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TNT Talk : Sep 22nd

It was a different kind of a doubleheader on TNT this evening. Part 1 was Game 3 of the WCF between the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers. The second act was a late night special edition of AEW Dynamite. I love the NBA, I love AEW, so naturally, I didn’t miss it.

First up, Denver got a much needed 114-106 victory over L.A. and now trail 2-1 in the series. The Nuggets outplayed the Lakers for most of the evening and survived a late scare to get the win.

It’s hard to start talking about that game without thinking of Jamal Murray. The Nuggets would of been in big trouble if not for him. The Lakers had all the momentum but Murray was not to be denied. He finished with a near triple double, 28 points, 12 assists and 8 rebounds. Nikola Jokic had a double/double with 22 points and 10.

I said that Denver needed a third guy to step up and tonight it was Jerami Grant. His impact is usually felt defensively, but tonight he brought it on both ends. He was aggressive on offense and did not settle for threes. Grant was constantly moving without the basketball and managed to get himself to the line regularly. Grant finished with 26 points on the night. Michael Porter Jr. also had a good game, the highlight being a big three he hit in James’ face.

Speaking of LeBron, he was awesome again. James had a triple double with 30 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. Looking at the box score, you might be tempted to credit Anthony Davis for his 27 points, but he went back to playing passive basketball. Rondo continued to pass the ball well. Alex Caruso was missing in action and nobody really stepped up for the Lakers.

Denver were lucky in a way to keep this win. They had a huge collapse in the fourth quarter. If the Lakers managed to shoot a little better, they likely would of snatched this one. L.A. shot just 23% from long range and were out rebounded by almost 20! The Lakers were also terrible at the free throw line again. At the end of the day, the only stat that matters though is the victory. Denver got that tonight.

Now that the basketball is wrapped up, we can talk about some wrestling! Chris Jericho joins the commentary team for a 1 hour special of AEW Dynamite.

First up, Ben Carter vs Scorpio Sky. Now I understand why Carter got the win at Dark. Had I known he had a match on Dynamite, I would of expected him to beat Johnson. In my defense though, I rarely pay attention to what’s on the card except for at a PPV. I vaguely remember Sky having a match, but I couldn’t recall who against. That goes back to what I was saying about debuts and jobbers not being memorable. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. I’m rambling.

Ben Carter vs Scorpio Sky. What an excellent match. It had a little bit of everything – high flying manoeuvres, technical wrestling and some good power moves. Sky picked up the win after several near falls and after the match shook hands with his opponent. Great Dynamite debut for Carter and another solid showing for Sky. Carter will be one to watch moving forward.

We break for a recap of the Moxley and Archer feud. Blah blah blah.

Dark Order’s Anna Jay vs Brandi Rhodes is the next match scheduled on the card. I feel like you can’t go more than 1 or 2 matches without a Dark Order fight these days. This match was ok, but nothing spectacular. I feel like there are better performers in the women’s division that should of been used for a special episode, designed to draw in new viewers. After a Dark Order distraction, Anna Jay chokes out Brandi again. Stu Grayson is turning into a psycho on the sidelines. Maybe he is Dwight Howard’s inspiration for his heel turn.

We have a quick interview with Scorpio Sky, conducted by my favourite, Alex Marves. Sky says he hasn’t forgotten the TNT championship and still has his sights set upon it. Sydal comes out and they both talk each other up and make plans to get drunk later.

Quick recap of the background for the Orange Cassidy and Brodie Lee title match, that is tomorrow night by the way. Could you imagine if Cassidy won? A guy can dream.

Main Event time! Matt Sydal takes on Shawn Spears. I was a but worried Spears was going to take another loss, but he managed the victory. I really hope they continue to build him up. He is such a talent. So is Sydal. This was a pretty good match, but again, I felt like it should of been a mid card Dynamite match. Not the main event of a special episode. After the match, Spears was going to give Sydal a bit of a beatdown, but Sky interfered and saved the day.

That’s it! It was a quick 45 minute episode (although if you watched on TNT I’d say it went the full hour with ads). It was an enjoyable enough show, but I thought the point was to try and lure in new viewers from the NBA. I think it would of been more successful if they put on a more exciting card. Break out the big guns, put on people like Omega. One extremely violent match probably would of helped as well. People love bloodshed.

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