AEW Dynamite : Dec 1st

Unfortunately, 2020 claimed another one. Yesterday, we lost wrestling legend, Pat Patterson to cancer. Pat was one of the all time greats and rightfully considered one of the big reasons for the success of pro wrestling. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1996 and was the oldest ever champion, winning a title last year at the age of 78. Legend of the game, the squared circle will miss you. RIP.

Apparently, winter is coming. Maybe someone should tell these guys that winter is here! Or at least there. It’s summer where I am. Gross. I hate summer. At least I had an awesome episode of Dynamite to ease my pain. This one was crazy and it literally left me hanging on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what will happen next. I feel like a child again and I can’t wait to talk about it. The ramifications of last nights episode will create a giant ripple effect throughout the world of professional wrestling. We have to wait until Tuesday night to find out more. That’s right, Tuesday. Not Wednesday! What??? Read on….

The evening kicks off with the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale, sponsored by State Farm. Just like the NBA, which is also on TNT. These things are always hard to follow, so I will just give you the juicy storylines that I noticed or that the commentary team mentioned.

First, there is always one smart guy who won’t get into the ring. Can’t get eliminated if you don’t enter the battle! This year, it was Shawn Spears. Scorpio Sky also remained outside the ring and stared down Spears. Let’s put that in a sentence. Scorpio Sky stares at Shawn Spears. That’s a lot of “S”. Eventually, Scorpio Sky got in the ring. I knew he would. Sissy good guys always do.

Matt Hardy apparently eliminated Isiah Cassidy. I didn’t see that though, I’m trusting the commentary team on that. On the topic of Matt Hardy, he put the “I don’t die” thing to the test. He survived about 3 or 4 eliminations. Marq Quen was also sporting a new hairstyle, coloured like a rainbow. Or was it in a Christmas themed red and green?

Hangman and the Dark Order continued to be all buddy buddy with one another. They were seen celebrating together after Hangman eliminated someone. The Dark Order also saved Hangman from being eliminated by Matt Hardy (I think it was Hardy).

Miro was cleaning house.

Jungle Boy and Sammy Guevara stole the show with an awesome display of acrobatics on the wrong side of the ropes. Those two are incredible. MJF eliminated the both of them and Sammy was not happy. More on that later.

MJF and Orange Cassidy were the two winners and will meet next week on Dynamite, the winner taking the Dynamite Diamond Ring. I really wish it wasn’t Cassidy. A rematch between MJF and Jungle Boy would have been so much better. When will JB get his break?

Up next was a fantastic match between Chris Jericho and Frankie Kazarian. Whilst the match was excellent, it was the extra curricular activity that stole the show.

Jericho won the match, but almost lost after MJF came to the ring to throw in the towel on his behalf. MJF was stopped by Sammy and this lead to a shoving match between the two. Hager and Wardlow squared off. Ortiz tried to get a piece of MJF. Santana was M.I.A. Jericho stopped all the fighting and gave the Inner Circle an ultimatum. They can either figure out how to work together, all 7 of them or Jericho will disband the group next week on Dynamite. Interesting.

Quick Young Bucks interview, with Alex Marves. Nick opens with “Do you remember when we super kicked you in the face?”. How could I forget, Nick? It was awesome. The Acclaimed come along and Max destroys them with another sweet diss track. Then TH2 jump the Young Bucks from behind. They are saved from the beatdown from Daniels and Kazarian of SCU. So many beatdowns these days. So many heroes. I assume SCU will be getting a title shot as a way of thanks. I hope the Acclaimed get one too.

Britt Baker steps into the ring and she is facing off against ‘Legit’ Leyla Hirsch. According to JR (I think), she is only 4’11”. Crazy. I knew she was short, but that’s short short. Respect. It was a really good match but once again, like so many other Britt Baker matches (and matches in general), the commentary team ruined it for me.

I don’t know if they are trying to be funny or are just being incompetent, but either way, it’s irritating. Call her Rebel. It’s Rebel. When Britt calls her Reba, it’s funny. When you guys do it, it’s embarrassing. You sound like a bunch of incoherent clowns and I can’t stand it anymore. I’m this close to watching future episodes in Spanish. I’ll do it. I play Days Gone in Spanish because I don’t like the voice acting. I’m crazy. Don’t push me.

After the match, which Baker obviously won, Thunder Rosa jumped Britt. I told you, we are living in the age of post match shenanigans. They were having a little bit of a fight and the crowd started chanting “Jerry! Jerry!”. Classic. It’s good to have fans back. It’d be better if COVID was handled better by the country and they could have more fans, but I’m not here to make political statements. At least AEW is being safe.

The next match was the tag team match, the team of Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin going up against Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks. 4 awesome wrestlers who put on an awesome match, but once again, the post match shenanigans took the spotlight. Darby Allin pinned Ricky Starks for the win, which should further that feud nicely.

After the match, Team Tazz started the ol’ beatdown trick. Have you seen that before? When AEW get an idea they just run that thing into the ground, don’t they? Anyway, Team Tazz are making short work of Team Cody, especially Arn Anderson. Yup, they went after the old guy. Awesome. Speaking of old guys, Dustin came out to save his family. The Brian Cage came out to get Dustin. Then the lights went out.

I wasn’t expecting that and I would not have guessed who was about to walk to the ring. After a lot of fake snow falling, he made his way to the ring, his signature baseball bat in tow. I’m not talking about Jericho and Floyd. I’m talking about Sting. That’s right, the icon, Sting made his AEW debut. In the moment, I was nothing but shocked and excited. So was the crowd. My girlfriend had no idea who it was. Man, I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

Now that I’ve slept on it, my excitement has dwindled a bit. How many more old guys is AEW going to hire? They should be focusing on developing young talent, not grabbing ratings with former superstars. I don’t mean any disrespect with that statement, but you can’t deny that Sting is old. Still, if he is utilised correctly, he could be a very valuable addition. I guess we will see what happens. I can’t believe its 2020 and I watched Sting make his wrestling debut with a company. And he is on a multi year deal with AEW.

Quick interview with Shida, addressing how she isn’t scared of Abadon. Every time I see Shida, I love her a little bit more. Don’t you ever change.

Just prior to the main event, we got treated to another Mox promo. It sounded like he wasn’t mumbling, but I’ll level with you, I zoned out. I was not paying attention at all. I remember something about Kenny Omega and swords and lightning on a mountain top. Maybe he was watching Highlander. Great film.

Finally, time for the main event. The champion, Jon Moxley defending against the number 1 contender, Kenny Omega! It was a slow start and had some boring parts, but the match eventually got going and was pretty darn good. All the stuff outside the ring was pretty boring. Lately it seems like Mox’s idea of hardcore is just throwing guys into the rails. I’m sure it hurts but we see it in every other match. Watching it 10 times in one match is pretty boring. I thought he wanted this to be a technical match anyway?

Things picked up though and Omega was amazing as always. Don Callis run interference and Omega used a microphone to split Moxley’s head open. He then connected with about 4 V-Triggers and a one winged angel for the winner. Was very excited watching those knees connect. Each one was another nail in Mox’s coffin. I couldn’t believe Kenny won! I thought for certain Mox was going to retain. In hindsight, he does have a baby on the way, so it should have been obvious that he dropped the title for some time off. Congratulations to Mox and Young on the baby, by the way. Good luck with it all and we’ll see you back in the ring soon.

Back to our NEW Champion, Kenny Omega! As per normal, it was post match when things got really interesting. Omega and Callis took the belt and fled. Literally fled. They were running out of the building like it was on fire. Marves popped up, seemingly out of a hole in the ground for an interview, but got next to nothing. As Callis got into the car, he said more details will be revealed on Tuesday night. That’s right. Tuesday. Impact! Night. Not Dynamite. Kenny is jumping ship?! With the AEW championship?! Oh man.

Seriously, this is huge. Obviously, I’m not a total mark. I get it’s a work. But hot damn, what an interesting one. I can’t stop thinking about it. Is this the beginning of some massive merger between Impact!, AEW and NWA? What the heck is going on??? I know I will be watching Impact! this week. I can’t wait. I’m genuinely so excited for this.

Alright, that’s a wrap on this weeks Dynamite! Stay tuned, I will be back to recap Impact! and share any potential news on what is happening. Wow!

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