AEW Dynamite : Nov 11th

Boom! Let’s go ignite! What an awesome and action packed episode of Dynamite. Mostly everything was well written and felt like it had a purpose. Obviously, as usual, the in ring action was top notch. It feels like Full Gear was a turning point for the company and I’m feeling really good about the future. Let’s break down what happened on Dynamite.

Actually, before we do that, did you all catch the news on the AEW video games? Quick recap if you didn’t. Everyone dressed up as Steve Jobs to announce the news. They hired a bunch of really good producers, directors etc etc and are making a ‘No Mercy’ style game. They are also making a General Manager simulation, which I am legitimately excited for. Finally, they are making a mobile game. Ugh, mobile games. I’m sure it’ll be fun if you are into that though. Oh yeah and Britt Baker designed a really bad t-shirt. I love you Britt, but that shirt is gross. there is a link if you want to check it out. Remember to follow ‘AEW Games’ on Twitter, YouTube and the rest if you want to stay up to date. I’ll fill you in on any big announcements though, so don’t stress. Back to Dynamite.

We opened up with one of my least favourite guys, Taz. I swear the graphics have changed, didn’t it use to be ‘Tazz’? It doesn’t really matter, but I’m not going back and editing my old work. Surprise surprise, he is mad at something. Darby Allin is watching him and he has the same unimpressed look on his face that I always have when I see Taz. As well as rambling, Taz introduced the first match, Brian Cage vs Matt Sydal.

It was a really good match and had some really cool sequences. You’ll just have to take my word for that though. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any notes on the opening match, so I can’t give specifics. I was eating dinner at the time and my burritos were very sloppy. I was making an awful mess and didn’t dare pick up my pen. I’m sorry. It was a good match though.

Cody came out to congratulate Darby on winning the TNT title and to state that he currently has no plans for a rematch. The key word was ‘currently’. Cody set his sights on MJF, reigniting an old feud. Rhodes was then interrupted by a wrestler named Jade Cargill. She looks relatively new to the industry, but is an absolute beast. She is in excellent shape and I look forward to seeing her in ring abilities.

Cargill makes fun of Cody for claiming he is a ‘Giant Killer’, hinting that she had a giant that would take care of Cody. Cargill was also pretty entertaining on the mic, you know that is important to me. I was excited for her announcement, but then it was revealed it was Shaq. Not in person, just by name. I love Shaq. You all know that. But he is a goofball. It’s hard to picture a decent wrestling match between Shaq and Cody. It just feels too gimmicky. Should be a big ratings draw though, I guess we will see what happens.

Anyway, the circus continued and Brandi came out to cut off Jade. They argued for a bit and Jade pinched Brandi’s butt. Cage and Starks came out to get Cody. Darby came to his rescue, wearing a leather jacket that was spiked with thumbtacks. After it was all over, Will Hobbs came out to join the fray, for no reason at all. It was like he was late, but decided to come anyway. Finally, it was all over.

Next we had an interview with Mox, conducted by Marves. You could not find a shred of charisma between the two of them, I swear. Moxley had a noticeably red eye, must be a wound from Full Gear. It was announced that Omega will get his title shot on the December 2nd episode of Dynamite. I feel like Moxley has had a string of bad or average matches for a while, hopefully Kenny Omega will snap him out of it. If anyone can do it, it’s Kenny. When AEW first started it was Omega and Mox and I loved them for it. Back when Moxley was violent and angry. Before all the weird, mumbling and boring promos. It was a violent and angry guy. It was energetic and it was exciting. Bring it back!

It’s time for a Bunkhouse Match! From what I can gather, it’s just a No DQ match with hay bales. The Butcher and The Blade came out first and they were looking mean! And also wearing face masks, so they get points for being COVID safe. Butch had a kendo stick, you know I love kendo sticks. The Natural Nightmares came out swinging and the match got under way.

There was a fair bit of bloodshed in this one. Lots of hard hits and power moves. Butcher must have broken some ribs on a chair. QT took a guitar to the head, courtesy of the Blade. He really took that hit right to the head, like a champ. Kudos, QT. The Bunny awkwardly handcuffed Dustin to the ring post. It was really awkward, it took forever. It must have hurt his wrist when he finally broke free. Lots of broken hardware in this and all 4 guys came away looking pretty tough.

I know I complain about QT and Dustin a lot, but it’s not because they have a lack of talent. Both of them are solid competitors and can have very good matches. I just feel they are over booked. I say this with respect, but Dustin is long past his prime. We shouldn’t be building him up, he should be building the other guys up. And QT is just QT. He is a good talent, but fans aren’t tuning in for him. He could potentially be a good mid-card heel. The team of Natural Nightmares win far too often. They should be a .500 team, not one of the best tag teams in AEW. Unfortunately, they once again picked up the win. I feel that Butcher & Blade needed this one a lot more.

Time to induct the two newest members into the Inner Circle. First, Jericho introduces the original crew. Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hager…but where is Sammy? Nobody knows where he is. They decide to move along with the induction as planned. They bring out MJF and Wardlow. MJF gives an excellent speech and quotes ‘Drake’ for his ‘homies’, Santana and Ortiz. “I know nothing about Drake, I swear. I started from the bottom and now I’m here” says MJF. What a laugh. I always say this, but he is one of the best. He wishes Jericho a Happy Birthday and announces that he is treating the Inner Circle to a Vegas trip next week. That should be a laugh next week.

Before we move on, Happy Birthday to you, Chris Jericho! 50 years old. You are like a fine wine, my friend. You just keep getting better.

It’s Marves time. He is interviewing the new tag team champions, the Young Bucks. They said that they will get around to a rematch with FTR, but not until they are ready for it. In the meantime, the Young Bucks would rather face some new opponents. They announce a match for Dynamite next week against the team of Top Flight. If you watch Dark, you will remember Top Flight. They are a pretty decent young team and I am looking forward to this match. This could be a good way for the Young Bucks to help build some new tag teams, like Top Flight, TNT or The Acclaimed.

Back to the ring. Shawn Spears is taking on his rival, Scorpio Sky. Another excellent back and forth match. I always forget how big Spears is. He made Sky look tiny. After some shenanigans from Tully, Spears picks up the win, courtesy of a big left to the head. It may or may not have been loaded.

Backstage to Dasha and she is with Kenny Omega. At least she is supposed to be, she informs us that he literally ran off. Enter Alex Marves, again. He chases Omega down for an interview. Omega is on the phone to someone, I assume we will find out the relevance of that call at a later date. Omega talks about his upcoming match against Moxley and mentions how it will be the first time they have ever fought (previously, it was unsanctioned and lights out). It was amusing.

Tay Conti vs Red Velvet was the next match on the cards and like everything else tonight, it was incredible. Brandi and Anna Jay were at ringside, but didn’t cause any disturbances. Except for when Anna Jay offered Conti a chair, which she refused. Conti picked up the win and I was really happy about it. She has been on my radar for a little bit now, I really like what I see from her.

After the match, Anna Jay raised Conti’s hand in victory. She looked mad about the chair thing and Conti looked like a deer in headlights. Dark Order (or at least Stu) were seen watching from the ramp, before they quickly disappeared.

Backstage, Marves (we sure are seeing a lot of him!) is with the Inner Circle and they are talking about the Vegas trip. Here comes Sammy! It is revealed that he was at the beach, which is were MJF allegedly told him to meet everyone. MJF swears he sent a second email telling Sammy to forget the beach plan, but Sammy didn’t get it. Jericho attempts to diffuse the situation and everyone leaves. MJF grabs Sammy and says he really did send a second email and he is sorry. He gives Sammy a ticket to Vegas and leaves. Sammy is not happy. The drama will continue next week, I’m sure.

Eddie Kingston came out to introduce the next match. He also admitted that he quit and that Moxley bested him. Kingston said that he isn’t done in the world title scene yet and will find a way to become champion. He then makes his way to the commentary table.

Main Event time! Rey Fenix vs Penta El Zero Miedo. Whilst I questioned the logic behind the booking, I was still expecting a good match. I didn’t get that. I got an exceptional one. The match was amazing, both in ring and from a story standpoint. Kingston was fantastic on commentary, constantly talking up Penta and belittling Fenix. It felt like signs that their little faction could come to an end.

Then, the unthinkable happened in the ring. Penta tried to rip off Fenix’s mask. As you know, that is a massive sign of disrespect for a Luchador. Especially for brothers! It was genuinely heartbreaking. Fenix eventually retaliated and tried to rip off Penta’s mask. Both men took each other to the limits, wearing the tattered remains of their Lucha Bros masks. After some brutal manoeuvres, Penta picked up the win.

Kingston came down to congratulate him and literally kicked Fenix out of the ring. Looks like the faction is over and we may have seen the last of the Lucha Bros. Wait a minute, it’s Pac!

Pac comes out to have a go at Kingston and I’m assuming to come to the aid of his former comrade, Rey Fenix. Remember, just before COVID happened, Pac and the Lucha Bros formed the Death Triangle. I have no idea what is going to happen next but I can’t wait to find out.

That was the end of Dynamite this week. All I can say is wow! It was incredible. It’s like AEW remembered how important story telling is in wrestling.I can’t state how important this episode was. It really feels like a turning point. It’s like AEW remembered that their target demographic was an adult audience. This episode had violence, swearing, yelling, sexual jokes, slightly racist jokes and great wrestling. It took me back to the glory days and it also reminded me of why I fell in love with AEW. I really hope this continues.

Anyway, I’m outta here. My hand is cramping up big time! Talk soon.

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