Impact & Dark (Dec 8th)

2 Wrestling shows in one day. I don’t think my fiancé will like that. Especially not if I keep it up into the future. Honestly though, Dark has been losing my interest lately (as I’m sure I’ve mentioned). I might just drop Dark and continue with Impact!

I watched Impact first, so let’s start there. I also watched last weeks episode and was really impressed by both of them. I used to watch it back when it was TNA and I recognised a few faces still hanging around. Jazz, the Motor City Machine Guns, Rhino and Tommy Dreamer to name a few. A lot of new faces as well. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the quality of the show and of the wrestling.

One of the more interesting things I saw was the feud between Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards. Apparently, it is a long running Impact feud. I watched some videos on YouTube and saw some pretty brutal stuff. In one fight in 2018, Callihan broke Edwards face with a baseball bat. It was a pretty nasty botch. Looks like they’ve been running with it ever since. I’m curious to see where they go from here.

It was also nice to see that the Knockouts division and the X division are both still going strong.

Obviously, the main reason that I (and many Dynamite fans) tuned in was to see the new AEW Champion, Kenny Omega. I’m sure you remember that Kenny jumped ship after winning the title last week. Impact finished with an interview with Kenny and Don Callis. An interview in which they both said a heck of a lot without really saying anything at all.

The key takeaways are Kenny is definitely turning (or turned) heel and he has his sights set on dominating every wrestling company. I’m assuming that the WWE is excluded from that list. Kenny said that he plans on winning the TNA championship as well. He wants to collect titles, much like he collects comics. He also said that he will have an important announcement on Dynamite (which airs in a few hours). Stay tuned!

This is awesome for both companies. They are helping promote one another and helping promote the business. I will definitely be tuning in to Impact more regularly. I might even check out their PPV this weekend, assuming I can find the money for it!

On to Dark. Once again, it was needlessly long, predictable and dull. Not to mention I want to throat punch Excalibur and Taz. Just like last week, I fast forwarded a lot of stuff. I think I might be keeping that up for the foreseeable future, especially with Impact on the same night.

There are a few reasons I can’t skip it all together, one of them being The Waiting Room. Britt Baker’s segment is getting funnier and funnier every single week. It’s can’t miss TV. Marko Stunt ended the Waiting Room with a song, I believe it was an original and it was very good. I’ve expressed displeasure at his comedic wrestling style, but his singing was excellent. He might have found his calling!

Pretty Peter Avalon has picked up 3 wins now and has issued an open challenge (of sorts) to the locker room. I’m still not really sure on the rules, but stay tuned. I assume we will find out more. I can’t wait for the revenge match against Cutler. PPA, all day!

I’m falling more and more in love with TH2 each week, especially Angelico. Which is interesting, considering how I despised him initially. Taz made a comment about dancing like Angelico during his wedding and it gave me a great idea. On an unrelated note, my fiancé and I have booked our wedding date.

It really bugs me how Michael Nakazawa and Justin Roberts are never in sync during Michael’s entrance. Never ever. Come on guys, rehearse and practice a little bit. I was really looking forward to the Acclaimed’s diss track on Nakazawa. It was pretty good, but I was hoping for a more vicious and personal attack on his character. Instead, Nate Robinson just got picked on again. Which was funny, but I also feel bad for the former NBA star.

Speaking of Nate, I’m proud of you. It isn’t easy to try something new. Good on you for having the courage to try a new sport. Boxing is not easy. Least of all for a newcomer. You had every disadvantage in that fight, but you stepped in the ring anyway. It takes courage to do that. Obviously, it’s not the result you wanted, bur good on you for trying. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Just a few final thoughts. How come Dustin Rhodes acts like he has been wrestling for 50 years? You are 50 years old, it doesn’t mean you have 50 years in ring experience. Not unless you were travelling and wrestling as a baby. If that’s the case, I’m sorry. I also want to know why Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. are called the Varsity Blondes? Pillman Jr. is clearly brunette. I wouldn’t say Garrison is blonde blonde either.

Stay tuned for Dynamite and more from Kenny Omega. I will be back tomorrow to recap all of the action from tonights episode. In the future, I will also be reporting more frequently on Impact and less frequently on Dark. In the more immediate future, I’m going to go get Cyberpunk 2077, put my kid to bed for the entire day and play until I can’t feel my fingers. Talk soon.

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