome as ever and looked like he was fresh from a photo shoot for a shampoo company. Such glorious long locks.

It is pretty easy to fall in love with the team of Top Flight. They are very exciting to watch. Dante has some incredible hang time, which we witnessed on a flying cross body from the top rope. It looked like he descended from the rafters in Jacksonville. He showed off his impressive hops again later, when he leap frogged his brother and seamlessly transitioned into a bridge pin attempt. Astonishing athleticism.

Darius was no slug either and had a very impressive showing after finally getting tagged in. He held his own against MJF. These two teams put on a fantastic match and they even had me buying in to a potential Top Flight victory. A few of the false finishes got me, but alas, Inner Circle took the win.

After the match, Jake Hager had something to get off of his chest. He was pleased that the Inner Circle had worked out their differences and managed to stay together, but he felt that Wardlow wasn’t holding up his end of the bargain. As Hager said “he is an asset, but he is also an asshole”. So, Hager went to Tony Khan and had a match booked for next week, Wardlow v Hager. Jericho and MJF did not seem happy!

Next we got to see the first music video from The Acclaimed, one of my new favourite tag teams. It was called “Buck Hunt” and I’m sure you could guess who it was aimed at. Great track, I really love these guys.

Tony had another interview with Sting, they really are riding this in to the ground. Tony looked…nice. See? I can be nice for the holidays. Sting did his best Dusty Rhodes impersonation. I feel you get a lot of Dusty Rhodes impersonations in this world. Every other podcast or show or company. The man clearly left behind a legacy.

Anyway, as he is prone to do, Taz interrupted the interview. Then team Tag went to jump Sting, but Darby came to the rescue. Taz said that on the January 6th episode, it will be Cage vs Allin for the TNT championship. This really annoyed me. I thought we were pushing for Starks and Allin? Isn’t Cage the FTR champion and pushing for the AEW title? He can’t have everything. Also, is Taz’s son ever going to do anything? I can’t remember his ring name. It feels like he came out in some huge reveal and ever since has just stood quietly behind Taz.

We had a quick promo with MJF, Santana and Ortiz. MJF explained to Santana that he had lost someone as well and was there for Santana. This might explain Santana’s recent absence. I’m sending all my best, Santana.

Up next was a 6 man tag team match. Jurassic Express taking on Dark Order’s 5, 10 and Colt Cabana. IS he number 8? I noticed the ‘oo’ in his “boom” on his tights were a different colour. Is he 8 or am I just looking too much into it?

It was hard to get into this match considering I only like Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy picked up the victory! After the match, Tony came to interview Jurassic Express, who are the third ranked tag team in AEW. FTR interrupted and a match between them was booked for January 6th. Oh yeah, I think Marko has rabies. He was rabid after getting cut off and tried to attack the jumbotron. Might want to get him checked!

Alex Marves had an interview with Kenny Omega and Don Callis. It was just more of the same.

Eddie Kingston joined the commentary team for the next match (Butcher v Pac) and was a treasure as always. I believe he said that Tony makes him sick. I didn’t say it, I’m just writing it. I also think that Kingston is my new fashion idol. I’m a big fan.

The match was pretty good. You all know how much I love the Butcher. I forgot how incredible Pac’s Black Arrow is. Just wow. Pac wins and then Lance Archer comes out. He starts crap with Kingston and Pac. I don’t know where this is going.

On a side note, who the heck taped Pac’s neck? I’m no expert but that just looked like it was literally slapped on to his back and they called it a day. I seriously doubt that it would have done anything.

Jade wants an opponent. Shaq’s name was also mentioned. Not as a potential opponent, just mentioned. Maybe the big guy wants a match as well. Or maybe, in true AEW fashion, they are just going to keep name dropping for a while.

Unfortunately, the Best Friends did not get to crash the wedding announcement. It looks like Miro got the jump on them first, as we witnessed Trent being loaded into an ambulance and being taken out of the arena. Chuck and Cassidy went with him. The wedding date was booked for February 3rd at Beach Break. I suspect we haven’t seen the last of the Best Friends.

Evil Uno wasted no time starting his match against Dustin Rhodes, kicking things off with a slap to the face. Apparently Dustin is still upset about the whole “7” thing. If you aren’t familiar with it, google it. You can have an interesting read about Dustin and his characters. Just on a side note, is Brodie Lee ever coming back?

Dustin picked up the win, after a weird looking pin. It looked like a glitch in a video game. Post match, Stu Grayson hit an awesome running knee strike on Lee Johnson’s face. The commentary team was disgusted by Grayson’s cheap shot, but weren’t upset by the cheap shot from Dustin that started everything. It pays to be the babyface. Dustin must have the least looking babyface of any babyface in the industry. Anyway, Johnson got to be the hero and saved QT and Dustin from the Dark Order.

Tony was keeping busy and had another interview, this time with Shawn Spears. Shawn said to Tony “you’re a real piece of shit”. Again, I’m just writing it down. Spears than seemingly quit on the spot and told the “executive vice pricks” that he is done.

Shida was supposed to have an interview before her match, but was jumped by Abadon. Rude. Michael Nakazawa was the unlikely hero. I’m still wondering why.

Alex Gracia has a singles record of 1-4 and somehow “earned” a title shot. I thought the rankings were supposed to mean something. She beat Kilyn King to get this title shot. Big deal, the whole company has beat Kilyn King. Obviously, Shida won.

Post match, she was attacked by Abadon and bitten on the neck. Cool. The highly anticipated Shida and Abadon rematch will take place next week on Dynamite. This time, it’s for the title. I have to remain unbiased, it’s part of being a journalist, so I won’t play favourites. GO SHIDA!

Mox will make his return next week. I hope he is feeling refreshed and ready to get out of his slump.

Now for the main event! The number 5 ranked team of The Acclaimed get their title shot against the Young Bucks. I feel that lately it’s either an unranked person/team or the number 5 ranked person/team that get’s the shot. Is there even a point in the rankings anymore?

Anyway, it was a pretty awesome match. The Acclaimed had the win locked down, but the ref fainted and couldn’t make the count. Basically, The Acclaimed were robbed. They better get a rematch soon.

I have to go, because it’s Christmas! My daughter wants to open presents and we have to be out for breakfast! Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for sticking with me since I started this site back in August. I really appreciate it. See you tomorrow for some basketball talk!

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