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Another cold, wet and windy day today. It’s so hard to keep Chicago entertained in this weather. There is only so much tv we can watch. We’ve already trashed house, attempted a walk, done the laundry, played with the skateboard (I think it needs a name), danced to the wiggles and read “Sweet Heart” about 400 times. We just had lunch and she is in bed (not sleeping, I can hear her singing). We had party pies and sausage rolls. Lots of fruit and veggies as well. I have no idea what to talk about today, so I’m just going to type and see what happens.

Usually I spend her nap time watching sports or playing video games. No NBA today, the league decided to add a day off so they could flip the order of the Finals series. I think they might regret that. The Cubs are currently up 5-0 on the Pirates. I need a break from video games before I break another controller. It’s amazing how worked up I can get over something I supposedly do for fun. Maybe it’s Tony Hawk I need a break from. This pltainumsure is challenging! Anyone have any suggestions?

Speaking of video games, how is everyone doing securing a preorder for the PS5 and/or Xbox Series X? After a bit of dumb luck, I managed to get a PS5 in for the launch. What a mess that was! I hope nobody is too upset with the outcome and I hope Sony will get us all the console ASAP. For those of you who missed out, I will be doing an unboxing on YouTube and lots of streaming of Spider-Man on Twitch. I’ll do my best to make sure you don’t feel like you’ve missed out. I’m very excited for it.

I won’t be preordering an Xbox, although I have got different tabs open so I can see how quickly it sells out. At least it seems more organised. That being said, I’ve noticed the time keeps getting pushed back for preorders. Do I just keep missing it or has it not started yet. I might check Twitter to see what is happening. Any way, good luck to all of you trying to get one. Forget the silly console wars, at the end of the day, we are all gamers. Except people who game exclusively on mobile.

How about Da Bears? I’m usually super pumped for the start of football season. Not so much this year, I think it’s just because of how out of sorts everything is. I was going to do a write up on last weeks game against the Lions but that was ugly. I didn’t want that many swear words on my first NFL post. It was a better outing by the Bears yesterday, although we are yet to put together a full game. In week 1 we played 1 quarter and somehow managed to steal a win. Very luckily after the dropped TD at the end! This week we played 3 quarters and managed to just hold on, thanks to some defense. Maybe next week we will play a good game from start to finish.

I haven’t talked hoops for the last couple of games. Mainly because there wasn’t a lot to report on. Boston took care of Miami, which was to be expected. Jimmy kind of disappeared in that one. Oh well, can’t win them all. It’s still going to go for 6-7 games I think. It’s been a great series so far. It was very unlucky for Denver to lose yesterday. They really needed to steal that one if they had any chance. Still, they are the comeback kids. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. What a shot from Davis for the win. Denver were 2 seconds away from a win. Maybe Murray shouldn’t of blocked Danny Green. He probably would of missed and the Nuggets might of won!

(I’ve got a steak in the slow cooker. It smells delicious.) Looks like the Cubs have secured the 5-0 victory. I’m excited for the playoffs this year. I love the new format. I’ve been saying the NBA and NHL should do that for years. For those of you who don’t know, they are trialling a best of 3,5,7,7 instead of the traditional wildcard and then best of 7 series’. Sounds excellent!

We actually got a few hours of sunshine yesterday! I managed to get out on the skateboard (when Chicago finally let me have a go). I’m very rusty but I didn’t do any major damage. I didn’t actually fall off at all, a few near falls though. I’m sure I will get it back. On one of my near falls, Chicago pointed and laughed at me. Jerk. Still, she loved it so much. I’d get her to stand on the board and I would hold her hands and run along beside her. She was laughing so much. We had a blast.

Anyway, I think I’ve kept you all long enough. I’m going to go and attempt to tidy the house. That way, when Chicago wakes up, we can trash it all over again.

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