AEW Dynamite : Oct 14

Happy anniversary! Can you believe it’s been 1 year of Dynamite? It’s been awesome to be a part of this from the very episode and I’m looking forward to many more years to come. If you haven’t seen it before, the very first episode is on YouTube for a limited time only. I really enjoyed that episode, it’s safe to say I was hooked from the start. We aren’t here to reminisce though, so let’s look at what happened on this weeks episode.

We open with the Tag Team titles on the line, the champions FTR squaring off against Best Friends. Best Friends are dressed in black and pink, my favourite colour combination. Chucky T has an amazing pink vest. Trent has that awesome Bill Murray knee pad he always wears. I never bring enough attention to that. But, we aren’t here to talk about fashion either!

This match had plenty of highlight spots. Chucky kicked off the fun with a crisp arm drag takeover. Trent took a huge back body drop from the top rope. We saw a huge assisted power bomb. An exchange of DDT’s, some of which were off the ropes. Trent went headfirst through an arcade game machine. Not sure what Kip was playing, but he wasn’t happy. Finally, Chuck took a headshot with the title belts and Best Friends lose.

Despite being a predictable outcome, it was a very enjoyable opener. I’m convinced that Best Friends are getting wilder each match and I’m all for it. During this match, Tony said that AEW Dynamite started on October 2nd 1990. Not quite. There was a really good fake finish in this match. Well, it would have been if the camera wasn’t in the wrong spot. It ruined the surprise on that one. Post match, Best Friends are beaten down by Miro and Kip. Setting up for the next feud perhaps?

Speaking of Miro and Kip, they had a squash match up next. They faced off against Lee Johnson and Sean Maluta. This felt like it should have been on Dark, but it was another good highlight reel for Miro. Sabian saw about 10 seconds of action. The rest was just Miro, showing off his power and dominating. He looks really good in the ring and he is exciting enough on the mic. In case you didn’t guess, Miro and Sabian won.

Cut backstage and we see Archer beating up Moxley, ahead of their main event match tonight. Ugh. They don’t even have the decency to just wait and only ruin 20 minutes of the show.

The commentary team informs us that Penta El Zero M (when did he stop going by Pentagon?) and Joey Janela are the final 2 combatants in the 8 man tournament. No offense to those guys, but I thought they were saving it for something new or bigger. The bracket is as follows : Penta vs Fenix. Kenny vs Joey. Jungle Boy vs Wardlow. Hangman vs Cabana. I guess they are setting up for Omega and Page in the final match.

MJF and Jericho take centre stage for a bit of chit chat and fun. Sammy is forced to wear his over size jacket. Jericho yelling at him to put on his jacket reminded me of dressing my own daughter in the mornings. MJF asks to touch Jericho’s hair and to join the Inner Circle. They agree to think it over and to meat (see what I did there?) for a one on one steak dinner, next week on Dynamite!

Tony and Britt Baker are seen getting pampered at Three 13. I can’t really remember what they were talking about but Tony got his chest waxed.

Time for the TNT championship – Cody is set to defend against Orange Cassidy. Darby Allin is seen watching from the cheap seats. Could we not of gotten him a better seat? Surely working in the company must come with some benefits. There are empty seats everywhere.

This was a mostly good match, but I have my criticisms. Mainly with Orange Cassidy in another title match. I get it, he’s a big draw. People love him. I love him. But his gimmick is best worked on the sidelines. It’s hard to sell the “I don’t care about anything” bit when you see him giving everything he has to win a title that he seems to care about a lot. I get that you want your wrestlers to wrestle, but I don’t think it works with this gimmick. It’s time to either retire it or to stop wrestling for a while.

Also, can the Dark Order just not be involved in something for more than 5 minutes? We get that they are unhappy that Brodie lost to Cody, but did we really need the cheap interference again? I’m so tired of the Dark Order.

As soon as Justin announced that there was 5 minutes left in the match, it was obvious that they were going to go the distance and end in a time limit draw. Which is exactly what happened. They still made it exciting though, so I’ll give them credit for that. Cassidy was 1 second away from winning via pinfall. Of course, Orange Cassidy is booked for a rematch in a couple of weeks and Darby Allin will have a chance at Full Gear.

Backstage, we are treated (heavy sarcasm is implied) to Mox beating up Archer. I will say that Archer hit a pretty decent forearm to one of the security guys.

We also get to hear from Matt Hardy and he announces he has been cleared to compete. They immediately go back to setting up the Sammy vs Matt feud. Sammy reveals that it was him who initiated the surprise attack last week and no matter how healthy Hardy gets, Sammy will always send him back to the hospital. I was hoping they’d get back to this feud. I’m sure these guys had lots of crazy stuff planned and I want to see it. Just be careful please!

Back to the ring and we are drawing names out of a barrel. 4 teams are selected to face off in a number 1 contenders match, the winning team getting a tag team title shot at Full Gear. Private Party, Dark Order’s 3&4 (obviously, Dark Order are involved), The Butcher & The Blade and the Young Bucks. Man, who would have seen the Young Bucks getting picked? Has wrestling always been this predictable? Am I just seeing it now? Anyway, in ring shenanigans ensue. Private Party are wearing some dope tracksuits.

Time for another title match, this time the Women’s. Our Champion, Shida defends against the challenger, Big Swole. This was a decent match, it was pretty fast paced and had some high impact moves. Looked like Shida head butted a camera at one point. Unfortunately, a few of Shida’s moves were executed poorly down the stretch. I will forgive her and make excuses for her though, because I am a big fan. Obviously, Shida won.

Shawn Spears cuts a quick promo and sets up for a match against Scorpio Sky. SS v SS. Gosh, I love alliteration.

Eddie Kingston joins the commentary team for our main event. Lucha Bros are running security. It’s been announced that the main event between Moxley and Archer has been made a NO DQ match. I’d been telling my partner all week that the only thing that could make it an entertaining match was if it was a NO DQ match. Turns out, I was wrong.

Even in a no rules environment, this match still sucked. We barely saw anyone take advantage of the no rules environment and when they did it was weak. You could obviously see hands going up to protect faces well in advance. I’ve said this before (I think during a Moxley match as well), I know wrestling is fake, but it’s their job to make me forget. Not rub it in my face. I’m all for protecting the safety of the athletes, but if you can’t sell a hit and are unwilling to actually get hit with a chair, then leave the hardcore stuff for the guys who know how to do it.

This match was really disappointing. Disappointing as a match, as a main event for the anniversary show and to highlight how little I enjoy seeing Mox as the champion. I used to really like Moxley. Some of the matches he has had in AEW have been exceptional. It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed Moxley and I have never enjoyed Archer. Moxley picks up the win.

Post match, the Lucha Bros save Moxley from a beatdown. Kingston joins them and says the Moxley is his friend. And then they beat him up, classic heel style.

The last few weeks, I’ve felt like Dynamite is played in the wrong order. It feels the show gets worse as the night wears on. Am I just getting tired or are the main events nowhere near as good as the opening matches? Maybe I’ll rewatch today in reverse order and see how I go.

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