AEW Dynamite : Nov 4th

Here it is! The final Dynamite before Full Gear, which I still believe is going to be the greatest PPV in AEW history thus far. I hope it lives up to my expectations. I’m sure it will. I will be back to breakdown Full Gear after the PPV, but for now, let’s talk Dynamite!

First of all, congratulations to big Jake Hager for winning his third MMA fight and for remaining undefeated so far. He was sporting a couple of black eyes and some stitches, but as they say, I’d hate to see the other guy!

Prior to the opening match, Chris Jericho calls MJF “soft”, right to his face. Ouch. Jericho then makes his way to the commentary desk for the evening. He is the gift that keeps on giving.

The opening bout is a tag team match, the duo of MJF and Wardlow are squaring off against Sammy Guevara and Ortiz. As per normal, the opening match was grand. It’s hard not to see the future of this company when you look at MJF and Sammy. They had a segment in this match and it reminded me of the excellent show the two of them put on way back when. I can’t remember what event it was.

During the match, Serpentico threw a chair at Sammy Guevara, effectively taking him out of the contest. Wait a minute! That’s not Serpentico. It’s Matt Hardy! Is there anyone left at AEW who hasn’t dressed up as Serpentico? Team MJF win by pinfall.

It’s not over yet though! In the post match shenanigans, MJF spears Chris Jericho, who is still seated at the commentary desk. It was an awesome spear. Who is soft now?

Cut to Kenny Omega for an interview. It’s not in his house and it’s not his dog he is with, but we are doing it anyway! Kenny asks us if it was really that obvious that it would be Omega and Hangman in the finals at Full Gear. Yes, Kenny. Yes it was.

The next match is apparently Miro’s AEW singles debut, but I don’t believe that it is accurate. However, I’m my own stats man and I’m not going back to check. We will just have to agree to disagree. Miro is set to face off against Trent of the Best Friends.

It was a fantastic match, with Miro picking up the win. Surprisingly, it was via submission. Throughout the match, there was a lot going on at ringside. Chucky T and Kip were going at it. Penelope and Cassidy had a feud of their own. It looks like this will be the next great feud. As I was watching it unfold, it dawned on me that the Best Friends might be the best thing AEW have at the moment. Everything they are doing is excellent, in the ring and out.

Before I leave that match, I want to point out some commentary zingers from Chris Jericho. “There’s Penelope, speaking of trash” and suggesting changing the name of an Irish Whip to a Bulgarian Whip whenever it was Miro executing the manoeuvre.

Hangman Adam Page has an interview with JR. He drinks and whines a little bit. He plays the role of a depressed alcohol well.

Tazz came out with Starks and Cage. Surprise surprise, he was angry about something. I’m sorry, I can’t tell you what it is because I was zoning in and out. This segment felt like it went forever. There was something about the rankings and Will Hobbs. Ricky Starks looked like he was in the Backstreet Boys. Once again, Starks and cage DO NOT need Tazz. He is holding them back and taking attention away from their talent.

The next match is Private Party vs the Young Bucks. Matt Hardy is escorting Private Party to the ring when he is jumped by Sammy Guevara, who sadly, was not dressed as Serpentico. He hits Hardy with a Twist of Fate and then disappears into a commercial break.

For this match, I decided to keep a tally of the number of times they mentioned the upset of Private Party beating the Young Bucks in the tag title tournament, all these years ago. To my surprise, it only came up 3 times. That must of taken incredible restraint from the commentary team.

It was an excellent match, both teams showing off their fantastic athleticism and skill sets. There were plenty of false finishes and for a moment I thought Private Party were going to come away with this one. That would have made for an interesting story heading into Full Gear. However, the Young Bucks get this one.

Post Match, FTR come to give the Young Bucks a bit of a beatdown. They are targeting the ankle of Matt Jackson (who Chris Jericho affectionately nicknamed Wobbly McGee) and look poised to “break it off completely”. Enter Hangman Adam Page. He comes to the rescue of his former friends and is joined by Kenny Omega. Is the band getting back together?

Kingston and Moxley meet head to head (literally) in the ring to talk about how much they hate each other. I am really excited for this match and I hope Kingston gets the title. I doubt it though.

We are on the home stretch now, we just have another 4 or 5 promos and a couple of squash matches. Stay with me!

First up, Pac is Bac(k). He cut a really cool promo and talked about being in isolation for the last 7 months. It was really good to see him. He looks to be in incredible shape and I can’t wait to see him in the ring again. I wonder if Death Triangle will still be a thing? On that note, Fenix and Penta are facing off again on Dynamite next week. Weird.

QT and Dustin are talking about something. My apologies again, because I wasn’t paying attention. Not until my boy, the Butcher, came in with a Kendo stick and started taking names and kicking you know what. Dustin ate a trashcan as well. I hope the Butcher, the Blade and the Bunny crush these fools.

Nyla Rose beat Red Velvet. Post match she had to be separated from the champion, Shida, after the two of them went at it at ringside. Should be a great match at the PPV. Shida doesn’t have the advantage of no DQ this time, but I still believe! Go Shida!

We get to watch a breakup video of Omega and Page. It seriously reminded me of a scene in a film, when a recent divorcee would watch his wedding tape and cry because of how much he has ruined his life.

After that, we had another weird Darby Allin promo. He run someone over with a car. The car was painted to look like Darby and the person he hit was wearing a Cody mask. At least Darby was hurting other people this time.

Time for the main-event and the match on the card I was least excited about. It’s hard to get excited for a 6 man tag when only one of the participants is interesting. It was an alright match, Colt Cabana did some terrible overacting which really annoyed me. Team Cody picks up the win. Duh.

After Dynamite went off air, Cody stuck around to address the crowd. In some really awesome news, he said he is allowed to go by the name of Cody Rhodes from now on. I’m sure he is really happy to be able to do that again and honestly, it’s only right that he can wrestle under his late father’s name. Great news!

Thats a wrap from me. Remember, Full Gear is this Saturday (or Sunday depending on your time zone). You can order it on the BR Live app or internationally on Fite TV. This will really be an incredible PPV. I am so excited! I can’t wait to talk to you all about it afterwards. What match are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

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