AEW Dynamite : Nov 18th

It was yet another awesome episode of Dynamite last night and the predictably is slowly, but surely fading away. It was a night of post match shenanigans, literally every single match had some extra curricular activities happen afterwards. At least they are setting up some feuds and some stories!

We opened up with the new Tag Team Champions, the Young Bucks defending their titles against another team of brothers, Top Flight. On the topic of the Young Bucks, their book has recently released and you can check it out here :

This match is what I love about wrestlers like the Bucks or Kenny Omega. It’s their willingness to put other guys over. To make other wrestlers look good, not just themselves. It’s good for business.

Obviously, the Young Bucks successfully defended their titles, but it was a great match up. Top Flight really had a chance to show off what they could do. Daunte Darius has a crazy high vertical leap. I’m 99% certain that he has been slam dunking since he was about 4 years old. Also, he showed how a to really break up a pin. None of this ‘tiny slap on the back’ rubbish that has plagued wrestling my entire life and longer.

Post match, TH2 came out and jumped Top Flight. I’m glad TH2 are getting some air time. I wasn’t aware they were moving on from their beef with SCU though. The Young Bucks came to the rescue and saved Top Flight. Everybody was happy. Aww. Well, everybody except TH2.

Side note : what is going with Matt’s ankle? It’s a weird angle they are working. They said the match with Top Flight was supposed to be last week but was delayed because of Matt’s injury. I could be forgetting a week, but I thought the match was only booked last week? Hang on, I’m going to go check my write up from last week. Yes, I was right (like always) the match was only booked last week. Is there a legitimate injury going or are the commentary team just insane….just found my answer. Speaking of the commentary squad, they mentioned the time that Private Party upset the Young Bucks, again. Seriously guys, let it go.

Part 1 of the Inner Circle slays Vegas was up next and it was silly, as to be expected. Good silly though. It gave me a few laughs to get through the next segment, which was lacking any entertainment value.

That’s right, it’s time to listen to Moxley mumble! And mumble he did. Something about his father and being a tough dude. You know, usual drill. Why do we have to watch this every single week? Can he at least stop mumbling?

Some one on one action is next, with ‘Superbad’ Kip Sabian taking on ‘Freshly Squeezed’ Orange Cassidy. I was hoping Kip would get this one, but Cassidy picked it up in a hard fought match.

After the match ended, Miro came running over from the announce table, jumped the top rope and decimated Cassidy. Best Friends came to his rescue. It looks like things are just starting to heat up between these two teams. Cool! Maybe we will see AEW’s first ever ‘Arcade Brawl’.

Time for the contract signing between Omega and Moxley. Omega’s entrance is getting ridiculously long. It’s unnecessary. it’s ok for the PPV’s, but not every single week. Seriously! Also, those girls need some more practice, because they are awkwardly out of sync.

Mox didn’t make it to the ring, he was jumped by a mystery attacker backstage. Kenny signed the contract anyway and said he doesn’t want to hear any excuses from Mox.

Part 2 of the Inner Circle slays Vegas was next and it was very reminiscent of the Hangover movies. After the video ended, Chris Jericho joined the commentary table for about 30 seconds.

Jericho was swiftly replaced by Eddie Kingston, which makes me wonder why he was at the commentary desk at all. The next match was Pac vs the Blade. Eddie said “Pac won’t be the bastard for long, because Blade is about to be his father” and I got a good laugh from it.

It was a pretty decent match for his return. I’d almost forgotten how impressive of an athlete that Pac was. I can’t wait to see what he gets up to.

As promised, there were some post match shenanigans. Pac was jumped by Butcher, Blade and Kingston. Rey Fenix came to the rescue of Pac and ended up being the next victim of the beatdown. Enter Penta El Zero Meido. I was wondering when we’d find out what the status of the Lucha Bros was. He spoiled it from the start, because he was wearing a new Lucha Bros hoodie, but he pretended he was going to side with Kingston anyway. Then rescued his brother. Death Triangle is back!

Backstage, Jade broke Brandi’s arm with a chair. Nice.

The NWA Women’s title was on the line next, the champion Serena Deeb defending against Thunder Rosa. Whilst they have been decent matches, I’ve been critical of their inclusion of Dynamite in the past. It has always felt like it didn’t belong and had zero AEW involvement. Well, this match was not only exceptional, but it also got some of the AEW girls involved.

Seriously, this match was incredible. It’s not a stretch to say that NWA stole the show last night. Deeb and Rosa put on one for the ages. Britt Baker jumped Rosa during the match, thanks to a distraction from Rebel, no Reba, no Rebel. Yes, Tony did it again. Ugh. Rosa did her best to come back from the interference, but it was in vain. Deeb retained her title.

Post match, Rosa and Baker got into it a little bit. And by a little bit, I mean a lot. That could be a good match to watch.

Quick Dark Order promo. Silver and Anna Jay are talking about how Anna Jay has grown as a wrestler. Apparently Brodie Lee has demanded a title shot for Jay, which she will be getting next week on Dynamite. Anna Jay has also said that she is now number 99. Probably because there are literally that many members of the Dark Order now. Go Shida!

Time for the main event of the evening. Well, after another weird Darby Allin video. I think he set himself on fire in this one. Brian Cage and Ricky Starks of Team Taz are set to take on the team of Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes. Speaking of Cody, did you guys catch Britt Baker’s diss on him on Dark? Very funny stuff.

This was a really good tag team match, ruined only by the presence of Anderson and Taz. Mainly Taz. Move over guys, let the young guys shine!

Team Taz picked up the victory and it was via pinfall on the TNT champion, Darby Allin. This feud is also getting interesting. Can you guess what happened post match? That’s right, another beat down. Team Taz were making light work of Cody and Darby. Will Hobbs to the rescue!

Hobbs rushed out to the ring to save Cody and Darby. Cage dropped the FTR belt on his way out of the ring. Hobbs picked it up and held it like he was the champion. To be fair, that’s all Cage had to do as well. Then, in the swerve nobody saw coming, he levelled Allin with the belt. Or maybe it was Rhodes. I can’t remember. The point is, he joined Team Taz. After weeks of foiling their plans, he teamed up with them. What will happen next?

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