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A Rainy Day

Of course it’s raining today. We’ve had about 2 weeks of nice and sunny weather. A lot of rain is forecast for this week. Typical. Normally, I encourage the rain. It’s my preferred weather, absolutely perfect for staying inside and playing video games. Not today though. Today I had plans and it involved the outdoors.

I was like a kid at Christmas this morning. I got an email and it said that my new skateboard would be delivered today. Ever since I picked up the remaster of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, I’ve felt like skateboarding again. I used to skateboard heaps. A few years ago, I literally wore my skateboard away to almost nothing, after years of service. I never replaced it. I figured I was too old and not got enough to continue. I haven’t been on a skateboard since.

It’s true, I was never a great skater. I could hold my own, but I never learned any tricks. I tried to do an ollie once and I ate so much asphalt that I can still taste it, almost 15 years later. Once I tried to go down a half pipe. I was very hesitant and tried to take it slow. Rookie mistake! I slipped off the board and landed right on my coccyx, faster than I could blink. Fortunately, nobody was around to see my embarrassment. I passively skated around another 5 minutes that evening and then limped to my car. I was in a lot of pain.

Nothing ever deterred me though. I would skate around everywhere, for years and years. It was a love affair that started as a child. I had a cool red Star Wars board. I don’t know what happened to it. When I was older, we got Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4. The love affair intensified. I kept skating long after I stopped religiously playing that game. I didn’t care if I had a weird stance or if people picked on me. It didn’t matter I wasn’t great at it. I didn’t have the internet or anyone to teach me. I just got on and tried my best. I loved skating and I loved my skateboard.

I’ve spent the last few weeks looking at YouTube videos and reading article after article on the topic. Asides from basketball and the Pro Skater game, it’s all I’ve talked about. It’s all I’ve thought about. I even dream about it most nights. My partner relented and got me a skateboard. She’s a gem.

Not being able to go outside today hasn’t really stopped us from playing on our new board. I’ve attempted about 50 ollies on the carpet. I have a nice bruise on my shin to show for it. My daughter has been loving sitting with it and spinning the wheels. She was even brave enough to stand up on it. Until she stood on the end and wiped out. She got right back on it though. Nothing will deter us.

Look at the little daredevil. She will be doing a kick flip in no time.

So today, we will be stuck inside. Looking at our new skateboard. Practicing ollie after ollie on the carpet. I’m determined to learn how, so one day, I can teach my daughter. We will likely spend the afternoon playing THPS together. She sucks at it and I will crush her. I hold nothing back. One day, this rain will stop and we will head outside to graze our elbows and knees. I can’t wait.

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