NBA Recap : Sep 15th

The last double header of the season and what a day it was! We are on a good stretch, basketball fans! Today we had a thrilling game 1 between Boston and Miami. 48 minutes wasn’t enough to get the result and we had to go to overtime. And, of course, we had game 7 between Denver and L.A. Both awesome games, both crazy results, I am exhausted but so excited! I was having so much fun today, I barely took any notes. We are just going off of memory and the box score. Let’s talk hoops!

What an up and down offensive performance by the Heat. Look at the box score. Here is the quarter by quarter points break down for Miami : 18, 37, 16, 35, 11. Insanity. One point in the first quarter they went 1 of 10. Throughout the third quarter, they shot 70%. As I said, all over the place. Boston played great defense throughout (as did Miami) but like I said in my preview, when Miami are hot, nothing really stops them. Ultimately, that ended up being the story in game 1.

Speaking of game 1 stories, how about Tyler Herro? He’s out there looking like this is his 15th season or something! The rookie almost had a triple/double. 12 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists. Herro has ice in his veins. I cannot believe his composure when he is under pressure. He just keeps hitting clutch shots throughout the playoffs and hit another huge 3 for Miami today. If he didn’t hit that 3 in regulation, I don’t think Miami stay in this game. This kid is something else.

You want to talk about crucial plays for the Heat? What a block by Bam. I’m sure you’ve already seen it, the internet is losing their collective minds and rightfully so. I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve seen it. 22 points for Crowder. Dragic was leading the charge early and finished on 29 points, I want to say most of them came in the first half. 20/5/5 for Jimmy and he had some big plays to help close the game.

For Boston, Marcus Smart didn’t miss a step and continued to make it rain from outside. 6 triples for Smart and he finished with 26. Tatum double/doubled with 30/14. He also had 3 steals and 2 blocks! Walker had 19 and Brown added 17. Wanamaker had a great game on both ends of the floor, he tallied 5 steals.

All night, it basically felt like Boston had this game. They scored consistently and played great defense. Miami just got hot though. The Heat are such resilient team and they truly never stop believing in themselves. They scored the 3 ball at around 45% and dominated the points in the paint category. This series is far from over, I cannot wait for game 2.

I still can’t believe Denver won. They didn’t just won, they dominated. 104-89 was the final score. Crazy stuff!

Remember the name Jamal Murray? Well, he scored 40 points tonight. 20 of them in the second quarter. Jokic was monstrous. He had a triple double with 16 points, 22 rebounds (yes, 22 rebounds!) and 13 assists. You can add 2 steals and 3 blocks to his stat sheet too. Jokic didn’t score well, but you cannot deny the impact he made in this game.

Montrezl Harrell lead the way for the Clippers and that says about all you need to know right there. No disrespect to the sixth man of the year, but when your sixth man is the number one option, you’ve got a problem. Harrell had 20 points on 70% shooting and he was basically the only good play on offense. Leonard shot 27% on the evening for 14 points. PG13 was absent, yet again, 10 points on 25% shooting. 2 of 11 from long range. Ugh. Morris couldn’t buy a 3. Williams struggled. Basically everyone.

What’s worse for the Clippers is the fact that they could not keep themselves engaged. Another second half collapse for them (outscored 50 – 33) and they failed to reach the Conference Finals. It was championship or bust for the Clippers this year and it looks like a bust!

That was such an inspiring win from Denver though. They played great team basketball on both ends of the court. What’s really promising is the fact that they did it for 48 minutes. I’m really happy they are advancing to the Conference Finals. In the Utah series, I came down on the Nuggets hard. I questioned their resolve, their resiliency, their willingness to fight and a bunch of other things. I said they should pack up and leave the bubble. They sure have turned it around though and I am glad they did. They are so much fun to watch.

Enjoy your day off tomorrow, hoop-heads! See you all for game 2 of Boston/Miami.

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