AEW Dynamite : Nov 25th

It was another really good episode of Dynamite, which is good! They needed to make up for the horrid 3 hour episode of Dark that I had to sit through. Well, I suppose I didn’t have to. Nobody makes me except myself.

Dynamite kicks off with a singles bout between “Hangman” Adam Page and Dark Order’s, John “4” Silver. Did you know that Silver’s twitter handle is SilverNumber1? I wonder how Mr. Brodie feels about this.

Prior to the start of the match, we are shown a clip from Being The Elite of Hangman hanging out and drinking with the Dark Order. I wish AEW would do the wrestling storylines on Dynamite or Dark, not on a different show. I know it’s only half an hour a week, but I’ve got enough on my plate without adding that to the mix.

Anyway, this was a pretty decent match. Definitely Silver’s best AEW showing to date. It was good to see him show off some talent, although I could do with a bit less flexing and a bit more wrestling. Maybe I’m just over him because I’m SO OVER THE DARK ORDER.

Speaking of which, of course they all come out post match, after Hangman picks up the victory. Not to jump him though. Evil Uno expresses regret for having jumped him in the past and offers the (metaphoric) hand of friendship. Hangman is left to think about how The Elite abandoned him and if The Dark Order will be his new family. Aw.

Up next, we had a short Kenny Omega promo in which he addressed Jon Moxley and their title match next week. The highlight was Kenny telling Mox that “My dad would have probably beat the shit out of your dad”. Gosh I hope Kenny wins next week.

It’s Darby time! Once again, he destroys his own car and I wonder how much money he spends fixing it up. This time he actually lights it on fire and blows it up. I don’t think he is fixing it this time.

Squash match time. The newly nicknamed “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs destroys Lee Johnson. Chin up, Lee. I’m sure you’ll get the next one. Hobbs is decked out in orange and black, a constant reminder that Taz has found more young talent to hold back.

Speaking of Taz, of course he had to show his face after Hobbs picked up the win. Hobbs is dismissed after a pat on the head and we are treated (sarcasm heavily, heavily implied) to Taz talking for a while. Surprise, surprise he is angry. They cut his mic. He gets a new one. They cut that mic. Then Cody comes out and they argue a little bit. Taz chokes out Cody and the Gunn Club comes to save the day. Somehow Dustin and QT spawned in the middle of the ring. It was a really long and really boring segment. Oh yeah, Taz’s son Hook showed up as well. He was carrying the FTW championship, so I guess he is the champion now? It’s not like there are rules for this.

Eddie Kingston is addressing the betrayal of his Best Friend, Penta El Zero Miedo. Mox interrupts, but not to say anything. He literally just stares at Kingston for a while. Kingston tells Mox to beat it and that he had nothing to do with his attack last week. Mox leaves.

Time for the match I was most looking forward to, TH2 versus Top Flight in tag team action. They did not disappoint. It was an excellent match. I’m really glad TH2 are getting some more TV time and the future looks good for Top Flight. They are some talented young dudes.

The only thing that ruined this match was the incessant and repetitive ramblings coming from the announce desk. You know the usual spiel we always get. “Blind tag made by “X”, I don’t think that “Y” is aware of it”, “They didn’t utilise the proper pinning technique, that’s the only reason “X” kicked out”, “1,2, NO!” and so on, so on. I really am starting to despise their commentary abilities. I don’t know if our relationship can be saved.

Aside from that though, it was a fantastic time. TH2 picked up the victory, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think Top Flight had a genuine chance. TH2 treat ’em to a little beatdown after the match has ended. The post match beatdown really is becoming an AEW staple. The Young Bucks rush out to the aid of Top Flight and TH2 flee into the night. That was a beautiful piece of poetry.

Small promo from Vicki Guerrero and Nyla Rose. Apparently they are friends again and hate Brandi Rhodes. Me too.

Back to back small promos, next up is FTR. Full Gear was the worst night of their lives. The Young Bucks were the better wrestlers for 3 seconds. Apparently, that’s enough though. I assume a rematch is inevitable, as we all do.

Back to the ring for another tag match. This time the team of Jake Hager and Chris Jericho (they really need a team name) and SCU square off. I notice in the bottom of the screen it says the team name and has their trunk colours, a little nod to the MMA world that Hager is a part of, I assume.

This was a pretty decent match, better than I expected. And I say that with all due respect to these guys, I’m fond of them all. The team of Hager and Jericho (get a name! It’s such a pain to write about a tag team without a name!) pick up the victory after some alleged funny business from the Inner Circle. SCU claims that MJF got a cheap shot in, but I didn’t see nothing!

Can you guess what happened after the match? I bet you can! The Inner Circle treated SCU to a beatdown! The remaining SCU member, Scorpio Sky rushed out to the ring to save them. Even though there was only one of him and 7 members of the Inner Circle, the Inner Circle fled. It would have been way cooler if they just kicked the crap out of Sky as well. Why would 7 guys run away from 1 guy?

Time for a new segment on AEW, Kip and Miro’s Video Game Extravaganza! That’s a hard word to spell. Penelope is also there, but I guess she isn’t considered important enough to have her name in the title. I’d rethink the wedding if I was you, Penelope.

Just as the segment is about to get under way, Orange Cassidy rocks up and turns of their Xbox Series X. I bet Cassidy is a PlayStation kid. Me too. Kiro and Mip (lol, I’m leaving that typo in) chase him out. I say chase, but it’s not like Cassidy is running. Follow him out? Whatever. Gosh, I’m writing about Cassidy and now I’m writing LIKE Cassidy.

Anyway. They follow Cassidy out and it’s a perfectly executed trap. The Best Friends are waiting and the 4 of them have a bit of a scuffle, whilst Cassidy watches on. It’s a great scuffle. I said I while back that the Best Friends are the best thing happening in AEW and I still stand by that. This feud should be grand. All 6 of them are wonderfully gifted and charismatic. I can’t wait. I really hope we get a 6 man tag. I know that Penelope is tough enough to hang with the guys.

Kenny is making his way to the ring for round 2 of the contract signing. As per normal, we have to sit through his ridiculously long entrance. Well, most of it anyway. Mox cuts it short. He beats Kenny up a little bit and then craps on about something. Probably about being tough or something. The contract is signed and the match is a go for next week. I actually have very high expectations of this match and I hope I’m not disappointed by Moxley, again.

Backstage, the Inner Circle are with Alex Marves. They are really mad at SCU, particularly Frankie. A match is booked next week, Jericho v Kaz.

Time for my favourite, Hikaru Shida, to defend her title against Dark Order’s, Anna Jay. Number 99, I think. It’s hard to keep up. Anyway, Shida beat her once and I’m sure she can do it again!

I wasn’t that confident throughout the match though and actually had a couple of scares. I feel our days as champion are numbered. Shida survived this one though and it’s on to the next challenge. These two put on a pretty solid match, as per normal.

Post match, Abadon made an appearance and frightened Shida. Blood was dripping from the mouth of Abadon and she licked the women’s title belt. I’m very excited for this rematch. Shida has beat Abadon once and I’m sure she can do it again!

Quick inspirational talk from Matt Hardy about surviving 2020. Just think, what would Matt do? I thoroughly enjoyed this promo and was detecting hints that they might be doing a heel turn for Matt. I guess we will see. Could be a swerve.

Quick promo from Team Taz, minus Taz. It was wonderful. They are so much better off without him. Starks is a master on the mic and the other two can certainly hold their own. Their basic message was “Stuff Cody”.

And now, time for the main event of the evening! Another tag team match, the Butcher and the Blade are taking on Death Triangle’s Rey Fenix and Pac. Again, it was a pretty decent match, just like everything on the card tonight. And again, the only thing that ruined it was the commentary, particularly Tony in this one. Why does he turn into a snivelling baby whenever Kingston is around? Just crying about how Eddie is mean and he is coming between families. He literally sounds like a whiny child. Shut up.

Butcher and Blade pick up this win (woohoo, I love Butcher) and then Eddie Kingston joins them in the ring. It’s beatdown time. They are kicking the snot out of Death Triangle and then Lance Archer comes out to save the day. What? Why? I don’t know anymore. Apparently he just hates Kingston. I wish he would have went for Excalibur or Tony instead.

That’s a wrap! Another action packed episode of Dynamite. Things are really starting to get good. We are headed into winter now, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by the constant “Winter Is Coming” references on AEW. How come HBO aren’t threatening to sue? Make sure you tune in next week. We have the Championship match between Omega and Moxley. We also have the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale. Should be interesting, see you all then!

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