AEW Dynamite : Sep 30

We open with perhaps the best match on the card, Ricky Starks vs Darby Allin. Before the match started though, we had a weird JPEGMAFIA promo. I can’t actually remember what he said. Something about Darby Allin being unkillable, I think. Then he slid a body bag down a homemade skateboard ramp. I wonder how hard it was to talk Darby Allin out of not being in that body bag for the stunt. Anyway, it’s good to know I’m not the only emo kid in the world who loves hip hop.

This match was very enjoyable. I expected nothing less, they are both exceptional talents, inside the ring and out. It was a great combination of athleticism and power. The only downside was the pointless interference from Cage and Hobbs. Fortunately, it didn’t take much away from the match. This should have been the main event. Great match and the outcome wasn’t predictable, which makes a nice change. Either man could have won and both of them deserved it. Allin picks up the win after a coffin drop.

Cody makes his way to the ring to address the challenge issued by Brodie Lee. Normally, Cody is pretty good on the mic. Tonight wasn’t the case. He seemed off his game, almost like he was nervous to be back in the ring. Maybe I’m looking into it too much, but he definitely wasn’t himself during this promo. It was too long, lame and ultimately boring. It was interrupted by Brodie. They traded fists and were then separated. Then they came back for more and were separated. Then they came back for more and were separated. That wasn’t a typo. It felt like it would never end. Brandi hit one of the worst sentons I’ve ever seen. That was a tad harsh, that’s not completely true. It wasn’t a good one though. The best part about this was Nyla Rose beating up Kilyn King. Why did it happen? I don’t know. This got out of control and not in a good way. It was a mess.

Tony Schiavone is conducting a backstage interview with FTR. The main point here was the Young Bucks are still evil. They interrupted and super kicked Tony in the face. Nice. Excalibur wasn’t a fan though. “I hate it, I hate it!” he proclaimed when talking about it afterwards. It reminded me of a young Grinch when he said ” I hate Christmas, I hate it!”. Call me Tazz, because I digress. SCU also had a short interview before the match, guaranteeing a win. Has any wrestler ever guaranteed a win and actually won? Shawn Spears wished Scorpio Sky luck on his way to the ring. That should be an awesome feud. Spears is such a massive dude.

Hangman joins the commentary team for the Tag Team title match. Not to provide any wrestling insight, mainly to complain about being alone. Poor millennial cowboy. This match felt like a lot of Frankie Kazarian. That’s not a criticism, just an observation. He is an incredible talent and a joy to watch. Kaz definitely stole the show though and hit some awesome moves. Obviously, FTR retain the titles in their first title defense, after a little bit of help from Tully. This was a good match, but probably about 5 minutes too long. Any time the outcome is predetermined, it’s hard to go longer than 10 minutes without getting stale.

At first, I thought it was a bit weak that in their first title defense they win by cheating. After some thought though, it’s a brilliant idea. As long as AEW embrace it. They should be cheating as much as possible. I want to see them retain via a time limit draw a few times as well. Really lean into the villain thing. They can still show off how talented they are and cheat at the same time.

The commentary team mention that a tournament will start soon and the winner will get a AEW World Title shot at a future PPV. 3 contestants have been named so far, 5 more remain a mystery. The 3 we know about are – Rey Fenix, Jungle Boy and Kenny OOOOOMEGA! Cool. Nobody told Hangman though and now he is sadder. I’m legitimately curious of how the Hangman and Kenny thing is going to end. I hope it just doesn’t fizzle out.

Jericho and Cassidy are the next match on tonight’s schedule. We are informed that next weeks Dynamite will be a 30 year anniversary celebration of Chris Jericho. That should be good!

Unfortunately, this match wasn’t as good as it could have been. Or maybe it was. It was hard to tell because so much was going on outside the ring, it was hard to pay attention to the inside. Less is more sometimes. Unfortunately, in this match there was a lot happening and it was distracting from the match. On that note, “interference” was a common theme on tonight’s episode of Dynamite.

Chris Jericho is the obvious victor. I don’t understand why this wasn’t a tag match between Hager/Jericho and Private Party? It would have made more sense. AEW has this weird thing that they do, when they make singles wrestlers join up to tag and they split tag teams up for singles competition. You don’t always have to be different.

I do have a few talking points for this match, although all of them were from outside the ring. Jake Hager busted his nose open somehow. He was also standing in front of a fan and his hair did the thing from ‘Something about Mary’. Matt Hardy was holding a chair and then it was like it disappeared from his hand. It’s really annoying how the commentators will count “1,2,3!” on a pinball when it’s only a 2 count. It’s confusing and they are doing it far too often. Luther kept interfering with Jericho, it’s obvious they are setting up for a tag team match.

EDIT : A tag team match between Chaos Project and Hager/Jericho has been booked for next week.

Next we have a weird but entertaining promo that takes place at Good Game in Atlanta. It looked like a cool place. Miro is wearing pyjamas and is trying to plan Kip’s bachelor party. He’s not having much luck. Then he plays Pac-Man with Billy Mitchell. Kip makes crop tops look amazing. If I had the body for it, I’d wear them too.

Back to Jacksonville and we have an interview with Best Friends. FTR interrupt and Orange Cassidy calls them Weenies. I assume there is a t shirt available on and if not, they better have one soon. I almost forgot, Cassidy then had a match against 10 and won.

Time for another Jericho and MJF promo. MJF brings Jericho a present and then unwraps it for him. Rude, but ok. He has jackets for every member of the Inner Circle, except for Sammy. Poor Sammy! MJF and Jericho then have a classic call back to an old gag they once did. I had forgotten about it, but it was very amusing and has aged well. “Do you want to join the Inner Circle?” “Do you want me to join the Inner Circle?” They honestly do some very funny work together and I really hope MJF joins the Inner Circle. Sammy went to deliver the “What a loser” line, but Jericho stopped him and said “Perhaps not”. Intriguing.

Time for some women’s action, as we see Dr. Britt Baker DMD take on Red Velvet. Britt hit a really brutal looking forearm early on. She connected with some good elbows as well. Obviously, Britt got the win. The most impressive thing happened post match (again, not an insult). Britt Baker went to do the Lockjaw (I can’t remember the name, it’s late. The one when she puts her hand in their mouth though) and Riva put a glove on for her. It’s incredible. Those gloves are hard enough to put on your own hand, let alone someone else’s. Riva deserves a raise for that.

One other point from this match. I’ve seen it in a few other matches as well, although I can’t remember an example of who. Sometimes, when they perform the Bulldog, it’s hard to tell who got hit. It often looks like it has been countered and the opposite wrestler of who I expect sells the move like they got hit. It always throws me for a bit. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed it a few times.

Main Event time. This still had some intrigue about it, because we didn’t know who the opponent was going to be. Eddie Kingston gets to pick! First though, he wanted to beat up Bryce Remsburg. Me too, Eddie. Unfortunately, Moxley comes out to be the hero.

Turns out the surprise opponent is the Butcher! One of my favourites in AEW. There is just something about him that draws me in. He is just so cool. Everything about him. Especially the moustache. I was shamelessly cheering for him, even though I knew he had no chance. He put on a good show, but ultimately lost. He was really badly sunburnt, so kudos to him for toughing it out. I bet some of those chops really stung! I’m not being sarcastic.

Anyway, like I said, Mox won. Eddie had a tantrum. The End.

I’ll be back tomorrow to recap Game 2 of the NBA finals. I will also be doing a piece on the Dark Order the day after. Be sure to check it out! Otherwise, I’ll see you next week for Dynamite!

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