Bears v Saints : Nov 1st

I was going to do a write up on the Bears game against the Rams last week, but that awful performance put me in a foul mood. I don’t mind a little bit of swearing when I write these things, but that article would have been loaded with curse words. I assume we will also lose next week against the Titans, making it 3 straight losses. I said earlier this season we were lucky to have as many wins as we did. Looks like the luck has run out and all the problems are becoming glaringly obvious.

First of all, why the heck did Nagy send Trubisky in for one play in the first quarter? Is there are a plan or are we just making stuff up as we go along? Foles wasn’t perfect (I’ll get to him later) but at that stage of the game, he was doing just fine. Then we sub in Trubisky for a play and then back to Foles. Foles’ game was falling apart at the seams later on, but we never saw Trubisky again. I’m not coming to bat for Mitch, or Nick for that matter. I just want to know that there is a plan of some sorts. It doesn’t feel like there is.

Foles connected a 50 yarder to Mooney, easily our longest pass/catch play of the season. Someone tell the Bears, because they didn’t seem interested in that play at all! Celebrate a little guys, we just connected on a play we’ve been failing all season. That play was followed up by a Robinson TD. Excellent catch, I just wish he could do it more consistently. I heard once on a podcast that he is the Mitchell Trubisky of wide receivers. Truer words have never been spoken.

Offensively, it felt like things were ticking along nicely for Da Bears. Montgomery had a huge 38 yard rush play. Foles was completing at a decent percentage.With the exception of the last possession, which left Jimmy G in a bad mood, the Bears looked good.

The Bears defense, particularly in the red zone was exceptional yet again in the first half. Roquan Smith had his name stamped all over that game. Everywhere you looked, Smith was making a big hit and a bigger play. Great performance from Smith. He and Mack are going to be trouble for a while to come yet. Thanks to a missed Lutz field goal, the Bears found themselves with a comfy 13-3 lead. The sound of the “dong” the football makes when it bounces off the post still gives me nightmares.

Unfortunately, the Bears didn’t manage to take a 10 point lead into the half. They fell apart on both ends of the football, and gave up a touchdown to hold only a 3 point lead heading into the 3rd quarter. As Bears fans probably are well aware (I know I am) the 3rd quarters haven’t been kind to us. Or, perhaps more accurately, we haven’t been kind to football in the third.

This game was no exception. We were atrocious in the third quarter. Foles completely lost track of time, which lead to a delay of game penalty on a 3rd down. I’ve never understood how the QB can have no awareness of the play clock. It’s like when JR Smith thought the Cavs were up on the Warriors in Game 1. How can you be that unaware of the game? Anyway, we followed that up with a sack. On that note, the Saints were all over Foles all night. The Bears o-line really needs to step up. Horrid 3rd down.

After that Javon Wims lost his mind. Literally. What the heck was he playing at? A couple of cheap shots, seemingly for no reason at all. After a replay of the previous possession, it looked like Gardner-Johnson may have poked Miller in the face, but that still is no excuse for Wims’ behaviour. I’m all for protecting your team and standing up for them, but this was incredibly stupid. And then he starts celebrating his idiotic antics like he just won the AEW world championship. I was embarrassed as a Bears fan and I hope Wims gets suspended for a game or two. Obviously, we received an unnecessary roughness penalty on the play, which didn’t help our cause.

Shortly after that mess, Foles threw an interception. The Bears defense gave up a 4th and 6 completion and were beginning to look lost. It was a miracle the Bears only gave up 6 points in the third quarter. Obviously, the Bears did not score in the third, as per normal.

However, just as the third quarter is the bane of our existence, the fourth quarter is where we get to work. If a coach can figure out how to harness the fourth quarter Bears and stretch it over an entire game, we will be a Super Bowl contender for sure. An interesting choice by the Saints to go for it on a 4th down backfired after some great defense by the boys in blue. However, this was squandered away by a near Foles interception on 4th down. Either way it was a turnover, on the pick or the loss of downs. Cole Kmet was also lucky in my opinion, to have not turned the ball over on the forward progress play.

The Saints scored on a QB to QB play, Brees passing to Hill for the TD. Somehow, the Bears managed to score 10 points in the final 3 and a half minutes to force an extra period. Before we get into the OT, can we just take a minute to appreciate Santos and the kicks he made. There was a lot of wind and a lot of pressure. He drilled the first kick, only to have it waved away on a Saints timeout. Icing the kicker. It hardly ever works, but it works against the Bears. Remember the double donk? Of course you do, we will never forget that. Anyway, it didn’t work because Santos nailed the second attempt as well. Good stuff!

I’m going to sound like a scorned Bears fan, but I always say this after an overtime period in the NFL. Win or lose, Bears game or not, I always say it. The overtime rules suck. Whoever wins the coin toss, wins the game. We may as well just toss a coin for the win. Why don’t they just play an extra period? None of this first score wins, but only if it’s a TD or safety garbage. Just an extra period. And if it is still tied after that, play another extra period. And keep going until there is a winner. Nobody likes a draw. I’m talking to you as well, EPL.

The Saints won the toss and, by extension, the game. Not that the Bears deserved to win, but it’s a crappy way to lose. I would also be upset if we won, because in my opinion, it’s a crappy way to win. Change the rules!

Anyway, the point of the story is the Bears are falling apart and Nagy needs to figure it out. Preferably yesterday. If getting destroyed by the Titans doesn’t upset me too much, I’ll do another write up next week. Bear Down!

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