NBA Recap : Sep 24th

Before we dive into basketball talk, I’m sure you are all aware that the investigation into the shooting of Breonna Taylor has reached a conclusion. The officer in question was charged with wanton endangerment, but not against Breonna Taylor. I’m sure her family must be devastated that she didn’t get the justice she deserved.

We only have one weapon in the fight against injustice and it is our voice. We cannot make any changes unless we vote. Remember to visit the following websites :

Vote. Vote. Vote. Locally. Nationally. Our voice is our weapon. Let’s stand together against injustice. Together we can make a difference.

The Los Angeles Lakers now have a 3-1 lead in their series against the Denver Nuggets, after tonights 114-108 victory.

Anthony Davis lead the way for Los Angeles with 34 points. AD came out on a mission and was aggressive from the get go. He was a perfect from the field in the first quarter for 14 points. I loved seeing AD get inside and play in the post. He is such a dominant player when he gets inside, instead of taking outside jump shots. LeBron almost had a triple double with 26 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists.

Apparently Frank Vogel had words with Dwight Howard prior to tip off about his “villainous attitude” lately. Howard was basically told to talk less and hoop more. I don’t know what Vogel said, but it worked. Howard was a machine tonight, offensively and defensively. It was a great coaching decision to give Howard the start. He finished with 12 points and 11 rebounds (8 and 8 in the first quarter!).

I’m surprised Rondo only played 22 minutes. He has been so effective for L.A. and was effective again tonight in the minutes he had. I’m not sure if Vogel was trying to play bigger or what, but I was expecting more Rondo. Rondo had 11 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds, including a massive offensive board late in the game. KCP added 13 points and Kuzma tacked on 10. Looks like the Carushow might be canceled!

For Denver, Murray lead the charge, especially late in the game. He is the definition of clutch. Unfortunately, his heroics weren’t enough to get the job done. Murray played 45 minutes and scored 32 points, to go along with 8 assists. Jokic struggled to make an impact, largely due to the defensive efforts of L.A., but also due to his inability to play without fouling, again. Jokic finished with 16 points and 7 rebounds.

Grant had 17 points and continued to look confident scoring the basketball. Morris had 12. Michael Porter Jr. added 13, doing most of his damage from long distance. Paul Millsap also gave decent minutes off the bench, 5 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists. Denver should go to Millsap more instead of Plumlee. Plumlee was just a liability on the court tonight, on both ends of the court. I would just sit him for the rest of the series. Jokic really needs to play without fouling.

Denver are playing really well in this series and they have been right in most of the games. They are just getting killed on the boards and the second chance points are coming back to hurt them. They are scoring well enough to make up for it, but they aren’t getting the production they need from Jokic. He has to stop fouling! Murray can’t do everything.

It was another spirited comeback from the Nuggets, but it wasn’t to be tonight. The Lakers played excellent defense in the final few minutes. It was phenomenal. So, once again, Denver find themselves down 3-1 in the playoffs.That’s every round so far. Surely, this time, there is no coming back. Who knows though?

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Finally, I would like to send best wishes to Chloe Dygert and I hope she makes a speedy recovery. I don’t really follow cycling, I only heard about her accident after Reggie mentioned it during tonight’s broadcast. It was a pretty scary fall though. She had a successful surgery today and is expected to make a full recovery, so that’s good news!

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