Decor Drama

We have lived in our house for about 2 and a half years. Never in my life have I struggled so much with the decor of a particular room. We have figured out every room in the house and did so almost immediately. All except for one. The living room/dining room. I reckon we change it every 6 months and are never satisfied.

It’s one of those big open space areas. On one end is a wall, the opposite end, about 20 something feet away is an enormous window. On one side is a large wall with a small window and a big glass door. The door is leading outside to our yet to be completed deck (It’s almost finished, we just need to finish the roof and make it all bug proof). On the other side is open space, leading directly into the kitchen.

I’ve tried to pinpoint the problem, but I always come up with a new one. First it was the floor. It looked nice but was a nightmare to keep clean. I mean it. Seriously. That thing was a disaster. It would show every bit of food, every speck of dust and every single footprint, regardless of shoes, socks or if it was bare! I remember once we had a class here and the instructor sat on the floor. When she left, you could see the outline of her toes, feet and legs on the floor!

Once we added a baby to the mix, I couldn’t bare it anymore. She was always drooling and crawling through said drool, leaving handprints all over the floor. I’m certain that drool wasn’t the only bodily fluid she stained our floors with, but let’s leave it at that. Not to mention it was fairly easy for her to slip on and wasn’t the softest of landings for her little head.

I must of been mopping daily, sometimes twice! I’m getting flashbacks just thinking about it. Anyway, after saving up enough money, we finally replaced it. The floating floor was gone and we have replaced it with some wonderfully soft carpet, that always looks clean! I haven’t mopped since. Vacuuming is so much easier.

Let that be a warning to anyone who is considering a floating floor. They aren’t all bad, just make sure to pick your design carefully. Especially if you are the very definition of a neat freak, such as myself. I can’t remember the exact colour we used, but it was glossy. Maybe an elm? It looked like elm. It looked amazing when it was freshly mopped, but it was very high maintenance. If you must go for a floating floor, I would suggest a matte finish and a darker colour. Maybe a butternut? Or a walnut. Something dull and dark.

Anyway, back to the situation at hand. Once the floor was gone, My sights turned elsewhere. I don’t like the big window. I’m sure it will be nice to look into our yard, when it is complete that is, I don’t really need to see weeds that are taller than I am. Why is the window so big? You could downsize it 50% and it would still be too big. Do you know how many times we’ve snapped the cord on our blinds? I can’t keep count. It’s a big window with a big heavy roller blinds on it. I wish we got 3 smaller windows instead. Actually, I wish we didn’t have a window but apparently we had to get it, from a legal standpoint. Ugh.

I’ve tried to put furniture in front of it, but I don’t like how it looks. I’ve legitimately considered boarding it up, more times than I can recall. It’s almost daily at this point. I can’t imagine that going down well though. Not to mention the constant glare it puts on my TV. I do not like glare whatsoever. Seriously, I’m always in sunglasses.

Then there is the door on the dining room side of the area. We can’t have a dining room table, unless it blocks the door. Not completely, we can still use the door, we just have to walk around the table every single time. I hate it. So, we pushed the table against the wall. Now the door is accessible, but we’ve lost half of the chairs at the table. Not to mention that the door is no longer accessible when we are eating at the table, because our bodies get in the way.

Then there is all the general stuff just lying around. A bean bag. Chicago’s little table and chair set that she likes to do puzzles on. And jump and climb on. And fall. Anyway. The cabinets with our collectibles on display. My computer desk. The skateboard. The highchair. A tiny statue of Spider-Man. The vacuum. I cannot figure it out.

Earlier this week though, I had a crazy idea. Everyone thinks it’s crazy and a bad idea. That’s what they said about the carpet and look at me now! That’s how I know I’m on to something. I’m gonna flip the room.

I’m going to make the living room part become the dining room part and vice versa. I’m going to wall mount my tv on the wall opposite the big window. Way opposite. It’s far enough that the glare won’t matter anymore. My couch will go near the door, but not blocking it at all. Now the outdoor area is accessible. Completely, all the time.

The dining room table will now have a big open space in which it can sit, all 6 chairs being available at any given time. It will also have a nice view of our soon to be completed yard. It will be surrounded by our wonderful collection of collectibles, all displayed and on show. My computer will tuck in nicely where the TV used to be.

As for Chicago’s things? Well, it’s high time she got a job and found a place of her own. I can’t baby her forever.

The last remaining problem, is our furniture. We’ve made the rooms work with what we have. It’s either very cheap or has been kindly given to us for free. Which is wonderful, but it doesn’t always fit our room. The couch is way too big. The TV is too small. I’m fairly certain the entertainment unit is on its last legs. It’s time we find our own style! Is ‘Domestic Blitz’ still a thing? Probably not, I imagine they’ve long since retired.

It would seem the only thing stopping me now, is money. Curses!

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