AEW Dynamite : Oct 28th

Before we start on the Dynamite recap, I want to touch on Dark real quick. Why are the episodes of Dark longer than Dynamite? Do we really need to see 15 squash matches a week? I’m all for Dark being a 2 hour show, but make it a real show! Enough squash matches already.

That being said, I actually enjoyed Dark more this week. It had fewer squash matches and featured some more jobbers I like, like Nick Comoroto. That dude is so hairy and massive! I am jealous. I wish I was that hairy.

What really annoyed me about Dark was the Avalon/Cutler feud finally reaching its dramatic conclusion. On Dark. I was convinced this was going to be the on the buy in for Full Gear. Why not? Both are free on YouTube. It’s been AEW’s best built feud over recent times. It just seemed so lacklustre for it to end on Dark. It wasn’t even the main event! It was thrown on the card somewhere in the middle, like they were having trouble filling spots or something. And why did the Young Bucks turn up? Are they doing the heel thing or the face thing? Gah!

Now that I have that off of my chest, we can talk about Dynamite. We open with a promo/interview with Wardlow and MJF. MJF states that if Wardlow wins the AEW championship, that MJF will be the AEW world champion, because he owns Wardlow. The big man reluctantly agreed. Enter Sammy Guevara.

“Screw the jacket!” says Sammy. He ends up arguing with MJF for a little bit, which lead to some great MJF lines, including one about how Sammy looks like he sells Adderall to middle schoolers. He also shared some kind advice on Sammy’s promos, in a word, “don’t”. If MJF finds himself in the Inner Circle, maybe Sammy is finding himself out of it? It’s obvious Wardlow’s days as MJF’s number 2 are numbered. Perhaps a Guevara/Wardlow team up is on the cards?

The first match of the evening was the tournament semi-final between Hangman and Wardlow. I wasn’t expecting much from it, except for the obvious Hangman victory. Tell you what though, this one was awesome. The match opened with a heavy right hand from Wardlow and the heavy hits just kept on coming.

The spear that Wardlow hit was enormous. For a second there, they actually had me believing that Wardlow could actually win it. Just for a second. How the heck was Hangman coming back from that hit? Obviously, he did. It was a fantastic match nonetheless. It left me wanting more Wardlow in my life.

Next we were treated to another Jon Moxley promo. I feel there are far too many of these nowadays. I’m sure the kids love it. Anyway, it should be a fantastic match with Kingston at the PPV.

Speaking of Kingston, he is up next, taking action against Matt Sydal. Prior to the match, Kingston brings up the Casino Battle Royale again. Once again, he claims he was never eliminated from that match. I swear he was though. If he keeps bringing it up. I suppose he wasn’t. I might have to go back and watch it again.

Anyway, the match was pretty decent. I was a little distracted because at ringside, the Blade looked like Elmer Fudd from Space Jam. Once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it. Kingston picks up the win and makes Sydal say “I Quit”. They are giving him a beat of a rough up and Kingston keeps referring to him as “Jon”. Tony kindly points out to us that that isn’t Jon in the ring. Thanks, Tony.

Interview time! Excalibur takes the mic and is interviewing FTR and the Young Bucks. Well, at least he is interviewing the latter. He doesn’t have many questions for FTR and they end up leaving. Matt stammers and stutters through an interview and leaves even more confusion about if the Bucks are trying to be good or bad. Good, bad, I’m the guy with the title. I was already pretty hyped for this match, as most of us are. The Young Bucks made the ‘Cody Claim’, stating that if they don’t win at Full Gear, they will never challenge for the tag titles again. Normally, I’d say this makes the outcome obvious, but I’m not so sure this time. After all, Cody lost, didn’t he?

Next we had the town hall meeting/debate/Q&A to decide if MJF should join the Inner Circle. It’s worth noting that Hager was absent, apparently he is in training for an MMA fight. This was entertaining enough, but probably ran slightly too long. It had its fair share of laughs though and featured a surprise appearance from Eric B(ischoff). They weren’t fooling anybody with that. The town hall meeting ended with a match being booked for Full Gear, MJF vs Jericho, win and you’re in.

Back to the squared circle for a match and a title match at that. Cody defends his TNT title in a lumberjack match, against Orange Cassidy. Before we start on the match, why the heck is Cody’s entrance getting so long? Also, how many mermaids did he skin for those tights? Must have been at least 3.

Remember last week when I said that a Lumberjack match seemed like a weird choice for this? Well, I was right. Primarily because the Lumberjacks sucked at doing their job. Big time. They were awful.

But, the match is about the competitors, not the monkeys on the outside. Cody wins this one, after a cheap shot from Silver and Arn Anderson. I was expecting a draw, but the commentators drew enough attention to that fact that Cody had no idea about the cheap shots. I thought they were obviously setting up for a triple threat at Full Gear. Instead, they swerve and announce the Buy In match for Full Gear will be Orange Cassidy vs Silver. Who cares? When I said be less predictable, this isn’t what I meant. Should be a decent enough match though.

Backstage, Kip and Miro jump the Best Friends. Penelope is dressed up as Orange Cassidy. I can’t wait for this feud. I hope it is as good as the one between Best Friends and Proud and Powerful.

We learn that yesterday, Serena Deeb won the NWA title against Thunder Rosa. Deeb then immediately flew over to Florida so she could defend her NWA title on AEW. I don’t watch NWA, but does anyone from AEW do anything over there? Has an AEW title ever been defended on NWA?

Anyway, Deeb is here to defend her title and it is against Leyla Hirsch. I’m not sure if she is from NWA or a different promotion. It’s not a bad match, but considering Deeb wasn’t going against an AEW star, it kind of felt pointless.

On the topic of female wrestling, for anyone interested, AEW Heels are doing a virtual Halloween party, check the link for details :

The Q&A with Abadon looks to be entertaining. Also, Shida will be defending her title against Nyla Rose at Full Gear.

Shawn Spears has a squash match against VSK. It’s all over pretty quickly. Post match, Spears pulls an audience member into the ring. The audience member is wearing a bull mask. Obviously, it’s Scorpio Sky. He hits a TKO on Spears. A match is announced for Dynamite next week.

The commentary team give us the run down on the card for Full Gear. This is going to be a great show. I can’t wait!

And with that, we arrive at our main event for the evening. It is the other semi final of the tournament, Kenny Omega vs Penta El Zero Miedo (his name has changed on his graphic again). Penta is replacing an injured Rey Fenix. Fenix picked up the injury last week on Dynamite.

Goodness, I criticised Cody for having a needlessly long entrance. I thought Kenny’s was way too long last week, it was longer again this week. When he finally got to the ring, the match got under way.

My partner spotted the AAA title belt around Omega’s waist, that was hidden by his t-shirt. Shame on the referee for not checking the combatants properly before the match started. The start of the match was gimmicky and cheesy. I was disappointed and expected a lot more from these 2 guys. And then, they flipped a switch.

The match was all of a sudden amazing. It was spot after spot after spot. The destroyer from the top rope to the ramp was amazing. Kenny’s V Trigger was as sharp as ever. Both guys exchanged blow after blow. It was awesome.

The commentary team pointed out that if Kenny wins, the final would be a match between the former tag team partners, like we weren’t all completely aware that that was on the cards. Omega wins and the match is booked for Full Gear.

One more episode of Dynamite and then it is time. Jericho is on commentary next week, so that should be interesting! See you all then.

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