AEW Dynamite (Sep 9th)

It was a promo heavy episode, with only 5 matches on the card. I’m not sure how many are normally on, but it felt like a lot of talking this week. It had some interesting moments and a few laughs, but overall it was one of the most dull episodes of Dynamite in recent memory. They did set up for some interesting stuff next week though!

We start with MJF and Jericho each comforting one another after their loss at All Out. They both spoke of how highly they thought of the other and guaranteed the other would be AEW World Champion before long. They shook hands (rather bumped elbows) and went their seperate ways. I was pondering if they would perhaps be joining forces in the future, but the camera followed both men to reveal them say “what a loser!” in regards to the other. I guess not! Very funny start to the episode.

We head inside to the ring and we have a match ready to go. The team of Jurassic Express vs the Lucha Bros. It was a solid tag team match, just like we’ve come to expect from these guys. I love watching Rey Fenix do all of his acrobatics on and off of the ropes, but his arm drag looks like he is just showing off. At the end of the day, it’s still just an arm drag. Luchasaurus hit a huge choke slam from the top rope, I believe they called it “The Slam Before Time”. It looked really cool and I appreciate the play on words. Jurassic Express pick up the win and the Lucha Bros start to fight amongst themselves, before Eddie Kingston intervenes. After a fair bit of talking he manages to get them to all hug and make peace. I like the 5 of them being paired up, but I’m looking forward to them doing more than fight and make up. Eddie also mentions how he was never actually eliminated at All Out? I’ll look into that later, but I swear he was.

We cut to a Lance Archer and Jake Roberts promo. They are standing out in the rain and Roberts says it symbolises how wet Moxley will be when he and Archer face off for the title. He also clarifies that he means wet with sweat. Nonetheless it was an awkward promo and lacked any real entertainment or heart.

Back to the ring and we are about to hear from Matt Hardy. He breaks kayfabe a little bit and addresses the injury scare at All Out. He thanks his family and fans for standing by him. He apologised that the Broken Rules match wasn’t what any of us hoped. He also says that he is leaving the feud with Sammy Guevara in the past and moving on. Hardy is going to focus on his recovery and when he comes back will be entering a push for an AEW singles title. The good news is that Matt is ok and expected to make a full recovery. I can’t wait to see him back in the ring.

Angelico vs Orange Cassidy is the next match on the cards. There was one funny bit in this match where they both kept countering the other and seemed to be trapped in an endless twirl. Are we dancing or fighting? However, I did not enjoy this match. I think Cassidy won it too easily and it made Angelico look weak. I’m all for the push of Orange Cassidy, but I think he is looking a bit too overpowered, especially for his gimmick. It might be time to change it up or go back to him not wrestling as much. After the match, Proud and Powerful give Orange a bit of a beatdown until Best Friends come to the rescue. They challenge Proud and Powerful to a parking lot brawl, next week on Dynamite! Awesome.

Backstage, Alex Marves is trying to get an interview with the Young Bucks. Is it just me or is Alex Marves one of the worst actors ever? He has almost no charisma. Anyway, the Young Bucks super kick him in the face. Interview over. It looked really cheap how they put a laminate sheet saying “Young Bucks” on the door.

Back to the ring and it’s time for Kip Sabian to announce his best man. I like watching Kip on the microphone, he actually has some charisma and is very entertaining. Time for some shenanigans. First up, a gentleman named “Puff” comes out to be the best man. I don’t know him, but I believe he is a Twitch.Tv subscriber of Kip Sabian. After a very amusing (but nasty) fat joke, Puff leaves the arena dejected and rejected. Thanks for subscribing! Brian Pillman Jr. tried his luck next, but was also rejected. They aren’t even friends apparently. Finally, the reveal. It’s Miro, formerly know as Rusev. I can’t speak on his abilities because I don’t watch the WWE (not for a very long time anyway) but he received a very warm welcome from the fans. He was excellent on the mic and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do in the ring.

Hangman sits down to have a chat with Tony about losing the tag team titles and maybe his friendship with the elite. He expressed regret and drank alcohol. He came across as very whiny and I wish he was just doing cool “Cowboy Sh*t” like the good ol’ days.

It’s time for a No DQ match, between the team of Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela (can we please just call them the “Jersey Boys” already?) and Inner Circles’ Chris Jericho and Jake Hager. I think they progressed this feud to a No DQ match a bit too quickly, I would of liked some more time for it to breathe a bit. Maybe I’ve been spoiled too much by Janela and the rest of these guys too much in the past, but this match disappointed me. It felt like a very tame hardcore match. Jake and Jericho pick up the win and declare that they will be focusing more on tag team wrestling, with the goal of winning the titles. I understand that they are trying to bring more hype to the tag division, but it’s already a loaded division and so many good teams aren’t getting screen time. I hope this brings more attention to AEW’s tag team wrestling, but I’m worried what it will take away from the little guys.

MJF fired his whole campaign team and made some very nasty remarks about Nina’s teeth. Even gum guy got canned. I say this every time he speaks, but it’s true. MJF is the best in the business. He has some strong words with Wardlow and they once again hint at a falling out between these two. I guess we will need to stay tuned.

We go from one of the best on the mic, to one of the worst. Moxley complains about how hard being the champion is and how it’s going to be a tough match against Lance Archer. Mox is fine in the ring, but on the mic, he bores me. I can’t complain though, the fans seem to love it and that’s the main thing.

We head to the ring once more, but for a celebration, not a match. FTR are bragging about being the champions and the new leaders of the tag team division. They pick on a bunch of teams and challenge Jurassic Express to a non title match next week. If they win, they get a title match in the future. There is some trash talking and chest puffing, and it ends with an ice cooler being emptied on the heads of FTR. Everyone else has cake. It looks nice.

Another promo, this time it’s Ricky Starks, posing as Darby Allin. I must admit, I do enjoy it when he picks on Darby. Comedy gold. The more I see Starks and Cage, the more I realise that they do not need Tazz at all. If anything, Tazz is holding them back. No disrespect to the legend, but it’s time for them to have the spotlight.

Finally, a match! The recently signed Tay Conti is going head to head against the number one contender, Nyla Rose. I thought this was going to be a squash match, but Conti put up a good fight. She hit a really cool looking bicycle knee kick. Obviously, she lost the match. Nyla was going to beat her up a bit afterwards, but the Champion Shida intervened. Looks like another match between these two is imminent. I’m happy with that, the two of them have worked very well together previous. I like them both, but I hope Shida wins!

We find out that the Young Bucks have been fined $5000 each for kicking Alex Marves. Worth every dollar. Apparently we are also going to hear from Cody after the show ends. Seems weird that they wouldn’t do it during Dynamite.

Kenny Omega and JR have a sit down to talk about losing the titles and the ending of a friendship between Kenny and Page. Kenny expresses that he has no interest in rekindling the friendship or getting the team back together. His focus is back on singles wrestling. That is excellent news, Kenny Omega is back doing what he does best. We also find out at the Dynamite anniversary show (October 14th) we will have the championship match between Moxley and Archer. At least it isn’t on the PPV.

Last match of the evening, Dustin Rhodes v Brodie Lee for the TNT championship. I completely forgot that this was on the cards. It was a decent match, but obviously Brodie Lee was going to win. After the match, the Dark Order come out to celebrate and Mr. Brodie kicks Cabana out of the ring. Looks like they are still arguing. Wait a minute, I don’t care.

That’s a wrap for this weeks show. A lot of promos and talking. They can’t all be winners. Dynamite is likely going to be on Thursday next week, not Wednesday. Just keep an eye on that, it depends what happens with the NBA playoffs. Speaking of which, I’m off to watch Houston and L.A.

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