No, today’s article is not an appreciation post for the Green Day song, Burnout. That is a fantastic song though, perhaps one of my favourite Green Day songs. Dookie is without a doubt, their best album. Today is about how I am feeling!

I have been really struggling to come up with content to write about lately, especially considering I am trying to do something new every day. In between fatherhood, housekeeping and life, I’m working very hard to try and make accordingtoaaron take off. I feel it is starting to come across in my writing and that my work is a lower quality than normal. Hopefully inspiration strikes me soon, but as it stands, I am burnt out. Maybe a working vacation is in order.

I am trying to be appreciative of the things that I have in life, but I am currently feeling stressed about a few things. I think it is largely due to my impatient nature and my need for everything to be neat and ordered, however I can’t change how I feel. Hopefully once it is all done, I can relax a bit and get my creative vibes flowing. I’m desperately hoping it is all done before the end of the month. I am actually excited for Christmas for a change, so hopefully I’m more at ease by then.

We are working on getting a few things done around the house and are currently stuck waiting on a few things, so the house is in shambles! Well, my version of shambles. We have done all we can do ourselves and just currently waiting on a few more things to happen before we can proceed further. I’m trying to patient.

We have a bunch of baby photos that we need to sort through but are waiting for the last of them to be printed, so we can put them all in order. We also need to get some more photo albums! We have about 2-3 thousand photos that need a home. Babies! Well, I shouldn’t blame her. Perhaps I should blame her mother for taking 10,000 new photos per day. In her defense, the kid is pretty photogenic. I have a lot less photos of her, but that’s because I mainly document the tantrums and tears, whereas Ari gets all the good times. I’m just trying to make sure our photo album is inclusive of everything! I don’t want Chicago growing up to think she was always a smiling, beautiful angel. Sometimes, you were a jerk as well. Still cute, but a jerk nonetheless.

Speaking of Chicago, she has been very clingy lately. I adore every moment we spend together but it would be nice to be able to make a sandwich without her crying at my feet and poking my legs. We are literally inseparable at the moment and it is exhausting. I love it and I love her, but also can I please go to the toilet alone? Just once? She said “Spider-Man” yesterday for the first time and it was great. She also unplugged the Dyson. I just went to vacuum and found the battery was dead. Now I have to wait another hour to finish the housework! Pest.

I need to clean the garage and tidy up outside, but there is a lot of stuff that is too heavy for me to move on my own. The spiders are slowly starting to claim it all and before long my only options will be to surrender the garage to them or to burn it down entirely. I’m leaning towards the latter. I’m a ‘take no prisoners’ kind of guy.

“I’ve got no motivation. Where is my motivation?” Sing it, Billy Joe.

We need to move some furniture around the house, but can’t until the electrician comes to visit. I am hoping it is this week sometime, but am becoming doubtful. We really need to get it done or else we won’t have any room for our Christmas tree!

That reminded me, can you believe last year I didn’t want to get a tree? At all. Not ever in our lives. I wanted to have no Christmas tree in our house because they are messy and annoying to store throughout the rest of the year. My poor fiancé and daughter, having to live with such a grouch, grinch and grump. What a bore I am sometimes. Thankfully, my darling pal and angel of a friend called me out on it. I wasn’t thrilled about it then, but I am big enough to admit that I was wrong and she was right. She donated a tree, decorations and some twinkle lights. Whilst I could do without the lights, they remind me that I’m lucky to have her. Although sometimes, I think my family are more lucky that we have her to keep me in check! Thank you, dear. I guess we are all lucky to have one another.

I also need to go and pick up our bicycle that was just serviced, but it won’t fit in my car. Which means I need to walk there, which is fine, except for the child. I can’t walk it back home and push the stroller at the same time. Could I maybe put her in the basket and ride home? It was a joke, don’t report me to child services.

I’m also trying to keep up with the latest video game news, NBA free agency, football, hockey, baseball, wrestling, podcasts (I’m about 6 episodes behind on my shows), tv and movies, family, friends, books and exercise. Not to mention the groceries and housework!

I’m not trying to complain. I am genuinely appreciative of everything I have. I have worked hard to be here and I am happy to be here. I’m just a bit spent. I know that others have it far worse than my trivial problems. But, as Amanda Palmer once said “every problem is a problem”. I am happy. Just spent.

Once the washing finishes, I’m going to head to the bakery with Chicago and buy as some lunch. On the way, hopefully inspiration strikes us and we come home feeling refreshed and motivated. Thank you for reading and as always, thank you for your support. I am feeling guilty and a bit of a brat for writing all of this, but I am also feeling better for it. Talk to you all tomorrow!

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