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Number 100!

My original plan for today was to do a recap of the Bears game, but as per normal, the Bears offense played horrible and it left me in a bad mood. I was expecting a loss, but does it always have to be so frustrating?

Anyway, as I ignored the dishes and pondered on what to write about today, it dawned on me that whatever I wrote would be my 100th piece on Better make it monumental!

Nothing momentous ever happens on a lazy Tuesday in November. Today started much the same as everyday does, Chicago and I arguing about washing her face and brushing her teeth. As always, I won, but at what cost to my eardrums? After her Mom left for work, it was just the two of us, left to despise one another. I did the housework and got the bins ready, Chicago screamed and complained. Like I said, just another Tuesday.

An electrician came to visit, we are having some work done. Chicago screamed the entire time he was here. I made him a coffee and I am certain it was awful. He drank the whole thing and thanked me regardless. Over the screams of the hell-beast, we managed to discuss what I wanted done around the house. He was polite, nice and helpful. I’m looking forward to having it done.

After he left, we went for a walk, a desperation move on my behalf to try and cheer her up, or at the very least distract her from being an ogre. We had our first fight on the driveway. Chicago wanted to go left, through our neighbours freshly poured concrete. I insisted on going right. She screamed and I put her in the pram. She hates that, so she screamed some more. When she calmed down, I let her out. Fight number two is just around the corner.

Chicago wanted to eat and/or play with the duck poo on the road. I said no. She screamed and I put her in the pram. She hates that, so she screamed some more. Didn’t we just do this? I decided that I was sick of this and it was too hot anyway, so I started to head home. Enter fight 3.

She wanted to go right, home was left. As I gently steered her in the right direction (which wasn’t right, it was left, right?) she let our a scream that would make Banshee proud. Anyone would think I had kicked or something. As tempting as the thought was, I hadn’t. She waved goodbye to me, through tears and made her way down the (wrong) right path. If I wasn’t so exasperated, it would have been cute.

But, exasperated I was and incredibly so at that. She screamed and I put her in the pram. She hates that, so she screamed some more. I wish I brought my headphones along. Eventually we made it home. You’ll be pleased to know that she was just as much a pain inside as she was out.

My original plan was for us to have lunch and then head to the store, Tuesday is shopping day as well as housework day. Ugh! We needed to go the supermarket, the fruit shop and the butchers. I made us fried chicken and blueberries for lunch. Disclaimer : I didn’t make the blueberries. She ate all the blueberries and I ate all the fried chicken.

I decided I didn’t want to go to the shops (I used StarTrack as an excuse, we are waiting on a package – it isn’t due until tomorrow). I also decided I was still hungry and not for anything good. I cooked a frozen pizza, McCain’s Cheese & Bacon, an old childhood favourite of mine. I consume far too many of them. I also grabbed a packet of jellybeans from the pantry.

“Hey kid, wanna watch a movie?” I ask. “Yay!” she responds and starts dancing in front of the TV. Finally, a smile from her. I was going to put on the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, my go to film for when I eat frozen pizza for lunch. I’ve been hitting that combination since I was 4. However, I decided on a different film. It was only 3-4 days ago that Chicago watched that movie.

We went with the recent Sonic the Hedgehog film (it was actually quite good). Chicago snuggled in to me as we sat on the couch. I assumed she was just cuddling me because I had food and I was correct. I had to give her a bite almost every 6 seconds. “Mmmmmmm” she said, every single time. I’m not kidding. In her defense, it is a great pizza. I did not share the jellybeans, they were strategically hidden behind the couch. I could sneak them in whenever she was looking at the screen.

After the pizza was gone, I assumed my cuddles would stop. I also assumed that the movie would only distract her for another 15 or so minutes. Fortunately, I was wrong on both counts. She sat by my side for the entirety of the film, constantly cuddling me. Occasionally, she would look up and smile or give me a kiss, with the pizza still covering her entire mouth. Eventually she fell asleep on my lap, no jellybeans required.

As I sat watching Sonic, I was at peace with my station. Those are the moments I live for. I’m not stressing about finances. I don’t care about the dishes. I don’t feel guilty about the pizza and jellybeans. I’m just doing something I love and sharing it with someone I love. To me, there is nothing more momentous than that.

I was happy and content, that moment could have lasted forever. Or maybe I was giddy from watching James Marsden (he is so dreamy). It could have also been the sugar rush kicking in from the jellybeans. Have fun with that when you get home, Ari. Maybe it was a combination of all three. It was monumental. It was momentous. Perhaps it was even monumentous!

Anyway, I love my kid. Even when she is a pain in the butt. Which is almost always. Sometimes though, she is a sweet little angel and I remember why I haven’t abandoned her in a ditch somewhere.

That’s the end of today’s story and the end of my 100th story on It hasn’t even been 3 months yet, but it feels like I’ve been doing this a long time. It’s been 3 months since I quit a job I hated and started living life on my terms. I’ve never been happier, or if I have, it’s been a very long time.

Thanks to everyone who has read this article, or any of my others. Thanks to those who have read basically everything I’ve done. Thanks to those of you who are subscribed via email. To those of you who check in my site, or google search me. To those of you who have sent in emails and showed supports. To everyone who has liked me work or followed my site. A big thanks to you all for supporting me, whoever or wherever you may be.

Australia, China, the United Sates, India, the U.K, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Qatar, the European Union, New Zealand, Finland, Japan, American Samoa, Austria, Romania, Israel, South Korea, Singapore, Nigeria, Belgium and Turkey! I see all of you, all around the world and the fact that you care about what I have to say means the world (pun intended) to me. Thank you all so much. We are on the beginning of something great. Happy 100 to me, but more importantly, happy 100 to all of you. Thank you all so much.

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