The Dark Order

I think it’s safe to say that the Dark Order schtick has run it’s course. I’ve seen more Dark Order matches than I’ve had hot dinners. They have more members than there are people in my partners family. There are a lot of people in her family. As always, Mr. Khan, I have a proposal for you. It’s time for one last hurrah with the Dark Order. This is my plan.

Obviously, you’ve already booked a rematch between Brodie Lee and Cody. Good decision. The rivalry is real and the fans will be all in (sorry) on the Cody redemption story. It’s going to be a fantastic match, both competitors will push one another to the limit. 5 & 10 come out to run interference, but it backfires. Cody was prepared for this. Against all odds, Cody wins the title back.

Brodie Lee snaps. I mean, he goes next level psycho. 5 & 10 are the first victims for their failure. Brodie Lee destroys the two of them. And some furniture too. I want a bit of blood for this. I want Brodie Lee screaming his head off. Throwing chairs. Throwing 5 and 10. Tables, the ring bell, whatever. Just make it violent. Brodie storms off backstage. Uno comes out to check on 5 & 10. This is the last time we see 5 & 10.

Side note : the last time we see them as 5 & 10. Don’t fire them, just give them a new gimmick. We can’t see them until this over though, so it’s a good time for them to use some vacation time or do something backstage.

From now on, Brodie is ringside at every Dark Order match. Every time a member of Dark Order loses, Brodie will beat them in the ring and strip them of their mask. They are hereby banished and we do not see them again. Again, don’t fire them, just give them a new gimmick, but not until this is over.

Evil Uno is growing weary of Brodies attitude, which I think you have been hinting at anyway. He tries to talk about it with Grayson, but Grayson is not interested. He is fiercely loyal to Brodie Lee and the Dark Order. Henceforth, Uno drops the “Evil” in his title.

It’s time to build some serious heat. Anna Jay loses a match to Brandi. Again, I think you are setting up for this sometime soon. Anna Jay is not spared from Brodie’s wrath. She eats a big boot and a power bomb for good measure. Cabana comes out to try and intervene. He saves Anna Jay but at the expense of his own health. You’re banished to Boom Boom. But not entirely, we will see him again soon. In the background, you can see Uno want to come and help, but Grayson talks him out of it.

Cabana is seen next week with some injuries. Nothing to major. Give him some crutches or a neck brace or something. He is upset with Uno and expresses his displeasure at his lack of help. He expected it from Grayson, but not Uno. He thought they were friends. Uno tries to apologise, but Cabana won’t here it. He challenges Uno and Grayson to a tag match on Dynamite next week. Reluctantly, Uno accepts.

Brodie is ringside, as is now customary. Brodie tries to run interference and attempts to get Uno to hit Cabana with a cheap shot. Uno doesn’t do it. Cabana capitalises and gets the win. Grayson tries to break up the pin, but Brodie stops him. Uno gets pinned. Brodie is furious at his betrayal and defeat. Grayson and Lee beat the heck out of him. Uno is completely humiliated by Brodie. Brodie even removes his mask (if Uno is ok with this, I don’t want anyone upset). Grayson and Lee are all that remain of the Dark Order.

Uno is hurt and betrayed by the loss of his family, partner and best friend, Grayson. Cabana comes to check on Uno and make peace. They both apologise for going along with Brodie Lee for too long and not standing up sooner. Uno vows to destroy the Dark Order and get his best friend back. Cabana says if he can help in anyway, he will.

Brodie finally gets his rematch with Cody. Grayson is ringside. Uno and Cabana hatch their plan. Cabana comes out to cause a distraction. He draws the attention of Grayson, Cody and the official. Whilst they are all distracted, Uno decks Brodie with a chair. Cody suspects something fishy, but can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. He hits the cross rhodes for the win. Brodie wants to destroy Grayson, but ultimately decides that he needs his most loyal follower. He is on his final chance.

Brodie and Grayson challenge Uno/Cabana to an “Abyss” match. It’s basically a buried alive match, just replace the coffin with an “Abyss”. All you need is some form of pit, dark enough that we can’t see in to. It can be ringside, in the ring, up the ramp. Wherever, you pick. It’s a no rules, tornado style tag match. The only way to win is to throw your opponents into the “Abyss”.

Again. try and make this a physical match. As many cool spots as you can think of. Brodie and Grayson are winning, mainly because of the huge size advantage Brodie has. The match is nearing it’s conclusion. Cabana is down for the count. Brodie is dragging a groggy Uno to the “Abyss”. He is preparing to throw him in and Grayson stops him. Together, he and Uno throw Brodie into the “Abyss” and the match ends.

Grayson apologies to Uno for not having his back and getting lost within the Dark Order. They both agree that they make an excellent team and do their best work together. They decide to set their focus on the tag team titles. Cabana is now free to get back to singles wrestling.

Brodie is lost in the void…for now. He will return. Not as Mr. Brodie, head of the Dark Order. Just as Brodie Lee. A formidable singles wrestler. His escape from the void has changed him. He know longer remembers his time in the void or with the Dark Order. It’s a clean slate and he is a new man. Still a heel, still a powerhouse, but now he is interesting again.

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