AEW Dynamite (Sep 16th)

Last weeks episode of Dynamite was pretty “meh”. They more than made up for it this week! What an amazing episode, from the start to the very action packed finish. I wasn’t going to do a write up this week, but the episode was so good that I couldn’t resist! You’ll have to forgive my lack of specifics in my recap, I didn’t have my notebook with me.

We start off with FTR facing off against Jurassic Express in a non title match. Before we could start though, the Young Bucks made a surprise appearance. I thought that they were going to have a go at Jurassic Express for jumping the queue and say something about how they deserved the first bite of the apple, so to speak. That wasn’t the case at all though. After a bit of a glance at Jungle Boy, they turned around and super kicked referee, Mike Posey. Poor Mike. The Young Bucks then left the ring, threw some money at Tony Khan and got mocked by FTR.

I want to go back to Mike Posey for a moment though. I understand that the Young Bucks are turning heel (obviously) and I’m all for it. It just feels like they are going about it in a weird way. Yes, I want to super kick Alex Marves as well. I’m glad the Jackson’s did. Mike Posey feels like a really weird target though. My first thought was maybe Posey officiated the gauntlet match that the Young Bucks lost. It would make sense that they would be mad at him for not noticing the interference by Hangman. I went back and checked though and it was not Mike Posey, it was Rick Knox. So, it feels like a really weird statement to come out and super kick a random official. Why not super kick Jungle Boy? That would probably generate more heat from the fans. Or just beat someone up backstage? It doesn’t really matter, just some thoughts I had.

Back to the match though. It was a very solid opening match up. JR said that Jungle Boy gets more impressive every single week and it’s hard to argue that. His agility and athleticism is always impressive. Same with Luchasaurus. FTR are both excellent in ring technicians. This match was another reminder of how strong AEW’s tag team division is. It had a little bit of everything, high flying acrobatics, fast paced action and good ol’ fashioned technical wrestling. FTR pick up the win, after they cheat to pin Jungle Boy. It took 3 guys to hold him down! To quote JR “hey ref!”. Although, to be fair, he is proving to be one of the hardest guys to pin. He just keeps kicking out! They should stop over using that or it’ll lose it’s appeal. I feel like Jungle Boy has been on a losing streak lately, hopefully that turns around soon. Great match to start to the evening.

Kenny Omega joins the commentary team for the next match. It’s singles competition, and we see “Hangman” Adam Page square off against Frankie Kazarian. There isn’t much to say about this match except for wow. It was incredible. They both got to show off some very nice single wrestling skills, proving they are more than just tag team wrestlers. Obviously, most of us already knew that. Still, this was phenomenal. I think it went for about 15 minutes and it was genuinely hard to get a feel for who was going to win. Both guys got some big hits in, showed off some nice grapple holds and had more near falls than a Jungle Boy match! It was honestly an amazing showing and I highly recommend you go and watch it. Hangman picks up the win after a brutal buckshot lariat. He looks around to see if Kenny has come to congratulate him, but finds himself all alone in the ring. Poor sad cowboy.

MJF crushed the Captain, Shaun Dean in the next match. If you blinked, you missed this one. It was a submission victory in under 10 seconds. MJF then took to the microphone (yay!) and got some things off of his chest. Mainly, about the CHUMPion, Jon Moxley. As you are all aware, Mox cheated at All Out to retain his title. Moving forward, MJF has politely requested that we all refer to him as the undefeated, undisputed and uncrowned world champion of All Elite Wrestling. Please forgive me if I got that wrong, MJF, I didn’t have my notebook! Regardless though, I agree. Moving forward, we should all refer to him as such. The very rude crowd in Jacksonville disagreed. Idiots!

Private Party in action next, against the as yet unnamed tag team of Jericho and Jake Hager. Prior to the match starting, Matt Hardy was jumped before he could talk tactics with Private Party. We don’t know who it was, but Jericho and Hager were amused by the situation, the former suggesting that Hardy amputate the leg. Jericho was also amused by Hardy’s run of bad luck since All Out.

This was a decent enough match, but was overshadowed by the previous two matches on the card. The high flying duo of Private Party managed to get some cool looking offensive manoeuvres in, but Jericho and Hager dominated for most of the match. Floyd also got involved and hit Quen (I’m pretty sure it was Quen) in the back. Jericho picks up the win and there are some post match shenanigans, indicating that we might not of seen the last of this match up.

We had a NWA Women’s title defense up next, Ivelisse being the challenger. It was a top quality match between Ivelisse and Thunder Rosa. I feel like AEW are pushing Ivelisse too quickly. I think she is very talented, it’s certainly not that I don’t think she is up to it. It’s just that she has spent so much time on the YouTube channel and barely any on Dynamite. It still feels like she is an unknown in the Women’s division. Again, this was a great match, but I feel like there is so much talent in the Women’s division that doesn’t get used, so it’s annoying to have a Dynamite slot go to a champion from another company and a relative newcomer. I feel this match would of benefitted from being a non-title match, then we could of at least believed Ivelisse had a chance. Great match though and I guess at the end of the day, that’s what really matters. Shida saved Rosa from a beat down post match.

I guess the fun had to end eventually, up next was a promo by Jake Roberts and Lance Archer. Wake me up when it’s over! In summary, they are joining forces with Team Tazz. On one condition. When Archer wins the title from Mox, Cage gets the first shot at the belt. Everyone seems in agreeance and then Moxley comes out. He gets jumped from a fan, who turns out to be Ricky Starks. Cage joins in and then Will Hobbs comes to save the day. That was actually awesome. I’ve said it before, but I’m so happy Hobbs is getting a push. Moxley then asks Darby Allin, who is presumably watching at home (do you think he actually is?) to team up with them next week for a 6 man tag. Darby better get a shot at the belt soon.

I feel like I’m missing something, so apologies if I am, but I think it’s time for the main event. I have been talking about this match all week. I was so excited for it and it did not disappoint. I watched this right before bed and I actually couldn’t sleep, I was so pumped up afterwards. Anyways, I digress. Let’s talk about the parking lot fight.

I love a good bit of hardcore wrestling. I like all kinds of wrestling. I love a good technical matchup. However, nothing is more captivating than a decent hardcore match. You cannot take your eyes away from the screen. AEW know how to put on a hardcore bout and they are scarce enough to make each one unique and jaw dropping. This was no different.

I don’t know where to start. Not all of this will be in order. Ortiz got put in the hood of a car. Best friends slammed it shut on him at least half a dozen times. Then both of them jumped on top of it. It looked like Trent held nothing back on his jump and completely crushed it, literally. I don’t know how Ortiz didn’t break rib. Santana ate a car mirror. Trent took a slingshot into a tailgate and I don’t even think he put his hands up. Trent also busted his own eye open with a plank of wood. Speaking of which, lots of wood was broken on everyone. Ortiz threw a sledgehammer at Chucky T and it destroyed a nearby windshield. Lucky it missed! Orange Cassidy punched Ortiz with a chain wrapped around his hands. Trent got power bombed into a windshield. There was a lot of blood and a lot of glass in his back. There where some pile drivers onto cars. They must of destroyed 3-4 cars, using only their bodies. Ortiz got slammed through some plywood into the back of a ute and lost by pinball. Sue came and picked the winners up (in her minivan of course), then flipped off Proud and Powerful. What an awesome match. I’m hyped up again and might go watch it whilst I have lunch.

That’s a wrap! Dynamite is doing a 1 hour show this Tuesday after the NBA playoffs. Might be a good chance to draw in some new fans! I’m not sure if Dark will still be aired on YouTube and I am also unsure of if Dynamite is airing on Wednesday or Thursday. All depends on the basketball I guess.

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