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Haunted (Netflix Season 2)

I told you I’d watch it and review it for you guys! I just got distracted by a few things first. I mentioned that I had heard rumours that this season was better than the first and I’m inclined to agree. It was still hard to tell how legitimate some of these stories were, but for the most part they at least presented us with names and locations. The characters were generally more relatable and I felt I was able to connect with them more. Instead of lumping them all together for the review, I’ll do an episode by episode breakdown. In chronological order! Take notes Netflix, that’s how I like to do things.

The first episode was called Mimic and it was my least favourite. I’m willing to blame production issues (or my tv) because I could barely see anything this episode. When everyone was talking in the main room and telling the story, it was fine. Whenever they went to the flashback though, I couldn’t see anything. Why where all the lights in their house red? Were they photographers? Was it a brothel? I honestly could not see a thing.

Anyway, the basic story to Mimic was a group of friends move into a house together and they see and hear a spirit that mimics their voices and appearances. It wasn’t a bad episode, but it wasn’t great. The newest friend to the group is the one who mainly hears the mimic, but she doesn’t speak up because she doesn’t want her friends to think she is weird. She even lets someone move into the basement, which is where the mimic lives. If you ask me, that is a sign of a bad friend. She cares more about being popular than she does about your health and safety. Eventually, they move out and the house is alleged to still be haunted by the mimic to this day.

Episode 2 was called Ward of Evil and was about a possessed patient at a nursing home. It was an eerie tale, or at least it was at first. I found it went on a bit too long and lost it’s edge. I didn’t understand why the nurses kept going back in the room, over and over again. This patient would speak in tongues, bite them, move objects with her mind, wound them without touching them and show numerous other signs of demonic possession but they just kept going back. Hey, please don’t steal my soul but I have to change your sheets. If this was really happening, I don’t understand why they didn’t call her daughter to have her taken away? Or had a priest come and do a blessing? Arrange the exorcism sooner? It didn’t make sense to me. I understand that as nurses they have a passion for care and a duty to look after their patients, but if something is that obviously wrong, I think it supersedes being a good nurse.

Cult of Torture was the third episode and it was the standout episode in my opinion. It was the story of a poor young boy who was sent to a conversion camp. I always say the scariest things in this world are the horrible things that people do to one another and this episode was an example of that. There was only a very small mention of paranormal happenings in this, most of it was based around the “demons” that the church would see in day to day people.

It was tragic to hear his story and the horrible things he had to endure, all because he was different. Some of you who have read my works before know that I have also been bullied in my life for being a minority. I am very fortunate to have never endured anything as awful as what this poor man went through. I found this episode to be relatable, heartbreaking and touching. I am glad that at the end, he found happiness and made his life his own. It was truly tragic what he had to go through to get there though. If you watch just one episode of Haunted, make it this one.

Number 4! Spirits from Below was about a family from the Phillipines who moved to the United States. The father worked three jobs in order to be able to afford a home for his family. Unfortunately, it was haunted by 3 spirits. The family remained in the house for 2 generations and just recently sold it, in order to escape from the hauntings. It wasn’t a bad episode, but nothing stood out. I understand finances can be difficult, but again, I don’t understand why you would move back into the haunted house you grew up in, knowing full well it was haunted. Why would you bring your own child into that?

Episode 5 was probably the second best. It was called Demon of War and was about a soldier. I have never served in the military, but previous generations of my family have. I have a friend who serves in the army, for over 10 years now. I have a lot of respect and admiration for the bravery shown by soldiers and those who serve. This episode covered a lot on the horrors of war, the pain of losing friends and the struggles of being away from home.

Like in episode 3, the amount of reference to any supernatural event was minimal and could be explained away to psychological stress. Maybe that is what made both episodes so good. They were both stories of humans, enduring a struggle and coming out better for it. At the end of this episode, the soldier came home and was reunited with his family. He felt it strengthened his bond with his father, who, at the time of the story telling, had just recently passed.

The last episode was called Born Cursed. It was about a boy who was born (you guessed it) cursed. He could see ghosts and was haunted by one throughout his childhood. This was another eerie tale, involving ghosts, clowns, slaughterhouses and hauntings. Unfortunately, this episode followed a very similar formula to some of the episodes from the first season. This made it hard to believe and relate to.

That’s the end of Haunted Season 2. I definitely enjoyed it more than the first season and I was a big fan of episodes 3&5. As far as I am aware, there is no season 3 in the works. I probably won’t be watching it anyway, unless I have nothing else to do. I’m not sure what’s next for our spooky October reviews, I’m thinking either the new Creepshow or the Haunting of Bly Manor. Or maybe we can lighten the mood a little and watch the new Adam Sandler film, Hubie Halloween? If you have a preference, let me know in the comments!

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