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Last night, I cooked on a BBQ. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it was for me. It was the first time I’ve ever done it. Well, technically the second. Once, when I was 11 or so we had a BBQ at my house. My mum told me to cook the sausages. I had no idea what I was doing and I managed to burn the outsides and keep ’em raw in the middle. I was embarrassed and ashamed, especially when my parents had to come out recook everything I attempted to serve to everybody. My first attempt at a BBQ and I tried to give everyone food poisoning.

Anyway, I’m not here to hash out old childhood trauma. This is a happy story! One of triumph and success. Well, for me anyway.

A little while ago (or a long while ago) one of my friends gave me a BBQ. He was upgrading and we had just moved into our own house. We had nowhere to put the BBQ, so it sat in our garage, collecting dust for a very long time. Almost 2 years I think.

At some point, during my ramblings, I’ve probably mentioned how we are finally getting around to our landscaping. We’ve still got a ways to go, but we are getting there. Our outside dining area or “deck” if you will, is coming together nicely. We got a roof up on it yesterday and I could finally wheel the BBQ out of storage.

It was in very good shape, if not a little dusty. It needed some cleaning first, so I got to work. And by that, I mean that I made my fiancé clean the BBQ. I cook, she cleans. The perfect Australian BBQ, so I’m told. I’m blending into the culture around here. As I type this, I can hear her cleaning up outside the house. I can also hear my daughter chucking a tantrum. Yay, can’t wait to deal with that!

A new gas bottle was needed and my father-in-law (to be) came to the rescue on that front. He’s a good fella! Ugh, I really am being absorbed into Australian culture. Anyway, I’m sure he’ll be there again when it is time to change it. Or my Dad. Someone will come! I didn’t see how he attached it and if I attempted it myself, I would likely blow up my entire patio and house. Not to mention myself and my beloved 4 burner.

After that, my brother-in-law (to be) showed my how to use it. I didn’t know how and I was comfortable enough to seek his assistance. He is nice like that and didn’t ridicule me, despite the fact that I’m a 30 year old Australian man who doesn’t know how a BBQ works. He’s nice like that. He showed me the different burners and how to work the gas bottle. It was all amazingly simple and I was excited to cook my first BBQ.

Backing up a little bit though. Firstly, I want to point out that I’m not a complete amateur when it comes to grilling. I am the grill master, thank you very much. I’ve just never taken my cooking outdoors before. I’m not very outdoorsy. I was confident in my abilities to crush this. Before all of that though, we had to go shopping. And get everyone out of my house. I wasn’t cooking for all of them! Just me, my fiancé and my jerk face child.

After kicking everyone out and clearing the family off, we walked to the supermarket. We did some trick or treating on the way. Our little girl was dressed as a ghost and was a big hit. She got spoiled. She always does.

We decided to get a generic meat pack from IGA. We went with rissoles and sausages, mainly because it was the cheapest and I don’t like spending money. We got a discounted bag of salad ($0.99) to have as a side and made the trek back home. After a quick bath (and making a huge mess of the bathroom) it was time to finally put my culinary skills to the test.

I crushed it! I told you I would. But, this article isn’t to talk about how good my cooking abilities are. It was to talk about how happy I was when I got to step up to the (hot)plate. I was on my own patio, cooking on my own BBQ, at my own house, for my own family. I felt like I had made it. In that moment, I was at peace and I was truly happy.

I messaged my friend who donated the BBQ and told him it was finally getting some use. I messaged my Dad and told him after 30 years, I was finally cooking on my own BBQ. I messaged my (non-biological) sister and best pal to tell her how happy I was in that moment. It was a great time for me. Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that produce the biggest smiles.

During dinner, we watched Hocus Pocus together as a family and gave out candy to the trick or treaters. We ate too much food and just had an all around good time. I was going to do a review of Hocus Pocus (which I had never seen before) but I thought I’d do a little appreciation piece instead. I’ll do a Hocus Pocus review next Halloween.

This morning, I cooked eggs and bacon, on the BBQ. Then we went shopping for BBQ accessories. I wanted to find a cheesy apron like “Dad’s BBQ” or “Kiss the Chef”, but all they had was overpriced brand name aprons. Pass! Maybe I can make an “accordingtoapron” apron. Just thought of that right then! I’m a merchandising genius. We are having leftover BBQ for lunch. I’d be cooking on the BBQ again tonight for dinner, but we are going out for pizza in the park. Can’t argue with that, I suppose.

I’m sure I’ll be barbecuing for many weeks to come, especially now that we are headed into summer. Tomorrow night, the Bears are playing the Saints. You know I’ll be barbecuing for sure! Maybe Hot Dogs and Wings! What’s your favourite food to BBQ? If you have any suggestions, let me know below!

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