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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

It is a reboot in every sense of the word. Kevin Smith has described it as “literally the same fucking movie, all over again”. It’s hard to argue with that. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your feelings towards Kevin Smith, and by extension his cohorts. Obviously, I’ve seen all the View Askewniverse movies and this was right in my wheelhouse. It also probably helps that I have a massive man crush on Kevin Smith at the moment.

For fans of the View Askewniverse (which we will be referring to henceforth as VA) films, it is an amusing and enjoyable movie. For those outside of it however, I imagine this is just a very dumb film. With that being said though, why the heck would you watch this if you weren’t a fan of Kevin Smith or the VA movies? That being said, my fiancé only watched it because I was and I think she struggled to get it at times. I was often pausing to explain the inside jokes to her. She did seem to enjoy for the most part and has expressed interest in watching the other VA films.

I’m not gonna bother spending too much time talking about the plot, because as I stated earlier, it is almost exactly the same story as we saw in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, all the way back in 2001. I don’t think anyone watching this really cared about the plot that much though. If you watched this film, you’re interested in the cast and characters, not the story. I am pleased to report that the movie did not disappoint on that front. The cast was fantastic and featured about every major actor/actress from the previous films you could want. Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jason Biggs, James Van Der Beek, Joey Lauren Adams, Jason Lee and Brian O’Halloran all reprised their roles from previous VA movies. Obviously, Kevin Smith, and Jason Mewes as well. Duh.

On the topic of Jason Mewes, he was exceptional. Sure he looked older, but he was the same immature idiot that we all grew to love. I don’t mean that as an insult or to belittle his work in anyway. I think he is an astonishing actor. He has a way of stealing all of the attention and drawing it to himself. It’s hard not to notice Jason Mewes. Even in scenes with Hollywood hotshots like Ben Affleck, Mewes always demands the attention. Not deliberately. But it is hard to argue that there is just something special about him. Obviously, he is incredibly funny but there is more to it than that. He is charismatic, charming and just a genuinely interesting person. I mean that on screen and off.

Justin Long reprised his role as the lawyer from Zack and Miri. Chris Jericho played a KKK leader, and was fantastic I might add. Chris Hemsworth was a very funny holographic version of himself. Perhaps my favourite of all though, was Val Kilmer as Bluntman. I got such a laugh out of that. Robert Kirkman also appeared as himself. The entire cast of Clerks. Stan Lee appeared in a scene alongside Kevin Smith. I could go on a while. Craig Robinson. David Dastmalchian. Alright, I’m gonna stop listing people now.

The most refreshing of all, was the fact that nobody had matured in the slightest. The story was insensitive, racist and stereotypical. The jokes were immature and dumb. In this age of political correctness, I was actually very surprised at some of the jokes they went for. Pleasantly surprised though, I might add. You guys know that I’m 100% for equality, but I also believe that humour still has its place in the world. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you are missing out on a lot. Kevin Smith and the gang can definitely laugh at themselves.

It’s interesting how this movie came about. Initially, Kevin Smith was working on Clerks 111 and Mallrats 2, but later cancelled both of these projects. However, he did announce that he had written a script for a Jay and Silent Bob reboot.

The filming was supposed to begin in 2017, but was delayed until 2018. Then delayed until later in 2018. I think the last one was because of the heart attack that Kevin Smith had. He spent some time in hospital for that and it changed his outlook on life, which lead to his impressive weight loss. You can very much notice how much weight he has lost in this flick. I guess a near death experience can be life altering like that.

Anyway, once Kevin Smith was all better (and skinnier) filming begin in February of 2019. On the 25th, funnily enough, exactly one year after his heart attack. It only took 21 days to shoot, funnily enough, the exact same amount of time it took to film Clerks. I only included this because I like numbers. Whilst we are on the topic of numbers, this film was made on a budget of 10 million. Which is still very low for a movie, but much higher than I expected. I don’t know why. Maybe because Kevin Smith is a tight ass on budgets. I guess this film did have a fair bit of star power. It’s not cheap. Unfortunately, it only made 4.7 million at the box office.

Anyway, if you feel like a trip down memory lane and sharing a laugh with some old pals, go check this movie out. It’s not gonna win any oscars or awards. But it is a laugh and in this horrible year, we need that more than ever. If you haven’t seen the other VA films, maybe now is a good time. The value of nostalgia seems to be at an all time high. Might be a good time to go back and visit the 1990’s/early 2000’s. Clerks is always a good time. Honestly, the whole VA series is worth it just for Dogma alone. What an incredible film that is. Seriously, go watch Dogma. That is a direct order!

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