Full Gear 2020

I said that it would be one of the best PPV’s in AEW history and I stand by that statement. Full Gear was awesome. When I watched this PPV, it felt like I was watching one of my old wrestling dvds. From back in the glory days. It is an amazing feel to know that good, quality wrestling is still happening. You just have to know where to look. Full Gear had it all – the story telling was good, the in ring action was better and best of all, it wasn’t completely predictable! We had some titles change hands, we had some champions remain champions and we had 8 action packed matches. 9 if you include the buy-in. Let’s start there.

I think it is great that AEW helps promote other wrestling companies, such as NWA and IMPACT!. Wrestling is wrestling and it is good to just promote the sport, instead of trying to crush every other company. With that being said, I’m not going to talk to much about the NWA match for the buy-in. There is just too much AEW to discuss. In short, Serena Deeb retained her title against Allysin Kay, via submission. Post match, Thunder Rosa made her way to the ring to have a chat with Deeb. Looks like she wants her rematch!

Full Gear officially kicked off with the AEW tournament finale, between “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega. The winner of this match would become the number 1 contender for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. Kenny was always going to win this one, but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t put on a show. And they certainly did. Kenny offered the hand of friendship to start the match, but Hangman declined.

This match was pretty incredible. They both showed off some power and they both showed off some athleticism. They clearly knew each other well and had excellent in ring chemistry. So many big hits and counters in this match. I am tempted to do a play by play, because it was all awesome. I won’t though.

All that time spent as Tag Team Champions made for an interesting match up. Often times, they knew what one another was going to do before it was executed. There were a few near falls, but ultimately Kenny came away with the win via pinfall, in an excellent opener.

I think my favourite part of this match was when Kenny Omega countered out of an Irish Whip by leaping up onto the guard rail and performing a Moonsault to take out Hangman. It was fast and smooth. Perfection. Hangman had a highlight of his own when he hit Omega with a massive power bomb on the entrance ramp. His power always amazes me.

There was one part in the match where it looked like Omega’s knee gave out, I’m not sure if it was a slip, an injury or a bit. It’ll be worth keeping an eye out on the news to see if anything happened.

The next match was Orange Cassidy squaring off against Dark Order’s number 4, John Silver. This match was originally advertised as being on the buy in, right up until the night before. I’m not sure what changed. This match felt like it was buy in quality and wasn’t a particularly good match. Both men played their gimmicks well and hit a few good spots, but it felt out of place, especially following the excellent opener. It was a good match though and the crowd was into it. That’s the main thing!

The opening sequence between Silver and Cassidy was amusing and showed off what excellent showmen these two are. It was highlighted when Silver ripped out Cassidy’s pockets. Cassidy picks up the win via pinfall after an Orange Punch and a Beach Break. Best Friends came out to celebrate with a hug. You’ve got to give the people what they want!

Time for the first title defense of the evening, the TNT title is on the line. The champion, Cody Rhodes was defending against the challenger, Darby Allin. I wasn’t expecting the title to change hands, but I was cheering for Allin throughout. I’ve been begging for him to finally get his big break. Today didn’t disappoint, Allin picked up the win!

The momentum shifted back and forth in this one. I thought Allin was doomed after the Cross Rhodes from the top tope, but he wisely rolled under the ropes, which prevented him from being pinned. Allin had a near pinfall after tripping Rhodes with his belt. After Rhodes kicked out of a Last Supper and then kicked out of a Coffin Drop, I thought Allin had no chance. However, Allin managed to pick up the victory via pinfall, after the two competitors traded a series of cover attempts.

I raised my hands in excitement, but nobody else did. My fiancĂ© didn’t react and she was cheering for Darby. I thought maybe I was wrong and the match wasn’t over. Or that Cody had gotten the win. It’s crazy how many thoughts your mind can squeeze in in a split second. I was right though, he won!

Post match, Rhodes congratulated Allin on his victory. Then Tazz came out. He distracted Allin and Rhodes so Cage and Starks could get the jump on them. As they were attempting to break Allin’s arm in a car door, Will Hobbs came to save the day.

Quick intermission with QT and Dustin of the Nightmare Family. They challenge the Butcher and the Blade to a Bunkhouse match on Dynamite next week.

Up next was my favourite lady in all of wrestling, Hikaru Shida, defending her title against Nyla Rose. I had come to terms with the fact that Nyla was going to be leaving Full Gear with the title. We had a great run though. Much to my surprise, Shida picked up this win and kept her title!

Shida was dominant early and it just felt like a huge comeback from Nyla was in the works. When Vickie hit Shida with a Kendo Stick, it felt like that was going to be the turning point. And it kind of was. Shida was on the wrong end of a beat down for a while. Nyla had the victory assured, but in a moment of arrogance, she broke her own cover so she could beat up Shida some more.

It gave me a breath of hope and Shida got to work on the comeback. She hit an Avalanche Falcon Arrow from the top rope and made the cover. Yes! But, in a moment of arrogance, Shida broker her own cover, so she could beat up Nyla some more. My heart dropped, we were doomed. However, after a Falcon Arrow, a couple of Tamashii’s and a bunch of knee strikes to the face, Shida got the cover and retained her title. In hindsight, it was a baller move to break her own cover. I was genuinely surprised that Shida kept the title.

It was an excellent match and these two showed once again how talented they both are. Post match, Vickie yelled at Nyla a lot and then slapped her. I thought Nyla was going to break Guerrero in half, but she just took it. I wonder where this is going next.

Three straight title matches! The Young Bucks are going up against FTR, an internet dream match. The “injury” story coming into things was the ankle of Matt Jackson, however it looks like Harwood ended up with an actual injury after bouncing his hand off of the ring post. It didn’t seem too serious, but there was a bit of blood and he had to be cleaned up a couple of times throughout the match.

The Young Bucks were in the Lakers yellow and gold, whereas FTR was decked out in Celtics green. That was a cool nod to a classic NBA rivalry. I could talk about this match for a while, it is similar to the opening match. Just spot after spot after spot. It was awesome!

There was a lot of back and forth in this one. Some amazing technical wrestling, some high flying and some hard hitting moves. It really had it all. So many near falls, but ultimately the Young Bucks picked up the win and the titles. Not a huge surprise considering they made the ‘Cody Claim’, but I wouldn’t have been shocked if FTR retained. They didn’t have the titles for very long. One can assume this is just the beginning of a long rivalry. Like the Lakers and the Celtics.

Nick Jackson got to highlight a lot of what he can do as an individual when he took on FTR by himself. Honestly though, all 4 competitors put on a hell of a show. One of the best tag team matches in recent memory. They paid homage to a lot of the all time great tag teams throughout the match by utilising some of their moves. I feel like I’ve barely spoke about this match, but I also feel like words can’t do it justice. One question though, why didn’t Rick Knox force Matt to break the hold when Harwood was on the ropes?

Post match, Kenny Omega came out to congratulate his friends. Hangman could be seen watching from the entrance ramp, but didn’t join his former friends. The commentators made no mention of Hangman.

Are you ready for the Elite Deletion match? I was pretty excited for this match and was desperately hopeful that Matt and Sammy would be a bit more careful this time! Not so careful that it came at the expense of the match, but I didn’t want any hospital trips this time. Fortunately, they both got through it relatively unscathed.

The first cinematic wrestling match I recall seeing was the Boneyard match between the Undertaker and AJ Styles. It was awful and I hated it. I’ve always remained skeptical of cinematic matches since then. I can happily report, that this was an awesome piece of cinematic wrestling. This is how you entertain people. From the start to the end, it was filled with laughs, wrestling, surprises and just general craziness.

Sammy arrived in a golf cart. Matt crushed it with a monster truck. “Now that is a squash job” says Hardy. I laughed a lot. Sammy jumped off the wheel of said monster truck and hit Hardy with a trash can to seize control. Guevara tried to drown Matt in a fountain, until Matt hit him in the head with a sceptre. Eventually, they made their way to a wrestling ring that was set up in Matt’s yard.

In the ring, they wrestled for a bit, until Hardy put Guevara through a table. Then Santana and Ortiz rocked up to make it a handicap match. Hardy somehow found a walkie talkie and called in the reinforcements, Private Party. Now it’s a 3 on 3. Sammy and Matt disappeared, leaving the other 4 to wrestle in the ring.

They returned with fireworks. literally. They were shooting fireworks at one another. They exchanged shots for a while and then Hurricane Helms and Gangrel appeared. Gangrel is not a name I’ve thought of for a long time. They all made their way back to the ring for a slugfest, with Team Sammy coming out on top. They chased Matt through his compound and they found themselves at the ‘Dome of Deletion’. Hardy locked himself in with Guevara, effectively locking everyone else out. Back to a 1 on 1.

Sammy hit a Swanton Bomb from a massive ladder and put Hardy through a table. Hardy then speared Guevara through 2 tables, from inside the ring to the outside. We didn’t see the landing, but Guevara was bleeding a lot. I really hope it was a blade job or fake blood. Hardy smashed Sammy’s head with a steel chair and got the victory via pinfall. It wasn’t over yet though.

Private Party helped Matt put Sammy’s unconscious body in a trash can and loaded it into a truck. Sammy was driven out of the Hardy Compound and everyone celebrated.

2 matches to go, thanks for staying with me! MJF vs Jericho was next up, a victory for MJF means that he can join the Inner Circle. Wardlow too. This was a pretty decent match, but I was hoping for a little bit more, considering how talented both of these guys are. It still had lots of exciting moments and was interesting from a story standpoint.

Both competitors tried to cheat after running interference from their hired muscle. Wardlow delivered the ‘Dynamite Diamond Ring’ to MJF and Hager gave ‘Floyd’ to Jericho. Jericho was holding the bat and MJF did his best Eddie Guerrero and pretended he got hit. As Jericho pleaded his case to the official, MJF rolled him up and got the win.

True to his word, Jericho welcomed MJF and Wardlow into the Inner Circle. They shook hands and celebrated together on their way out of the building.

And now, the Main-Event of the evening! The Champion (boo) Jon Moxley is defending against the challenger, Eddie Kingston (yay) in an ‘I Quit’ match. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by some of the hardcore matches in AEW, but I was a bit disappointed in this one.

It was a slugfest for sure and mostly violent enough, but it lacked creativity. It was just all the same bits, the barbed wire bat, the thumbtacks, tables and chairs etc etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing all of that stuff. But I love some creativity to be involved. Show me something I haven’t seen before!

I will give credit where credit is due though. It was very cool when Kingston wrapped the barbed wire around his own fist when he went to punch Mox. And it was cool that Mox wrapped his arm in barbed wire before he choked Kingston with it. And sticking thumbtacks onto the top of Mox’s head was a nice touch. That was all creative and new. Oh and pouring rubbing alcohol into the wounds was funny.

Like I said, maybe I’m just spoiled. It was a solid match, I was just hoping for more. Kingston lost, but I honestly did not hear him say “I Quit”. Maybe he is going to do the whole “I was never eliminated” thing with this match as well.

Post match, Omega came down to the ring and made sure Moxley knew that they were going to face off for the belt. I wonder if they will wait until Revolution in February or if they will decide it earlier on an episode of Dynamite.

We will wrap it up there, because this has been a long article and my computer is starting to lag. I tried to keep it concise but also give you all the details you needed. If you have any questions about any of the matches or about AEW, feel free to ask them in the comments. If you watched the PPV, what was your favourite match?

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