AEW Dynamite : Oct 21st

Dynamite had some solid matches, but it was a highly predictable episode. I imagine next week will be very similar. Don’t get me wrong, the matches were mostly decent and I enjoyed the episode enough, but it was all just a formality. That being said, Full Gear is shaping up to be an amazing PPV.

We open up with the first of the four of tournament matches to determine the number one contender. Wardlow and Jungle Boy took to the ring and put on a very decent showing. To kick things off, we started with a nice slap from Jungle Boy. I love a good slap. Wardlow hit a huge lariat and Jungle Boy sold it perfectly. A couple of these guys in AEW are becoming masters at selling moves, JB is one of them. Jungle Boy’s reverse hurricanrana from the top rope was astonishing and worth checking out for sure. Wardlow picks up the win after a very impressive F10 – is that a dig at Lesnar by the way or was it a legitimate move first?

It’s good to see Wardlow have some success in singles competition, but I feel like Jungle Boy is constantly being pushed back down the line. When is he going to get his break? Also, the commentary team were stammering and stuttering all over the place. Sometimes they need to be quiet and let the action breathe. Excalibur even pointed out that the ring posts are square and not round. He reminded us that because they are square, they have edges. It was the first of many annoying commentary gaffes tonight.

Moxley address Eddie Kingston and says that he sold out for his family. The reverb is turned up way too much. Looks like they are full steam ahead with the “I Quit” match.

Joey Janela has been replaced by Sonny Kiss, due to the former coming into close contact with someone with COVID. Kenny Omega comes out with the longest and strangest entrance I’ve seen in a while. It was like it was a PPV. What was with the girls sweeping the entrance ramp? Sadly, the entrance was longer than the match.

I was expecting this to be a very good match and for Kiss to show off some of her amazing talent. However, this was just a very annoying squash match. Omega came out and hit 2 moves and got the pin. Sonny deserves better than that. This isn’t an episode of Dark. I didn’t so much make Omega look good so much as it made Sonny look bad. I was not happy with this one.

We have a brief interview with Orange Cassidy. He still makes me laugh, but I feel the gimmick is running out of time. If not retired all together, it definitely needs to be tweaked a little bit. He mentions how he lost and is on to Cincinnati next week. Tony reminds him that next week is Jacksonville. “Whatever”.

Cody and Arn arrive in the parking lot and Dasha is there for an interview. Arn looks like he is dressed for vacation. So does Dasha for that matter. Cody is the only one dressed like a professional. Cody hints at a stipulation for next weeks title match with Cassidy. Spoiler alert : we later find out that it is a Lumberjack match. Weird. I was hoping it would end in a draw again and we could have a triple threat match at the PPV. Allin, Cody and Cassidy.

Quick promo from Eddie Kingston, he answers Moxley and lets him know that he is a sell out. I’m pretty sure Kingston is wearing a Carmelo Anthony Syracuse Jersey. Cool. The “I Quit” match is all but confirmed. UPDATE : It gets confirmed later in the evening.

The next match was possibly the highlight of the show, as we saw the Lucha Bros square off against one another. It was pretty darn awesome. Lots of hard hitting power moves. Lots of top rope shenanigans. I love some good technical wrestling and this match was dream with the number of counters they were dropping. They get full points for creativity as well. They definitely did some things I had never seen before. Do yourself a favour and go check this one out!

Fenix picks up the win over Penta El Zero M. I wasn’t too fussed either way, but I was hoping that Penta would get this one. I feel like we have seen more Fenix that we do Penta and I was curious to see him against Omega. Either way though, it should be a great match next week. If Omega wins in 10 seconds again, I’m gonna be furious.

Another promo and it looks AEW are setting up a Kip/Miro and Best Friends feud. Awesome.

Alex Marves has an interview with Dark Order’s Silver, Reynolds and Cabana. News flash – nobody cares! Silver proclaims that he and Reynolds will be tag team champions, Cabana the world champion and Brodie Lee the TNT champion. Yeah, right.

In the next match, Hangman took care of business and beat Colt Cabana. There goes his title aspirations! This was a decent enough match, but this match more than any of the others suffered from the obvious Hangman victory.

Post match, Dark Order came out to help Colt Cabana to his feet and they didn’t beat down Hangman. I really don’t understand the direction Dark Order is headed.

Another short promo and it looks like Sammy and Matt are planning on picking up were they left off. I’m really glad by this, I’m sure they had a lot of cool things planned for the broken rules match and I want to see it. I’m sure they want to put on a show as well! Just be careful this time guys. UPDATE : Later in the evening the ‘Elite Deletion’ match is announced for Full Gear. Sweet!

Team Tazz come out to talk some smack. They really don’t need Tazz with them. I’m 100% certain that Cage and Starks would flourish without him. They are both better on the mic than he is. What do you need a manager for if you have more charisma than your manager? Anyway, they tell Will Hobbs to hurry up and decide if he is joining them. Starks calls Darby a “half face painted little bitch”.

Up next we tune in for the ‘Le Dinner Debonaire’ and it was not the direction I thought they would go, but my god it was incredible. Was anyone else expecting the two of them to do a song and dance routine to an AEW version of ‘Me and My Shadow’? Honestly, these two are astonishing entertainers, in and out of the ring. This was phenomenal. MJF is actually an amazing singer too. Well done, gentleman.

Britt Baker took action next against resident jobber, Kilyn King. Guess who won? Britt’s outfit looked amazing and is possibly the softest fabric known to man. The commentary team was constantly calling Reba “Rebel” and then correcting themselves and then arguing with themselves. It happened a few times during the match and I was ready to punch someone. “Reba…no sorry Rebel, no it is Rebel isn’t it? Definitely Rebel? Or is it Reba? Reba? Rebel?” My blood is boiling just thinking about it.

A bunch of matches for next week and Full Gear are announced/confirmed. Abadon is in action next week and she is somehow ranked 3rd in the women’s division? Not that the rankings mean much anymore. Speaking of Abadon, she has a really cool new shirt available : So do Best Friends and Superbad. The pink AEW t-shirt is also amazing. I love pink and portion of the profits will be going to charity. if you can spare it, maybe check it out and help raise awareness.

I usually say that Darby Allin spends every match trying to kill himself as quickly as possible. This is now true of his promos as well. He puts himself in a body bag and then drops down a huge skate ramp. He called in the body bag roll in. Why Darby, why? That Steve-O is a bad influence. I don’t want you hanging around with him anymore.

As we saw on Dark yesterday (don’t get me started on that 128 minute squash fest) the Bunny is back with the Butcher & the Blade. This is cool and all, but why? Who decides these things? I didn’t understand why she left in the first place after not much time and now I don’t understand why she is back.

The 4 team tag match was pretty good and they mostly managed to hide the fact that the Young Bucks were going to be victorious. The commentary team reminded us, again, that Private Party actually beat the Young Bucks in the first tournament to determine the tag team champions. It’s like a nervous tic, they have to say it every time they see Private Party. They must of said it another 7 times this match. If I had the patience, I would go back and watch every Private Party match and tally up every time they mention the tournament. I need a stats guy and AEW need a new commentary team. JR can stay because he has commentated basically every match I’ve seen throughout my life.

Anyway, as I was saying. The in ring action was pretty good. There was an incredible sequence by Dark Order’s Silver and it was good to see them show off some of their talent instead of just losing. No one team looked dominant and commentary aside, I enjoyed it.

Post match, the Young Bucks are on the wrong end of a beat down by FTR and a mystery masked assailant. His balding, grey head was showing through the mask so it was not really a mystery. Even my girlfriend realised that it was Tully. They stomped Matt Jackson’s leg in a chair and have allegedly broken it. In the wrestling world that is, not in life. Hopefully the match goes ahead at the PPV, but it feels like they are setting up for some shenanigans.

That’s a wrap! Like I said, next week will likely be a tad dull and predictable as well. However, Full Gear should be great! Talk soon.

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