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Spider-Man : Remastered

Obviously, when they announced the Ultimate Edition of Miles Morales, which came with the complete 2018 Spider-Man game and all DLC, I had to get it. Yes, I already owned it on PS4. Yes. I’d already played it through, 100%, DLC included about 4 times over. But it was remastered! How is a mortal man supposed to resist the temptation? And a massive Spider-Geek at that. I had no chance. Shut up and take my money!

I finished it about an hour ago, 100% and all the DLC. It’s kept me pretty busy the past week. Especially the last couple of days. I really dove into it, as bravely as Spider-Man dove off of the Avengers tower sometime in Act 2. I made sure to grab all the trophies as well. I’d already got the Platinum on the PS4 version, but this was a good chance to get my first Platinum on the PS5 and on a game that I adore! It really is a fantastic game. Well done to the crew at Insomniac!

I released that when it came out initially, I hadn’t written a review, because I wasn’t doing this website. So, instead of the Spider-Man appreciation post (I really do love him) like I originally planned, I figured I’d do another video game review.

May as well start from the beginning. Insomniac was given the license to make a superhero game and they were given the choice of picking any Marvel character they wished. They selected Spider-Man for 2 reasons, the first being that the crew simply adored him. This is interesting to me to imagine a world in which we were all playing a Daredevil game or an Incredible Hulk game. Just imagine. I hope they make another superhero game.

The second reason was they imagined that the traversal system Spider-Man would use would be similar to the traversal system from their previous game, Sunset Overdrive. As I have not played Sunset Overdrive (I have always wanted to though), I cannot comment on how similar it ended up being.

Spider-Man took about 4 years to develop and whilst it takes inspiration from other Spider-Man mediums, it is set in it’s own universe, seperate from all previous Spider-Man stories, histories etc etc. I believe it is known as Earth 1048. Obviously, the game was a huge success, critically and financially, which is what lead to the sequel, Miles Morales. I am itching to dive into that tomorrow.

It was praised for basically everything : the story, the characters, the combat, the web-slinging and everything else that was in the game. It won numerous awards and went on to become not only one of the fastest selling PS4 games, but also one of the best selling. It has been rightfully compared to the Arkham series for being one of the best superhero games of all time. Hard to argue with that statement!

Let’s start with the story. It is incredible. It’s pretty impressive how they managed to jam so many characters in without it feeling cramped. Kingpin, Mister Negative, Doc Ock, Electro, Vulture, Scorpion, Rhino, Tombstone, Taskmaster, Shocker, Silver Sable, Norman & Harry Osborne, Mary-Jane, Felicia Hardy, Miles Morales, Aunt May and even the beloved J. Jonah Jameson! Whew. It was basically a who’s who of Spider-Man. Obviously with a few notable exceptions, but the inclusions list is pretty impressive.

Back to the story. Beware of spoilers, true believers! I won’t do a full recap because it’ll take forever, so this will just be a brief overview. It really is an incredible tale. You start by finally taking down Kingpin and getting him being bars. That’s just the start of the trouble though, Kingpin’s arrest leads to a power grab by the remaining crooks and New York is thrown in to a state of chaos. Spidey does his best to maintain all the chaos, but unfortunately a bunch of crooks break out of the Raft. Nobody major, just some of Spidey’s greatest enemies like Rhino and Scorpion etc etc.

Mayor Osborn declares martial law and Spider-Man is labelled a fugitive. On top of all of this, he has to defeat and recapture the new version of the Sinister Six. Gulp. Oh yeah, and there is a super virus on the loose, courtesy of Doctor Octopus, so Spidey needs to find a cure for that as well. Ultimately, Spider-Man saves the day, with a little help from his friends. Unfortunately, Aunt May dies due to complications with the virus. Peter is forced to choose between saving her life or using the antidote to synthesise a vaccine. Truly heartbreaking stuff.

The game leaves a lot of loose ends and has definitely set itself up for a highly anticipated sequel. I’m not talking about Miles Morales, I’m talking about another Peter Parker one. We need to find out what happens with Harry, who we see after the credits in a stasis tank in a hidden room of the Osborn apartment.

In terms of gameplay, it is an open world, action style game. There are the main quests, side quests, enemy bases, trials and a bunch of different collectibles to be found throughout the world. Most of it can be tackled in whatever order you wish. All the collectibles you gather can be used to upgrade your gadgets, learn new attacks and buy new suits. So, there is additional motivation to collecting them, not just the achievement!

Traversing the world is an astonishing feeling. It really does feel like you are Spider-Man when you are web slinging your way through New York. I have to give it praise for the realistic physics behind the web-swinging, unlike some other Spider-Man games (I’m looking at you The Amazing Spider-Man, that’s what I get for buying movie tie in games though!). You can’t just shoot your web into the air and swing off of nothing (again, I’m talking about you Amazing Spider-Man), there actually has to be something to swing off. Your speed varies depending upon your height, how long you’ve been swinging and your speed heading into it. You can also run along walls, do parkour or just catch the train if you prefer.

The combat plays a huge part of the gameplay and is easy enough to grasp. Hit, dodge or jump. You can still freely move throughout the combat sequences, so you can bring your web swinging antics into the combat. On top of that, you have a large number of gadgets at your disposal : electric webs, concussive blasts, web bombs etc etc. You also have a variety of special manoeuvres and instant knockout attacks.

That really about sums it all. Very briefly. I’m sure you’ve probably played it already or at the very least are familiar with it. If not, get to it! It really is a spectacular game. Definitely one of my all time favourites, I do have a Spider-Man bias though. I loved it. My wrists are very sore from playing all week, so I’m going to take a break tonight. I’ll be diving into Miles tomorrow. Tonight, I might just watch a Spider-Man movie. One of the Sam Raimi ones with Tobey Macguire. They were great. Even the third one!

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